The San Miguel Bridge was a recently-completed suspension bridge featured in Move - And You're Dead.

Alan Tracy and Grandma Tracy are forced onto the bridge by Victor Gomez and Johnny Gillespie in a car-jacking. They position a sonic wave generator nearby, and if any of them make any sudden movement the sonic generator will detect their movements and detonate a bomb attached to the underside of the bridge


Thunderbird 2 arrives, and using a Neutralizer Tractor, Brains neutralizes the sonic wave generator to enable Virgil to maneuver a Jet-Air Transporter on to the bridge underneath Alan and Grandma. Alan falls from the girder, but is caught on a cushion of air emitted by a powerful jet engine on the back of the transporter. Grandma jumps from the bridge and also lands safely on the cushion of air. They escape from the bridge just as the bomb explodes.