Saunders is the principal shareholder of Saunders Automations, which (amongst other things) is in the rocket-launching business.

He's also a member of the Coralville Children's Hospital Committee; and in this latter capacity, he and his fellow committee members discuss a holiday-themed fundraiser, to help pay for a new solar therapy wing at the hospital.

He suggests the idea of a special Christmas rocket (which Saunders Automations will supply), filled with toys. Harman, another member, agrees to the scheme - provided the rocket is launched from the roof of his New York department store, which in turn will provide the gifts


Saunders and his Christmas RocketEdit

Saunders states that his rocket will need only 10 minutes to reach Coralville, and it does - "Saunders Automations haven't missed yet," he confidently declares. This successful test-flight precedes the real one - which parachutes the rocket's special-cargo canister gently down onto the grounds of Coralville; and it's brimming with holiday presents - one of which contains a very special gift: an invitation for one lucky youngster to spend Christmas on Tracy Island.


  • The character's hair and face bear a resemblance (with the exception of the moustache) to Desmond Saunders, director of the above mentioned episode. Having said that, the character was without a doubt named after him.