The Scorpion Mecha is a type of drone built by the Mechanic and typically used on land.


Up from the Depths Part 2Edit

A single Scorpion Mecha appeared guarding the Mechanic's hideout in Scotland. It took Kayo, Parker and Penelope by surprise, but was quickly destroyed by Parker using Alice, his crowbar.

Power PlayEdit

A Scorpion Mecha was used in attempt to get Virgil in a POD off the dam wall.

Home on the RangeEdit

One single Scorpion Mecha was used to stop Brains from running away from The Mechanic. It was smashed by MAX though.

Brains vs. BrawnEdit

A couple of Scorpion Mechas were used to chase Brains and MAX away from The Mechanic.


The drones' chassis is modeled after the body of a scorpion and is roughly half the size of a fully grown human. It sports a grey, black and orange color scheme. The robot is not very durable, however, as Parker could destroy one with a few strikes from his crowbar.


The Scorpion Mecha can use its small size to fit through tight spaces and surprise its target. It can also cling to surfaces such as walls and ceilings and freely walk across unhindered. Its tail is armed with an electrified stinger used to electrocute enemies.