Lady Penelope invites Jeff Tracy to join her for a holiday at her farm in Bonga Bonga. Jeff is reluctant, but his sons convince him to take a break and Scott is placed in temporary command.

Gas Field FireEdit

The World Navy is testing gyropedoes in the Atlantic Ocean. Two gyropedoes are launched at a target, but the second missile is a maverick and explodes on the seabed, igniting a gas field beneath, throwing up a flame 200 feet high.

Jeff Is Not ImpressedEdit

Scott is in two minds about whether to involve International Rescue, but eventually decides to launch Thunderbirds 1 and 2.

Gordon takes Thunderbird 4 to the sea bed and caps the escaping gas with a Underwater Sealing Unit, putting out the flame. Jeff is furious when he finds out that International Rescue has been involved and tells Lady Penelope that he is abandoning his holiday. She manages to persuade him to stay, but Jeff is clearly uncomfortable with the idea of leaving Scott in control.

Once Bitten - Twice ShyEdit

The gas field remains ignited and eventually breaks through again. A column of flame shoots high into the air, feeling themselves in danger, Hooper and O'Shea call International Rescue again , but Scott decides not to get involved and recommends that the Navy evacuate Seascape.

This is Really It!Edit

John reports in again to inform Scott that two men are trapped on the sea bed in a diving bell. Brains thinks the Seascape rig, is the next outlet for the fire, so Scott tells the boys "this is really it" Thunderbirds are go.

Permission RefusedEdit

The mission is successful and Scott tells the Boys to return to base, but Jeff has heard that International Rescue is needed again, and returns to Tracy Island. Scott refuses to grant him landing permission as Thunderbird 1 and 2 are due back shortly. Finally back in his chair Jeff tells Scott he has done a good job. Scott comments that its he who need a holiday!

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