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You might also be looking for the 2004 or 2015 incarnations.

"The things I do for International Rescue!"

Scott Tracy is the eldest of Jeff Tracy's five sons, and the pilot of Thunderbird 1.

He is 26 years old in the classic TV series (28 in the movie TBAG).

Scott's signature colour on his IR uniform is light blue.


Scott was named by his parents after a Mercury 7 astronaut called Scott Malcolm Carpenter.

He was educated at Yale and Oxford Universities and joined the United States Air Force. After his father created the International Rescue organisation, Scott became the pilot of one of the five special IR craft, Thunderbird 1.

As the pilot of TB1, Scott was always the first to arrive at the Danger Zone where he assessed the situation and quickly determined which special rescue equipment would be required for the task, such as rescuing men trapped in a flooded mine. (Martian Invasion).

Personality & TraitsEdit

Scott is fast-talking, quick-witted, and quick-thinking. He has brains, brawn, and boldness. With all these qualities he has the confidence to make instant decisions, backed by a fierce determination and unfaltering bravery. When off duty, Scott is relaxed and good humoured and loves home cooking.


As well as piloting Thunderbird 1, Scott also co-pilots Thunderbird 3 with his younger brother Alan Tracy and sometimes changes shifts with him and his other younger brother John Tracy aboard Thunderbird 5.

In the absence of his father, Scott takes command of the main headquarters of Tracy Island.


Scott appears in all 32 television episodes, as well as both movies.

The Perils Of PenelopeEdit

This is the only episode in which we see Scott piloting Thunderbird 1 without his International Rescue uniform, when he returns from leave.


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  • Scott, along with Lady Penelope, FAB 1, Parker and Brains appeared in British comedian Peter Kay's "Animated All Star Band" for BBC Children In Need 2009.


  • Scott's facial features are based on those of actor Sean Connery.


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