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This is a list of the missions that Scott Tracy took part in.

Trapped in the SkyEdit

Thunderbird 1 arrives at London Airport and Scott (after setting up his Mobile control), assesses the situation. While Scott is organizing the rescue, the Hood, disguised as a police officer, takes photographs of Thunderbird 1. The Automatic Camera Detector alerts Scott and Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward is sent to retrieve the photographs.

Pit of PerilEdit

Using the Remote-Control Hover Camera, Scott learns that the pit was once an open-cast mine which had been used as a military equipment dump.

After Virgil Tracy has been lowered into the pit (to place explosive charges), Scott retrieves him in The Mole.

City of FireEdit

Cutting Equipment ExperimentEdit

During an experiment Scott and Virgil test some new cutting equipment filled with Oxyhydnatie Gas development by Brains, however during the test Scott and Virgil pass out.

Thompson Tower FireEdit

Scott races to the scene of the Thompson Tower fire, in spite of having only just recovered from the side-effects of the experiments with the new cutting equipment fuelled by Oxyhydnite gas. As he arrives in Thunderbird 1, the Tower collapses, raising doubts as to how long it will be before the ceiling of the underground corridor caves in. Scott and Virgil tunnel down in the Mole into the corridor system half a mile from the trapped family. They manage to rescue the Carters just as the corridor room caves in.

Sun ProbeEdit

Thunderbird 3, with Alan Tracy, Scott Tracy and Tin-Tin Kyrano on board, is launched into space in a attempt to reach the Sun Probe. Alan's first attempt to reach the probe with the safety beam fails and him and Scott realize that Thunderbird 3 must go much closer to the sun than originally planned. This beam succeeds in activating the Probe's retros and enables it to move away from the Sun, but Thunderbird 3's retros now fail. Brains realizes that he can jam Thunderbird 3's safety beam signal with the mobile Transmitter Truck, but this requires a complex calculation by the prototype robot Braman.

The UninvitedEdit

As Scott returns from the scene of a fire in Tokyo, Thunderbird 1 comes under attack by three unidentified fighter jets and is shot down over the Sahara Desert. He cracks his head as the out-of-control TB1 crashes into the sand dunes, but he is found by two explorers, Wilson and Lindsey, who administer first aid.

Accompanying AlanEdit

Scott goes with Alan in Thunderbird 3 to pick up John from Thunderbird 5.

Returning the FavourEdit

Scott returns to the desert to rescue Wilson and Lindsey, when they are trapped inside a pyramid by the mysterious Zombites. After a gunfight, they escape in Thunderbird 1 just in time before the pyramid explodes.

The Mighty AtomEdit

The Hood has set off a fire at a atomic plant in the Saharan Desert. Scott and Virgil don protective suits and enter the control room of the plant. They push the reactor rods back into place, to shut the reactor down safely.

Vault of DeathEdit

Scott travels to London when Lambert is trapped inside the bank of England.

Operation Crash DiveEdit

In the hunt for the lost Fireflash 4 airliner, Scott flew Thunderbird 1 to the west coast of Ireland and landed at a farm. He set-up his Mobile Control Centre inside the farmer's barn - temporarily displacing Kathleen, one of the cows. Later, the farmer made Scott milk the cows before letting him return to Tracy Island.

Fireflash 5's MissionEdit

Move - And You're DeadEdit

Scott gets sent out in Thunderbird 1, to rescue Alan and Grandma from the San Miguel Bridge after Victor Gomez and Johnny Gillespie trapped them there. After the BR2 racing car is stolen by Gomez, Scott machine-guns the road, causing him to crash over the cliff.

Back on Tracy Island, he gets dumped into the hangar under Tracy Villa for laughing at Alan's portrait (painted by Virgil).

Martian InvasionEdit

Scott flies off to the Nevada desert, after International Rescue gets a call for help. Two actors are trapped in a cave, that is quickly filling with water. The Hood fixed the charges, which caused a giant explosion, so that he would get a chance to film the craft of International Rescue when they arrived.

When Scott arrives at the danger zone he quickly gets his Mobile Control set up and updates Virgil on the rescue. Unbeknown to Scott, the Hood is filming the whole event...

Scott learned that the Hood had been filming the rescue and pursued him to recover the film. He catches up with the Hood but is unable to stop him. Virgil (in Thunderbird 2) eventually managed to stop him by firing missiles into the cliff face, creating a landslide. With the road now blocked, the Hood abandons his vehicle and escapes on foot into the trees.

With the film safely destroyed after the Hood had crashed his plane, into General X's house. Scott and Virgil sit back and watch the movie being made.

Brink of DisasterEdit

Scott takes Thunderbird 1 to the danger zone and assesses the damage after the monotrain came to a halt in the middle of the collapsing bridge.

The Perils of PenelopeEdit

This is the only episode in which we see Scott piloting Thunderbird 1 without his International Rescue uniform, when he returns from leave.

Terror in New York CityEdit

An Oil Well FireEdit

International Rescue are called when an oil well burns out of control. Scott oversees the operation from a near by gantry, while Virgil in the Firefly fires a charge into the base of the fire to extinguish the flames.

Thunderbird 2 Under AttackEdit

Scott reports in to Tracy Island that Virgil is under attack from missiles fired from a navel vessel. A worried Scott can see smoke in the distance.

The Rescue of Ned CookEdit

Scott races ahead to New York after the Empire State Building collapsed, trapping Ned Cook and his cameraman Joe in an underground cavern. He sets up the Mobile Control next to the New York City's police van.

End of the RoadEdit

Main article: The Rescue of Eddie Houseman

Day of DisasterEdit

Tea at Creighton-Ward ManorEdit

With the mission over, Scott and the boys stop over at Penny's for tea.

Edge of ImpactEdit

Scott races ahead to the British telecom tower and sends the remote-control hover camera up to the top of the tower were Stan and Jim are stranded.

Desperate IntruderEdit

Jeff Tracy is worried that Brains has not called in and dispatches Thunderbird 1 and 2 to the scene. Scott spots Brains buried in the sand and quickly lands and, with the help of Gordon, digs him out.

Mission to Save Brains, Again!Edit

Brains is trapped beneath a column, but Scott brings down a Hydrostatic Hoist which he and Gordon are able to lift the column. Gordon pulls Brains clear just as the cords on the hoist snaps and the column crashes back on to the lake bed.

30 Minutes After NoonEdit

Scott flies to Spoke City where Tom Prescott is trapped in the lift shaft of the burning Hudson Building.

Rescue of SouthernEdit

Scott and Virgil arrive at the Plutonium Store, and using the Laser Cutter Vehicle, they burn their way through the series of locked security doors, penetrating the main storage area. With just five minutes to go, Scott loads the three explosive Explosive Bracelets on to Thunderbird 1 and dumps them in the sea as they detonate.

The ImpostorsEdit

Thunderbird 3 to the RescueEdit

In The Impostors, Scott and Alan (in Thunderbird 3) were needed to pick up an astronaut who had drifted away from his satellite during a spacewalk. This mission was delayed as International Rescue was currently being hunted after being framed for the theft of important plans, as the Tracy's were concerned about the possibility of being caught if someone detected the Thunderbirds taking off, but Jeff Tracy eventually concluded that they had to try and save the missing astronaut (Aided by the fact that the astronaut's satellite was one of the tracking stations assigned to find them). The true thieves were exposed after Thunderbird 3 had recovered the astronaut but before they had to return to Tracy Island.

The Man from MI.5Edit

Cry WolfEdit

In Cry Wolf, Scott flies to Australia to save a young boy who has fallen onto a cliff ledge and injured his arm.

False AlarmEdit

Two boys, Tony and Bob Williams, unwittingly call out International Rescue on their walkie-talkies while playing in the Australian desert near their home. To explain how their games are dangerous to International Rescue, Scott takes the boys back to Tracy Island for a guided tour.

The Chase After the HoodEdit

Scott races ahead to Charity Springs and chase after the Hood on his hoverbike, the hood in his desperate attempt to escape, runs over the cliff edge in his Jeep.

"The Things I Do for International Rescue"Edit

Scott presumes the Hood is dead and returns to Dunsley Tracker, were the boys get him to have a go on their home-made International Rescue base with table-top launching facilities, but Scott proves too heavy for the boy's set-up and crashes their soapbox Thunderbird 2 into the chicken coop.

Danger at Ocean DeepEdit

Oahu DisasterEdit

International Rescue receives a distress call from Oahu in the Pacific, which has been hit by a typhoon. Hospital patients are in danger and Scott Tracy is sent to help.

Scott reports on the situation and request that Thunderbird 2 with a double crew and Pod 3 are needed, as Alan is due for satellite duty in Thunderbird 5, Gordon accompanies Virgil in Thunderbird 2. Suddenly, all radio transmissions are blocked out, leaving International Rescue blind and deaf. When Scott arrives back at base he reports that short range transmissions are normal.

Crew Rescue from Ocean Pioneer IIEdit

Thunderbirds 1 and Thunderbird 2 are launched, the three man crew of Ocean Pioneer are trapped inside with the ship about to explode. Scott lands Thunderbird 1 on the deck and investigates in a radiation suit.

Virgil and John arrive in Thunderbird 2 and John is lowered on to the deck. Scott cuts through the sealed bridge door and the brothers rescue the crewmen, ferrying them away in Thunderbird 2.

The Duchess AssignmentEdit

Scott and Virgil are give the order to go find the Duchess after it becomes clear she has been kidnaped. After locating the Duchess' signal, Scott uses the Domo to support the house's crumbling wall in order to stop it collapsing.

Attack of the Alligators!Edit

International Rescue receives a distress call from the Ambro River, where people are trapped in side a Lonely River House by giant Alligators. Scott is first to arrive at the scene, using his Hoverbike he fires missiles at the Giant Alligators to distract them while he climbs into the house through the lab window.


Once inside the building Scott moves the group out of the laboratory as the walls and ceiling cave in, as the house is attacked by the Alligators. Once inside the lounge,Mrs. Files tells Scott that the previous owner of the house (Lopez) had constructed a secret underground passageway from the house to a landing stage on the river, although the only person who knew its location was the boatman Culp.

A Surprise EntranceEdit

The house continues to shake under the bombardment by the Alligators, the bookcase starts to shake and then swings open, Culp emerges from the secret passageway, holding a gun.

Culp's GetawayEdit

Culp intends to make a getaway with the phial of Theramine, threating to pour it into the swamp unless he is given clear passage. He sets off in Dr. Orchard's Motor Launch. Suddenly a fourth alligator attacks Culp's boat and he is thrown into the swamp, and is never to be seen again.

Safely Home AgainEdit

Back on Tracy Island, Jeff tells the brothers that Blackmer and Dr. Orchard have announced that the Theramine will go under international control. Tin-Tin arrives back from a shopping trip with a birthday present for Alan, Scott wonders why its in the bathroom.

The Cham-ChamEdit

Scott is sent to Matthews Field Air Base to warn of the dangers to the RTL-2 transported planes.

Security HazardEdit

Scott shows Chip Morrison around Thunderbird 1, remembering International Rescue's very first mission (Trapped in the Sky), saving the passengers and crew of the Fireflash at London Airport.

Atlantic InfernoEdit

Jeff is reluctant, but his sons convince him to take a break, so Scott is placed in temporary command of International Rescue, while Jeff joins Lady Penelope in Bonga Bonga.

"I'm in Charge Now!"Edit

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Path of DestructionEdit

When the Crablogger goes out of control, Scott set off for the San Martino Dam, that lies in the path of destruction.

Main article: Crablogger on a Path of Destruction

Alias Mr. HackenbackerEdit

After receiving a distress call from Lady Penelope, that the Skythrust has been hijacked, Scott intercepts the flight path, and requests they return to London. He calls in Thunderbird 2 for help, when they refuse.

Lord Parker's 'OlidayEdit

Scott flies off to Monte Bianco when a thunderstorm knocks down a solar generator.


Scott joins Alan aboard Thunderbird 3, to rescue the stranded crew of the "pirate" broadcast satellite KLA.

Give or Take a MillionEdit

Thunderbirds Are Go (Film)Edit

Thunderbird 6 (Film)Edit

The Abominable SnowmanEdit

Meddings Uranium FactoryEdit

Scott lands in the New Mexico Desert and begins operating from the ground near the exploding Meddings Uranium Factory - while Virgil, in Thunderbird 2, attempts to extinguish the fire from above.

Locating the Ski-CopterEdit

Scott flies to the Himalayas in Thunderbird 1 and successfully tracks down and locates the Hood's Ski-Copter, using Brains' new metal detector.

Rescuing PenelopeEdit

After locating the Hood's Ski-Copter - and donning a "winterized" IR uniform, to combat the cold - Scott breaks into The Hood's ice cave hideout, and saves Penelope from the villain's giant laser beam.

A Close ShaveEdit

Scott, Penelope and Parker escape the ice cave and take off in Thunderbird 1, just in the nick of time before the cave explodes and collapses.

The Stately Homes RobberiesEdit

Scott takes off for London in Thunderbird 1. Upon arrival, he immediately starts scanning the area, and succeeds in tracking down the Auto-Bomb in the Tower of London - with 3 minutes to spare!