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"We can handle it!"

Scott Tracy is a character from the Thunderbirds Are Go! television series. He is the pilot of Thunderbird 1, and leader of International Rescue. He is the eldest of Jeff Tracy's sons and is the older brother of John, Virgil, Gordon and Alan as well as the adoptive brother of Kayo and the eldest grandson of Grandma Tracy.

Personality & TraitsEdit

"When it comes down to making the hard decisions in a rescue, Scott wastes no time. He is incredibly decisive and bold, almost to the point of recklessness. This tightly wound member of the Tracy Family can be stubborn at times, but his heart is in the right place."

Scott is as selfless, brave, and even as humorous as his siblings, on and off the job. He is highly intelligent and imaginative when it comes to working with what he has and coming up with ideas swiftly. He is overall friendly to rescue victims, even if they are being difficult like Marion Van Arkel was in Crosscut, whom Scott managed to put up with and reason with, and he was even kind enough to find her a job. However, since he is more easily swayed by his emotions, Scott can be more reckless and less friendly where he does get irked; He nearly punched Professor Harold in the face after hearing his total disconcern for the lives of Gordon, Parker and Penelope, and he probably would have done so if Virgil wasn't there to restrain him. He is not afraid to doubt his family; occasionally telling Virgil or Alan not to come with him on rescue missions. A notable example of this is when he was very tempted to press the big red button that stops the train in Runaway like a "brick wall", instead of letting Brains stop it in a more complex and time-consuming, but much safer way. Scott often knows his limits though, which is why he took Brains with him in Runaway. Being the most tightly-wound of all the Tracy brothers, he does not enjoy surprises all that much and is often against putting his siblings in harm's way in unconventional ways, as seen in Undercover, despite his creativity.

Scott can joke around during missions like his brothers, but he takes his work at International Rescue very seriously deep down, and even claimed in Recharge that it is the only thing that keeps him going after the heartbreaking disappearance of his father. His dedication to search and rescue is so strong that he is often at odds with Kayo, who believes that apprehending culprits behind disasters is part of rescuing people, as he often sees that strictly being the G.D.F.'s jurisdiction. Seeing Kayo's effectiveness at putting her beliefs into action however, he does concede that sometimes rescue requires getting into the so-called 'catching bad guy business', although he is more than reluctant than any of his brothers to get involved in that. Being the eldest among the Tracy brothers and sporting the most tightly-wound personality, he often finds himself in a position calling for leadership. When his brothers were having an argument about being unable to save the crew of CIR.R.U.S. in Skyhook, Scott was the one who stopped the quarreling, and was the one who calmly told them that they must accept their failure.

Despite his current serious and largely careful attitude on rescues, he is known to his family, especially Virgil and Kayo, who are old enough to remember what he was like as a teenager, to be some sort of a thrill junkie who was quick to jump in the face of danger when he was younger. Scott himself, however, is not all that proud of that part of his past, and is annoyed of how much Brandon Berrenger, a reckless thrill-seeking teenager he rescued in High Strung, reminds him of his younger days. Remnants of that past manifests occasionally, with him being the one who is the least hesitant among the Tracy brothers to pull off daring and seemingly stupid moves when he has to.

Notable EpisodesEdit

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Scott has the most rescues than any of the Tracy clan, his role as leader of International Rescue means that he is always usually the first person on the scene and has the situation assessed before he or his brothers begin the rescue.


Scott and Virgil are sent out to investigate an open uranium mine to reseal it, however Scott discovers that someone is inside the mine. When the main lift is broken by too much weight, Scott and Van Arkel have to find another way out.


Alan flies Scott up to Moonbase Shadow Alpha One to try and convince their dad's old friend Captain Taylor to abandon the base due to a large meteor shower heading for that side of the moon. When the Moon base becomes damaged both Scott and Taylor make their escape.

Comet ChasersEdit

When the famous explorer Francois Lemaire and his wife are flying too close to the tail of Halley's Comet and have their ship 'the Solar Wind' struck by some debris, Scott and Alan have to go and chase down the comet to rescue them.


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  • So far, Scott is the only brother not to have an exo-suit of any kind, with the only optional ship-bound attachment usually worn being his jetpack. However, he has a few variations to his uniform - from his gloves being fingerless to fully covered between episodes in season 2, magnetic boots (Touch And Go) and a wingsuit (High Strung).
  • The addition of a variation to his gloves might be a result of an oversight during development, as he is seen with his fingerless gloves in environments where fully covered outfits are absolutely required, e.g. space and extreme cold.
  • Scott appears to be the only Tracy brother to have dimples, a recessive trait, while his siblings do not, a dominant trait.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • Japanese: スコット・トレーシー (Sukotto Torēshī)
  • Chinese: 史考特·崔西 (Shǐkǎotè Cuīxī)