Equipment & Vehicles
Ocd19 - Copy
Type: Air-sea rescue jet
Affiliation: London International Airport
Crew: 1
Appearances: Operation Crash-Dive
The Cham-Cham

Seahawk jets are used as part of the air-sea rescue squadron, based at London International Airport. In Operation Crash-Dive, they are deployed in vain to search for the lost Fireflash 3 that has gone missing.


  • The Seahawk was also used in The Cham-Cham to hunt for the downed RTL-2 transporter, and in The Impostors taking part in the search for International Rescue. In both cases, the Seahawk Jets are only seen in reused clips from Operation Crash-Dive.
  • Two Seahawk models were built for use during filming. In the shots where four Seahawks are visible simultaneously, the two hindmost were rear-projected.

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