Equipment & Vehicles
Type: All-terrain transport vehicle
Affiliation: US Army
Top Speed: 50 m.p.h
Appearances: Pit of Peril

The Sidewinder is a US Army all-terrain four-legged walker vehicle. It was involved in International Rescue's second mission, where it fell into a buried dumping ground due to the crew's ignorance of its presence.

Built by Universal Engineering Incorporated, the gyroscopically balanced Sidewinders can clear whole areas of jungle, creating landing sites for helijets and troop-carrying aircraft. Several improvements have been made since the initial prototype, including the addition of emergency vertical-thrust hover devices, that stabilize the progress of the machine through rough terrain and stop it sinking into soft or unstable ground. Armaments include missile launchers and energy pulse cannons.

There are 20 known to exist.

Technical DataEdit

Length: 295 feet
Height: 100 feet
Maximum Speed: 50 m.p.h
Weight: 500 tons (when anti-gravity hover devices are not in use)
Crew: 20, but can carry 300


Behind The ScenesEdit

  • The Sidewinder was primarily built out of wood and card. The crab-like 'arms' on either side of the vehicle were composed of small cake tins.
  • The legs were manipulated by means of an elaborate scissor mechanism under the set.
  • The model was suspended on wires.
  • The Sidewinder came about following a suggestion by Desmond Saunders, director of the episode it featured in.
  • The Sidewinder was designed by Derek Meddings.


  • In France, the name of the "Sidewinder" (which is a species of snake) was changed to the more fitting "Sauterelle" (i.e. grasshopper).
  • In TV Century 21 comics, the Sidewinder is also known as "the Jungle Cat".


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