Sir Jeremy Hodge is a scientist from The Perils Of Penelope. He discovered how to make fuel from sea water and, most notably, helped Brains in his quest to procure certain components for use in International Rescue's Thunderbirds.

On top of that, he works as one of numerous agents for said organisation.


A Meeting with Lady PenelopeEdit

Sir Jeremy Hodge calls in Lady Penelope to help find his friend Professor Borender, after he disappears from a mountain train during a journey to Anderbad. He meets Lady Penelope in a Parisian Café where she narrowly avoids drinking poisoned Pernod. As he flees, the culprit leaves, perhaps deliberately, a matchbook emblazoned with a heraldic crest.

Trapped in a BasementEdit

Tracking down the crest in the Heraldic archive, Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy are trapped in the basement as gas is pumped in, but they are rescued by Parker.

Monotrain to AnderbadEdit

Disturbed in the NightEdit

Woken by a knock on his door, Lady Penelope explains she heard foot steps outside her cabin.They headed off the baggage compartment when they found a new attendant checking her luggage. He explained that the previous Attendant had been replaced for the second half of the journey. Returning to their cabins they felt sure they had heard that voice somewhere before. Lady Penelope contacts Parker and asks him to watch the video monitor, to if its the same man he saw leaving the Heraldic Archive in Paris. She hides in Sir Jeremy's room and get him to call the attendant, Parker watches as Lady holds up her compact video phone. Sure enough, it's the same man.


Doctor Godber used this control room (with the aid of his accomplice Roache) to stop the Monotrain and kidnap Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy Hodge. He had also previously kidnapped Professor Borender the same way, a few day earlier. His aim was to force Sir Jeremy and Borender to reveal the secret process of their new rocket fuel. In a desperate attempt to get them to talk, he ties Lady Penelope to a ladder and lowers her into the path of the Anderbad Express. Virgil and Gordon arrive at Anderbad in Thunderbird 2, meeting up with Parker in FAB 1. Realizing that Lady Penelope has gone missing, Virgil and Gordon set off into the tunnel on the Monobrake. As the Anderbad Express approaches, the brothers discover Godber's hideout. A gunfight ensues, but the control panel in the sub-station is destroyed and the train cannot be stopped! Virgil shoots the ropes which holds Penelope in place and she falls out of the path of the train just as it comes hurtling through the tunnel.

A Night in ParisEdit

After another successful mission, Lady Penelope, Sir Jeremy Hodge and Alan, went back for a drink at the Atalante Restaurant, Paris. Parker arrived in FAB 1 with Tin-Tin Kyrano, just in time to watch a firework display.



  • In the scene of the Heraldic archive's basement, Peter Dyneley (the voice of Jeremy Hodge) says one of the most famous lines in the Thunderbirds series. "I say! Open this door at once! We're British!", as he bangs on the basement door.

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