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"Dear friend, we must part. Our destination has arrived. There is the skicopter, and the guide to transport you."
— Gallup Din

The Skicopter is an aircraft designed specifically for use in the extreme conditions of the Himalayas, fabled as "the roof of the world..."

After their arrival in Delhi, Lady Penelope and Parker meet up with local International Rescue field agent Gallup Din, and describe their planned mission to investigate reports of the Abominable Snowman up in the mountains. Knowing the only means of getting there is by Skicopter, he organizes their journey - transporting them to the skicopter airbase himself - and also engages an experienced local guide.

The guide, however, is not all he seems, and subsequently sets about deliberately sabotaging their skicopter by fuel-jettison - after which he parachutes the ejector compartment with his passengers, as the plummeting skicopter crashes into a mountainside...

After trapping Parker, and confronted by Penelope over his lying about her partner's fate, he hypnotizes her with his eyes...and then yanks off a mask...standing revealed as The Hood!

Using another skicopter, he then takes Penelope to his torture room in his secret hideout, determined to force her to give up the secrets of International Rescue itself...

The Skicopter appears in the Thunderbirds 1965 episode The Abominable Snowman.



  • The shot of the fuel-jettison panel is a reused clip from Martian Invasion. There, the panel was coloured yellow.
  • Skicopters are equipped with an Elevator Power Unit. These were first seen aboard Fireflash in Operation Crash-Dive.
  • Only one Skicopter miniature model was used in filming.