Paul "Skipper" Simpson is one of the main protagonists from Thunderbirds 2086. He is an honorary member of IRO, the International Rescue Organisation.


The eldest child of Wayne Simpson, Paul adopted the nickname "Skipper" at a young age. A nickname everyone used exclusively from that point on, including his own family. During the formation of International Rescue, Skipper was placed under the care of his uncle Warren at Arcology.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Whenever there's fun to be had, Skipper will be close by. Or more likely, the cause of it. He adores IRO, and eagerly looks forward to the day he can pilot a Thunderbird craft himself. Skipper is not afraid to speak his mind, whether it be offering ideas on how to pull off a successful rescue mission, or complain when Mr. Chilly gives him too small an ice cream.

When not at school, he enjoys hanging out with the team, in particular Dylan, who he idolizes.


  • Skipper's birth name is never mentioned in the series. The name was however confirmed in the Thunderbirds 2086 Annual.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Japanese: Paul Simpson (ポール・シンプソン)

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