Equipment & Vehicles
Type: Helijet
Main Operator: (1) World TV
(2) Private ownership
Appearances: 30 Minutes After Noon
The Impostors

The Skymaster Helijet is a type of helijet in private ownership as well as in service with the World television.

30min 764

Erdman Gang's HelijetEdit

In 30 Minutes After Noon, Dempsey and Kenyon made their escape from the Plutonium Store by car to a nearby field, where a Skymaster Helijet piloted by the gang's leader was waiting to pick them up.

Lady Penelope in FAB 1, arrived just as the Helijet was taking off, Parker shot it down with the grille mounted machine gun of FAB.1.

World TV HelijetEdit

Seen in The Impostors.



  • The Skymaster Helijet made an appearance in three of the Anderson's subsequent television series: Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons, Joe 90, and The Secret Service.