Equipment & Vehicles
Space Elevator
Type: Space Capsule
Affiliation: International Rescue
Top Speed: Unknown
Main Operator: John Tracy
Appearances: EOS

The Space Elevator is a space capsule used by John Tracy to travel between Thunderbird 5 and Tracy Island. On Thunderbird 5, the elevator is docked on the bottom of the space station, and when it lands on Tracy Island, it does so on its own launch bay beside Thunderbird 1, using a claw on the bottom of it to lock itself into place.

Since Thunderbird 5 is 22,400 miles above Tracy Island, the cable will be near the same length. Due to the bottom-mounted claw and the extreme length of the cable, the Space Elevator occasionally comes in handy during rescue missions.

History And AppearancesEdit

In, EOS, the A.I. known as EOS took control of Thunderbird 5. She locked John outside the space station. Later on Alan arrived in Thunderbird 3 to save John and helped him get back inside Thunderbird 5 by using a spare space suit to distract EOS. However the AI catches on and sees John entering the station and gets payback at Alan by using the Elevator to chase Thunderbird 3. But in the end John talks some sense in to EOS and she stops the Elevator chasing Thunderbird 3.

In Slingshot, John uses the Elevator to travel to Tracy Island and back to talk with his brothers after Thunderbird 3 was put in danger trying to save a mining asteroid from falling into the Sun.

In Skyhook, it is confirmed that the elevator simply lowers from Thunderbird 5 via a long cable rather than being a completely independent craft. When all other Thunderbirds are unable to complete a rescue to stop a rapidly-ascending low-atmosphere weather station, John moves Thunderbird 5 into position over the station and uses the elevator to catch the station like a hook before hauling it up to the satellite for safety.

In Legacy, the elevator was used as a blunt weapon to damage the Hood's aerial fortress when he attempted to escape after his attempted coup of Tracy Island, John slamming the elevator into the fortress to knock it 'off-balance' long enough for Thunderbirds 1 and 2 to tear it apart. John is also shown travelling in a space pod to investigate an apparent damaged satellite that was part of the Hood's trap, but it was unclear if this was the elevator with modifications or a separate pod altogether.


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