Space Exploration Centre Inquiry Room

An inquiry room located inside the Space Exploration Centre.

The Space Exploration Centre is a building featured in Thunderbirds Are Go. It is located at a place called Cape Johnson.

The building itself never appears during the film; we only get to see an inquiry room inside.

Inquiry RoomEdit

The inquiry room was a room used for inquiries and votes, such as the discussion about the Zero X crash and whether people were for or against an idea.

The room was tangerine and black in colour and had at least 14 seats at the long table.

Behind The ScenesEdit

  • It was Sylvia Anderson's idea to have the inquiry room set only tangerine and black in colour. She could tell that art director Bob Bell wasn't keen on this, but as a producer, Sylvia was in charge, so Bob did as she asked.
  • The Supermarionation team had to get a crane inside the studio so they could film the whole inquiry room set.
  • Part of the floor was used again in the episode Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.
  • The set reportedly weighed two tonnes.[1]


Space Exploration Centre Inquiry Room Overhead View

An overhead view of the inquiry room.


A scene from Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.


The SEC on the cover of TV Century 21, issue 102. Notice the image was mirrored.


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