"Space Surfboard" is an unofficial title given by the Thunderbirds Wiki.
The Space Surfboard is a jet powered surfboard-like device stored inside Thunderbird 3, and is Alan Tracy's signature rescue item. It allows for fast travel through space independent of Thunderbird 3.

The Space Surfboard is used for traveling to areas in space in preparation for delicate procedures, such as punching in a deactivation code for an active stealth mine, without Thunderbird 3 being close by or in the way. It is especially useful in more chaotic environments where Thunderbird 3 would be too vulnerable due to space junk or meteoroids.

It is unknown how Alan is able to stay on the board despite such wild riding, as there are no straps, but nonetheless, he is incredibly skilled on it, and has no problem controlling it or dodging obstacles in space whist riding it even when carrying someone to safety. It is possible that it is magnetised to Alan's boots.

List of AppearancesEdit

Ring of Fire Part 2Edit

Thunderbird 3 travels to a satellite The Hood intends to use in order to activate over five hundred earthquake generators, which would cause sea-quakes along the Ring of Fire and kill countless people. Alan has a bypass module obtained from a generator Gordon picked up earlier, and it would allow control of the earthquake generators to go to International Rescue if he can attach it to the satellite. As an operation requiring human hands, the Space Surfboard is used to get Alan up close.

Space RaceEdit

Thunderbird 3, whilst on a side mission to clear space junk, accidentally picks up what turns out to be an active stealth mine left over from the Global Conflict of 2040, which chases Thunderbird 3 relentlessly throughout the episode. The countdown of the mine can only be stopped with a pass-code, but Johns efforts to find it digitally give him nothing but a rough image with the last number out of sight. Lady Penelope and Parker infiltrate an underground archive in London to find the deactivation code, but Alan eventually feels like too much time has passed. He travels to the mine via the Space Surfboard, with the intent to take a gamble on the last number.