Stealth Mine

The Stealth Mine was an abandoned weapon featured in Space Race. It was a large spherical nuclear bomb that orbited the Earth, and potentially one of many unseen others.

Design and PurposeEdit

An unknown side fighting in the Global Conflict of 2040 built multiple stealth mines in space. The mine was designed to detect a nearby space vehicle and then chase it down using thrusters built all around it until it made contact and exploded. Should the vehicle be too fast to catch up with, the mine could change to a different target should one be nearby. It mattered not if the vehicle was not one of the enemies; the mine could even chase down civilian craft.

The mine also had a wireless connection to its party during the conflict, and should this connection be lost, a countdown from 29 minutes and 50 seconds would start, and the mine would explode once it elapsed. This could happen whilst the mine is already chasing down a target. The countdown could be halted by manually typing in a code using a keypad on the mine, should the mine be hunting a friendly craft, but only one chance at putting in the code correctly is provided, as any mistake would be seen as a hacking attempt and would result in an instant detonation.

In Space RaceEdit

20 years after the Global Conflict of 2040, at least one Stealth Mine was left in orbit. Alan Tracy picked it up via Thunderbird 3 whilst on a space junk cleanup, and he went E.V.A. to investigate the device when it violently tugged behind the red rocket. Once Alan swiped the mine's keypad clean, it reactivated, and started it's countdown due to zero connectivity. Alan spent nearly all of the countdown's time flying away from the mine in Thunderbird 3 and occasionally re-attracting it whenever it changed target to other space vessels, while research on the weapon was done by John Tracy and Brains. John found an online picture of the mine's kill code written down, but the last number was missing. The picture was of a file located in the Consolidated File Archive in London. Lady Penelope and Parker (and Sherbet) infiltrated the C.F.A. to find the file sporting the code. The code was 3-0-0-5-2-0-1-3, and Alan managed to punch it it with under half a second to spare.