• During the television report about the Sun Probe, a cutaway shows the control cabin in the Probe Module, but later, when the Module is fired into the prominence, we learn that the control cabin is actually in the main body of the Sun Probe Rocket.
  • When Alan, Scott and Tin-Tin set off on the settee to Thunderbird 3's hangar, Alan is on the right of the settee, with Tin-Tin between him and Scott, but during the descent onto the trolley, transportation to the hangar and ascent into Thunderbird 3, Alan and Scott have swapped seats. However, when they arrive aboard the spaceship, they are in their original positions again.
  • When Virgil radios to Jeff that he is about to land on Mount Arkan, Jeff asks him what the weather's like, to which Virgil replies: "Pretty stormy, Father. Pretty stormy" Then we cut to an exterior of the airborne Thunderbird 2, which is absolutely covered in snow. Just moments later we get a long shot and suddenly Thunderbird 2 is no longer covered in snow. We then get a close-up of the cockpit view, where we see Virgil and Brains, and Thunderbird 2 is covered in snow again.
  • In the first chess-playing scene, Braman plays an illegal move in an illegal position, but Brains still calls it a "good move".
  • In the third chess-playing scene, the orientation of the chessboard is incorrect, as for both players, there is a white square in the bottom left corner.