This page is a transcription of Sun Probe

Part One

[Scene: a large rocket standing on a launch platform. The voice of the launch supervisor is heard.]

Colonel Benson: "Attention. Solar control centre to all personnel. 35 minutes to lift-off. Solarnauts will take up boarding positions."

Colonel Benson: "Ground check complete. Solarnauts embarked. Lift-off minus 24 minutes. Solarnauts taking up lift-off positions."

[Cuts to the crew sitting inside the solar module.]

Colonel Harris: "A-OK?"

Solarnaut Camp: "Check."

Solarnaut Asher: "Check."

Colonel Harris: "Solar Module to Solar Control. Commander Solarnaut Harris reporting. Module first check, A-OK."

[Cuts to the Solar Control room.]

Colonel Benson: "Understand. A-OK, Colonel. Radio five by five. Lift-off minus 20 minutes. Clear launch area. Repeat, clear launch area. Thrust checks minus ten seconds. Sounding amber alert. Thrust checks minus five, four, three, two, one... ignition. Seventeen million pound thrust and increasing. Thrust checks green."

[Cuts to the solar module.]

Colonel Harris: "Less than eight minutes to go."

Colonel Benson: "Twenty million pounds thrust and steady. Gantry retraction green. One minute 10 seconds to lift-off. Solar Control to Commander Solarnaut Harris. We're all rooting for you fellas."

Colonel Harris: "Thank you, Solar Control."

Colonel Benson: "Sixty seconds to lift-off. Stand by to release fuel injectors. Stand by, Solar Module. Thirteen seconds. Commencing final countdown. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, full power! Lift-off."

[The rocket lifts off.]

Colonel Benson: "Lift-off A-OK. She looks good. Project Sun Probe is on!"

[Scene cuts to Tracy Island. Jeff, Scott, Tin-Tin and Alan are watching the rocket launch on TV.]

Jeff Tracy: "You know, a rocket launching never fails to give me a kick."

Scott Tracy: "Especially that one, father. Just think: a rocket to the sun!"

Alan Tracy: "Hold it a minute!"

[A TV presenter appears on screen.]

Television Reporter: "That film, folks, taken a week ago, showed the launching of the Sun Probe. Within the next hour, we hope to bring you live pictures direct from Sun Probe itself, showing the completion of this daring and important project. We also hope to bring you shots of the rocket in space, via our latest tel-radio cameras. As you all know, the object of the mission is to capture a few fragments of matter released by the sun. With me in the studio is Professor Heinz Bodman, who is going to explain just how the Sun Probe project will operate."

Professor Bodman: "Good evenink."

Jeff Tracy: "Say, where's Brains? Doesn't he want to hear all this?"

Scott Tracy: "Ah, this is old stuff to him, father. He's in his workshop playing around with his latest invention."

[Scene cuts to Brains' laboratory. He's talking to a robot.]

Brains: "Now, uh, Braman, I'm gonna test your secretarial characteristics. Now, tell me, what are my appointments for today?"

Braman: "9am - monitor electronic telecast from Cape Kennedy. 11am - check Thunderbird 2 alarm system. 1pm - have supper."

Scott Tracy: "Gee, Brains, your robot is sure improving."

Brains: "Yeah, Scott, but he's still late with his responses, I'm afraid."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah well, what I came to say was, when you're through, there's a very interesting programme about the Sun Probe on the air."

Brains: "Oh, dear! Braman you have such a lot to learn still! Perhaps if I taught you chess it might improve your mathematical powers."

[Cuts back to Jeff's office.]

Professor Bodman: "The solarnauts will release a radiation-sealed, refrigerated probe. The probe will then fly through a prominence. Automatically, it will collect particles of matter from ze flare. And so we will have a piece of ze sun."

Television Reporter: "Thank you, Professor. This, then, is the plan. A dangerous mission, yes, but all foreseeable protective measures guard the solarnauts against the sun's immense heat and radiation. 20-foot thick protective walls surround these three brave men in the cramped cabin of the solar module."

[Scene cuts to the three solarnauts inside the cabin.]

Solarnaut Asher: "It's fantastic! Our instruments are reducing the sun's glare ten million times."

Solarnaut Camp: "Yes, and it's still powerful."

Colonel Harris: "Let's take a look at the limb we're gonna shoot at."

[Camp flicks a switch and the sun appears on a screen in front of them.]

Colonel Harris: "We'll be going into orbit in 38 minutes."

Solarnaut Camp: "That's the tricky bit. If we miss the orbit, we could end up in the sun."

Solarnaut Asher: "Internal temperature rising."

Colonel Harris: "Increase refrigeration two steps."

Solarnaut Camp: "Phew! That's better. It's an awkward thought, but without that little gadget we'd simply melt away."

[After a long panning shot of the rocket exterior, the scene cuts back to Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "They'll be going into orbit soon. Surely Brains won't want to miss this."

[Scene cuts to Brains' laboratory. He's playing chess with his robot.]

Brains: "Now, if I can only make Braman think quicker."

[Braman makes a move.]

Brains: "Yeah! That's a good move. I'll increase the, uh, megadecibars by, say, 15 degrees."

[Jeff appears at the door.]

Jeff Tracy: "Don't you want to watch Operation Sun Probe, Brain?"

Brains: "I'd prefer to fix Braman, Mr Tracy. He's still far too impulsive."

Jeff Tracy: "But Brains, they're going into orbit in five minutes."

Brains: "Four and one-quarter minutes, to be precise, Mr Tracy."

Jeff Tracy: "Say, you know the Sun Probe routine by heart. You're not as blasé as you act!"

Brains: "Oh, no, sir."

Jeff Tracy: "Ha-ha-ha. Well, you could've fooled me!"

[Scene cuts to the Sun Probe Rocket.]

Solarnaut Asher: "Orbital firing, 90 seconds."

Colonel Harris: "Right. How about those radiation figures, Camp?"

Solarnaut Camp: "I have them, Frank. All at phase six."

Colonel Harris: "That's swell. We're gonna be OK."

Solarnaut Asher: "30 seconds to orbital firing."

Colonel Harris: "Stand by to fire retros."

Solarnaut Asher: "Orbital path, ten seconds."

Colonel Harris: "Right. Stand by. Five, four, three, two, one... Retros! Great! We're on correct orbit. Check radiation and temperature levels."

Solarnaut Asher: "Temperature, A-OK."

Solarnaut Camp: "Radiation, A-OK."

Solarnaut Asher: "Twenty seconds to firing time for probe."

Colonel Harris: "All systems on probe are green. Ten seconds."

Solarnaut Asher: "Firing controls are go."

Colonel Harris: "Five seconds. Four, three, two, one... Ignition!"

[Cuts to an exterior shot of the rocket to show the front part separating from the main. It then cuts to the TV reporter on Jeff's screen.]

Television Reporter: "Well, folks, the Sun Probe has been fired. We will give you all the details as they are received from the spaceship. The tension here in the studio mounts as we await further news."

[Scene cuts back to Brains' laboratory. He's still playing chess with his robot, who makes a move.]

Brains: "Hmm.... Yeah. That shows better powers of humanistic reasoning. So if I increase the diffusory isobar rating, Braman here should react a great deal faster. But I guess I shall never succeed in creating a robot with a finer brain than a human. That's checkmate I believe, Braman."

[Scene cuts to the Rocket.]

Colonel Harris: "She's going fine, straight for the prominence. Sun Probe going through flare now."

Solarnaut Camp: "Standing by to fire remote control rockets."

Solarnaut Asher: "Five seconds, four, three, two, one.... Fire!"

[They watch the probe pass through a flare on a screen.]

Solarnaut Asher: "It's coming out! She's turning!"

Colonel Harris: "We've made it."

Solarnaut Camp: "Great. Let's get that probe."

Solarnaut Asher: "And then: back to earth!"

[Cuts to the TV reporter on Jeff's screen.]

Television Reporter: "We have just heard that the probe has collected the matter from a prominence. It is now on its way to rendezvous with the main ship. The solarnauts are in excellent condition. Wait, the probe is being collected now. Just look at this tel-radio picture!"

[The picture shows the probe reconnecting with the main body of the rocket.]

Jeff Tracy: "Well, they pulled it off. I've got to hand it to them. They're great!"

Brains: "I don't think they're gonna make it."

Jeff Tracy: "How's that?"

Brains: "I said, I don't think they're gonna make it."

Jeff Tracy: "But everything's going fine."

Television Reporter: "Hold it, folks. Something's gone wrong. In picking up the probe, the main ship has locked its course. The tracking stations report that the spaceship is heading on a collision course with the sun! Stay tuned to this channel for minute to minute information."


Jeff Tracy: "What went wrong, Brains?"

Brains: "Well, in collecting the sun probe, the solar ship had to steer on to a collision course with the sun."

Alan Tracy: "Sure, but wasn't that part of the plan?"

Brains: "Yeah, it was. But I suddenly figured that the radiation level at that distance from the sun could interfere with the ship's control system."

Jeff Tracy: "So the solarnauts can't fire the retros and break away?"

Brains: "Right. Now, as a safeguard, the Solar Control Centre on earth can send a radio beam to fire the ship's motors by remote control."

Scott Tracy: "Then why don't they do it?"

Brains: "They're probably trying that right now, but I have severe doubts whether their beam will penetrate the radiation either."

TV Reporter: "Please stand by for a news flash. We are going over to Colonel Benson at the Solar Control Centre for an important announcement."

Colonel Benson: "All efforts to alter the spaceship's course by firing the retros by radio beam from earth have failed. Now I have a vital request to make. If International Rescue are watching, would they please communicate at once with Solar Control Centre, Cape Kennedy. I repeat, this is vital. International Rescue, we need your help."

Jeff Tracy: "Get me Cape Kennedy."

Tin-Tin: "Yes, sir."

[Scene cuts to Jeff talking to Colonel Benson by videophone.]

Jeff Tracy: "Very well, Colonel Benson. We'll attempt a rescue, but this is a tough one."

Colonel Benson: "You can say that again. Anyway, good luck."

[Cuts to Alan, Virgil and Scott. They're watching Brains playing chess with Braman.]

Alan Tracy: "Gee whizz! He sits there playing chess while those three guys in that spaceship are heading for disaster. I just don't dig him."

[Scene cuts back to the rocket.]

Solarnaut Asher: "Try the retros again."

Colonel Harris: "It's no use. The circuit's dead."

Solarnaut Camp: "It's the radiation. It's reached an all-time high."

Solarnaut Asher: "Temperature's up around 120 again."

Colonel Harris: "Increase refrigeration."

Solarnaut Camp: "I guess the radiation level is too high for the Earth to get the safety beam through. We're too close to the Sun."

Colonel Harris: "And getting closer every second."

[Cuts to Tracy Island. It's evening.]

Jeff Tracy: "Right, let's go over it once again. The Sun Probe rocket is heading straight into the sun. And unless we can fire the retros to make the rocket turn round, those three solarnauts are doomed."

Brains: "Well, Mr Tracy, the only solution is for us to fire the retros by radio beam."

Scott Tracy: "The radio complex on Thunderbird 3 would seem the obvious choice."

Virgil Tracy: "But Scott, the transmission range of Thunderbird 3 isn't powerful enough. I think Thunderbird 2's transmitter would stand a much better chance."

Scott Tracy: "Well, that would apply if both craft were at ground level."

Alan Tracy: "Agreed, but we could take Thunderbird 3 into space and get through much more effectively."

Jeff Tracy: "What's your opinion, Brains?"

Brains: "Well, Mr Tracy, I think we may be underestimating the heat and radiation resistances of our spacecraft. But the transmission potential of Thunderbird 2 could certainly be tremendous."

Tin-Tin: "Well, we've got to make up our minds soon. The world is waiting for International Rescue to act, and after three hours, we're no nearer a decision."

Gordon Tracy: "Let's face it. Both Thunderbird craft have an equal chance of success or failure. Why don't we gamble on one or the other paying off."

Jeff Tracy: "Right. Gordon's hit the nail on the head. We'll launch a two-pronged rescue attempt. First of all, we've got to get Thunderbird 3 launched as soon as possible. When do you think that could be, Brains?"

Brains: "Well, the radio equipment will have to be modified. But I should think launching could take place soon after sun-up."

Jeff Tracy: "Right. Go and organise that now, Brains."

Brains: "Yes, Mr Tracy. I'm on my way."

Jeff Tracy: "Virgil, you'd better go to the computer room and work out what point is best for Thunderbird 2 to project a safety beam towards the Sun Probe. Get Grandma to organise some auxiliary clothing."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, father."

Alan Tracy: "Father, we'll need an extra crew member to operate the safety beam."

Jeff Tracy: "All right, Alan, you'd better take Tin-Tin along with you. Launching takes place at 0800 hours."

[Cuts to Jeff's office the next morning.]

Jeff Tracy: "Right, we're ready. You know what to do?"

Scott Tracy: "Yes, father."

Alan Tracy: "Let's hope it'll work from that distance."

Jeff Tracy: "It's got to. It's as close as we dare go. Good luck, all of you. It's your first mission, Tin-Tin. Make it a successful one."

Tin-Tin: "I'll do my best, Mr Tracy."

[The couch with Alan, Tin-Tin and Scott on it descends through the floor and makes its way to Thunderbird 3.]

Alan Tracy: "Take up launch positions."

Scott Tracy: "FAB."

Alan Tracy: "Stand by for blastoff. Lift-off."

[Thunderbird 3 lifts off.]

Alan Tracy: "Blastoff, A-OK. Leaving earth's atmosphere in 10 seconds."

Scott Tracy: "OK, Alan, I'm coming up. See you later, Tin-Tin."

Tin-Tin: "Yes, Scott."

[Scott enters the cockpit.]

Alan Tracy: "OK, Scott, we're clear of atmosphere. Tin-Tin, you'd better get the electronics side lined up. We'll be in the danger zone in about 65 hours."

Tin-Tin: "Yes, Alan. I've already started."

[Scene cuts back to Tracy Island. Virgil and Brains are loading Thunderbird 2.]

Brains: "Right, auxiliary clothing."

Virgil Tracy: "Auxiliary clothing, check."

Brains: "Snow dispersal unit."

Virgil Tracy: "Snow dispersal unit, check."

Brains: "No, you'd better make that two. It's gonna be pretty cold out there on the mountain."

Virgil Tracy: "Two it is. What about the transmitter truck?"

Brains: "I've already got that in the pod."

Brains: "Perhaps we'd better take the mobile computer, too, just in case. That's it, right over there."

[He points to a large blue trunk marked KW 147-5.]

Virgil Tracy: "Right. Will that be all?"

Brains: "Yeah. That's all. I'd best get straight down to the hangar now. I'll have these fed to the pod by the automatic beltway."

[Scene cuts to the door to Thunderbird 2's hangar opening. Thunderbird 2 exits the hangar.]

Jeff Tracy: "All right, Virgil, you've got full clearance for launching."

Virgil Tracy: "Thanks, father. So long."

[Thunderbird 2 launches. Scene cuts to the balcony outside Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "Well, there he goes. I must admit, Gordon, that I was never so unsure of the success of a mission before. Unless Virgil or Alan gets within transmission radius of Sun Probe, then the three men in that rocket are lost."


[Aboard the Sun Probe, things are warming up.]

Colonel Harris: "Just 24 hours to go."

Solarnaut Camp: "To crash into the sun. It's like a nightmare!"

Solarnaut Asher: "Yeah. One I've had many times."

Colonel Harris: "Well, there's still time. We've got a whole day before...."

Solarnaut Asher: "Before we melt to nothing! Why doesn't earth do something?"

Alan Tracy: "Solar Module from International Rescue. Do you read me."

Solarnaut Asher: "Now I'm hearing things. I thought that was the radio."

Alan Tracy: "Come in Solar Module, this is International Rescue."

Colonel Harris: "It IS the radio."

Solarnaut Asher: "Yes, sir!"

Solarnaut Camp: "International Rescue! Of course!"

Solarnaut Asher: "Solar Module to Thunderbird 3. Where are you? Can you help us?"

Alan Tracy: "We hope so. We're going to try to fire your retros from space."

Tin-Tin: "We're two hours away from calculated release area, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Check. But the cabin temperature is increasing rapidly. We can't go much closer to them."

Alan Tracy: "Why not try it now?"

Scott Tracy: "OK. At least we'll know how short we are of success."

Tin-Tin: "I heard that. Operating safety beam now."

[Alan and Scott watch the safety beam travel towards Sun Probe on a screen. It fails to reach its target.]

Scott Tracy: "Negative. We're four hours short."

Alan Tracy: "Four hours. But that means we'll have to go much closer to the sun than was estimated."

Scott Tracy: "It looks like it."

Tin-Tin: "Can we stand the increased heat and radiation?"

Alan Tracy: "On paper, no, but we can't just abandon those three guys. We sure have a problem."

[Scene cuts to Jeff in his office; he is talking to Gordon.]

Jeff Tracy: "The problem is Tin-Tin. Can we ask her to risk her life further?"

Kyrano: "Excuse me, Mr Tracy, I could not help but hear your words. Tin-Tin is my daughter. I think I can say what her answer to your problem would be."

Jeff Tracy: "Yes, I know what you're gonna say. She wouldn't hesitate to go on into the danger zone. But is it right for us to ask her to?"

Kyrano: "Both my daughter and I owe our lives to you, Mr Tracy. For this reason, it is right. She will go with your sons."

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, Virgil. How's it going?"

Virgil Tracy: "We've just crossed the Thimalayan Mountains, father. We ought to be touching down on Mount Arkan in about three and a half minutes."

Jeff Tracy: "What's it like up there?"

Virgil Tracy: "Pretty stormy, father. Pretty stormy."

[Cuts to show Thunderbird 2 flying through a blizzard and preparing to land on a mountainside.]

Virgil Tracy: "Now, the ledge should be immediately beneath us."

[Thunderbird 2 lands.]

Virgil Tracy: "Base from Thunderbird 2. Calling base from Thunderbird 2."

Jeff Tracy: "Loud and clear, Virgil."

Virgil Tracy: "We've touched down just under the summit of Mount Arkan, father, and are about to get out the transmitter truck."

Jeff Tracy: "All right, Virgil."

Virgil Tracy: "What's the news from Thunderbird 3?"

Jeff Tracy: "Not very good, I'm afraid. Their first safety beam projection was a failure, and they're having to go nearer the sun."

Virgil Tracy: "Don't worry. Maybe we'll have more success this end."

[Thunderbird 2 lifts itself up and the transmitter truck exits the pod. It drives on through the snow for some time. Virgil and Brains are inside it.]

Brains: "Right, Virgil, this should be fine. We're well clear of Thunderbird."

Virgil Tracy: "OK. Let's start lining up the transmitter beam."

[Cuts to Thunderbird 3.]

Alan Tracy: "We're at the first estimated region, Tin-Tin. Just give the word and we'll put you in a release capsule and get you to safety."

Tin-Tin: "We have been through the whole question, Alan. Any delay increases the danger to the solarnauts. I will go with you."

Alan Tracy: "Good girl. OK, let's try the safety beam again."

Tin-Tin: "Yes, Alan. Here goes."

[Alan and Scott watch the safety beam travel towards Sun Probe again. It still fails to reach its target.]

Scott Tracy: "That's what I was afraid of. Another two hours before we're in range."

Alan Tracy: "All right. Another two hours it is. Let's hope we can all stand up to the heat."

[Cuts to the transmitter truck.]

Virgil Tracy: "Let's hope we can stand up to the cold. How's the beam situation?"

Brains: "All set. Transmitting safety beam now."

Virgil Tracy: "Well, Brains, what's the position?"

Brains: "It's a very powerful beam we're sending. But not as yet quite powerful enough."

Virgil Tracy: "Is there anything we can do?"

Brains: "Oh, yeah. Once I have modified the tripartite transistor packs and made a few adjustments to the wiring, we can try again."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, while you're doing that, I'll fix us some hot coffee."

[Scene cuts to the Sun Probe. Camp and Asher are barely conscious.]

Colonel Harris: "I can't stand the heat. It's so hot."

Solarnaut Camp: "Are you sure you can't get any more out of the refrigeration plant?"

Colonel Harris: "No. Nothing's working any more."

Solarnaut Camp: "Where's that rescue ship? It's nearly four hours since we were in contact with them."

[Cuts to Thunderbird 3.]

Alan Tracy: "We daren't go much closer. The hull won't stand much more. Try the signal again, Tin-Tin. Tin-Tin, try the signal again."

Tin-Tin: "Yes. Try the signal again."

[Alan and Scott watch the safety beam as it fails to reach its target again.]

Alan Tracy: "It's still short. Can't you increase the power, Tin-Tin?"

Tin-Tin: "I can overrun the system up to about 0.5."

Alan Tracy: "Then do that, will you. We just can't go any closer."

[This time, the screen shows the beam reaching the Sun Probe. Scene cuts to Sun Probe. Its engines roar into action.]

Colonel Harris: "This is it, I guess. The ship's breaking up. I figured I'd be dead before it happened. I reckon it won't be long now. Why am I still alive? Why isn't the module melting? Say, that noise.... It's the rocket motors! They've fired! Asher, Camp, we're leaving the sun! We're gonna live!"

[Cuts back to Thunderbird 3.]

Alan Tracy: "OK, the solar ship's out of danger. Let's head for home."

Scott Tracy: "Just in time, I guess. I couldn't stand much more of this heat."

Alan Tracy: "Fire retros."

Scott Tracy: "Well, fire retros, Alan! It's getting unbearable!"

Alan Tracy: "I have, but they're not working!"

Scott Tracy: "Alan, we're still on a collision course with the sun!"

[Scene cuts to Jeff's office. The reporter is back on television.]

TV Reporter: "We are now certain that the solar spaceship has been saved. I want to be the first person to say thank you to International Rescue for their.... Wait, folks, here's more news. This is disastrous. It can't be true! According to the tracking stations, Thunderbird 3 has not altered course. She's heading straight for the sun! Stay tuned to...."

Jeff Tracy: "Gordon, what's happening? They're not pulling it round."

Gordon Tracy: "Father, the retros must have failed!"

Jeff Tracy: "We've got to get through to Brains right away."

[Scene cuts to the transmitter truck.]

Virgil Tracy: "Hello? Father?"

Jeff Tracy: "Virgil? Bad news about Thunderbird 3."

Virgil Tracy: "What's happened?"

Jeff Tracy: "Alan succeeded in saving the Sun Probe, but now, it seems the retros have failed on Thunderbird 3, and they're heading straight for the sun."

Virgil Tracy: "Straight for the sun! Brains! What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?"


Virgil Tracy: "Think, Brains! Think!"

Brains: "If it is the case that the beam transmitter is still operating...."

Virgil Tracy: "Yes?"

Brains: "We could perhaps, only perhaps, mind you, neutralise the transmitter on Thunderbird 3."

Virgil Tracy: "Great! What's the frequency?"

Brains: "I don't know, but I could probably work it out on the mobile computer in Thunderbird 2."

Virgil Tracy: "OK. Let's get to it!"

[Cuts to Thunderbird 3. Everyone is exhausted from the heat.]

Alan Tracy: "I must think. Must find the answer. Why haven't the retros fired? Lack of power, maybe. But why? Gee, it's like an oven in here. The radio beam... that could cut the power. Tin-Tin, have you shut down the beam? Tin-Tin! Can you hear me? Have you shut down the safety beam? Tin-Tin, I'm coming down."

Alan Tracy: "Must get down to the lounge.... Got to make it. So hot. It's so hot!"

[Cuts to Jeff's office.]

TV Reporter: "Only a specially fitted ship can withstand the radiation and heat of the sun at that distance. Thunderbird 3 is doomed. What a tragedy. In saving the solarnauts, the gallant International Rescue crew have lost their own lives. All hope is rapidly fading."

Jeff Tracy: "I won't believe it. I just can't! Scott, Alan, Tin-Tin. They've got to get out of it!"

[Cuts to Mount Arkan. Virgil and Brains are back inside Thunderbird 2, looking for a trunk.]

Brains: "That's it, Virgil. Right, open it up and we'll work out the formula for the transmitter."

[They open the trunk. Inside it is Brains' robot.]

Virgil Tracy: "Braman!"

Brains: "Oh, no! Virgil, we brought the wrong box!"

[Cut to Thunderbird 3. Alan makes his way to the lounge where Tin-Tin is.]

Alan Tracy: "Must reach the control panel."

[Alan falls down. Cuts back to Thunderbird 2.]

Brains: "It's no use, Virgil. There's nothing we can do!"

Virgil Tracy: "Listen, couldn't you work out the formula on paper?"

Brains: "I only wish I could, Virgil, but you see, without a computer, it would take weeks."

Virgil Tracy: "But if you could work out the details of Braman's mechanics without a computer, surely you could...."

Brains: "Braman! Th-th-that's it! He's our only hope."

Virgil Tracy: "Well, let's get on with it, Brains! For Pete's sake."

Brains: "What? Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah."

Virgil Tracy: "All right, Brains. The formula!"

Brains: "Now, Braman, I want you to calculate the following equation. What is the square root to the power of 29 of the trigonometric amplitude of 87 divided by the quantitative hydraxis of 956 to the power of 77? Do you understand the question?"

Braman: "Yes."

Brains: "Off you go then. Now. Come on, Braman. Come on!"

Virgil Tracy: "Do you think it's gonna work?"

Brains: "It's got to. It's got to!"

Brains: "Well, B-B-Braman?"

Braman: "45,969."

Virgil Tracy: "It worked, Brains, it worked!"

Brains: "I only hope it's right. Come on, let's get back to the transmitter truck."

[Cuts to Jeff in his office.]

Jeff Tracy: "International Rescue calling Virgil at Mount Arkan. This is International Rescue Base calling Thunderbird 2. That's funny, they don't answer, Gordon."

Gordon Tracy: "They probably used all their power on the safety beam."

Jeff Tracy: "Maybe you're right, Gordon. Maybe you're right."

Virgil Tracy: "Base from Thunderbird 2. Base from Thunderbird 2."

Jeff Tracy: "Loud and clear, Virgil, where are you?"

Virgil Tracy: "I'm sorry, father. We just heard your signal as we came back from the pod. Listen, father, it's our only hope. We haven't got time to explain, but Brains is gonna try to jam Thunderbird 3's transmitter. Ready, Brains?"

Brains: "Yeah. I've lined the transmitter up."

Virgil Tracy: "Right. Go!"

[Brains pulls a lever. After a while, the beam reaches Thunderbird 3, and its retros fire up.]

Alan Tracy: "What's happened? Hey, the retros must have fired. We're moving away from the sun! We're moving away from the sun!"

Brains: "Virgil! Something's happening. I'm getting a reading from Thunderbird 3!"

Virgil Tracy: "Yeah, me, too! It can mean only one thing: the retros."

Brains: "Yeah. They've fired. The retros have fired on Thunderbird 3!"

Virgil Tracy: "Father?"

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Virgil. I heard. Good thinking, boys. You've done a great job. I'm really proud of my International Rescue team today. Head back for base. We're gonna give a real heroes' welcome to Tin-Tin, Scott and Alan."

[Cuts to Tracy Island. Brains and Braman are playing another game of chess.]

Brains: "Now the excitement of Thunderbird 3's homecoming is over, Braman, let's see if my improvements on you work. It's your move."

Braman: "Checkmate!"

Brains: "I don't believe it! It can't be true! A machine cannot have a brain better than mine."

Jeff Tracy: "It was a fluke, Brains. You've been working kinda hard lately, you know."

Brains: "Yeah, that must be it. I wasn't concentrating. That must be it, yeah."

Jeff Tracy: "Anyway, Brains, thanks for all you've done."

Alan Tracy: "Yeah, thanks, Brains."

Scott Tracy: "Thanks, Brains."

Tin-Tin: "Thank you, Brains."

Braman: "Thanks, Brains!"