Sun Probe (sometimes Sunprobe) was a space probe used to collect particles from around the sun.

If not for International Rescue, the Sun Probe mission would have been a disaster. Using an ion drive and a chemical rocket system, the Sun Probe's launch thrust of 20 million pounds gave it the acceleration to reach solar orbit in a week.

The three solarnauts, Colonel Harris, Asher and Camp remained aboard the Sun Probe while the nose cone was detached to collect the particles from a solar prominence and then retrieved. But because of the sun's high radiation levels and electromagnetic pulse particles, the Sun Probe's retros failed and the probe went on a collision course with the surface of the sun, which meant the Sun Probe, as well as all three solarnauts, would have been killed by its extreme heat.

Even Cape Kennedy's backup system couldn't stop the Sun Probe from heading straight for the sun. A safety beam activated from Thunderbird 3 managed to fire the retros, which allowed the Sun Probe to head back to Earth.

The red nose cone is constructed from cahelium and ceramic additives, and the fuel Toxerlene is developed from seawater.

Technical DataEdit

  • Length: 363 feet
  • Weight: 2,580 tons
  • Fuel: Toxerlene
  • Total Delta Velocity: 30 miles per second (108,000 mph)
  • Standard Acceleration: 1 g
  • Maximum Acceleration Attained: 2 g
  • Emergency Acceleration: 5 g
  • Crew: 3
  • Designer: Professor Heinz Bodman


  • 1 Rosenthal-Hodge Dynamics sustainer rocket
  • 3 Rosenthal-Hodge Dynamics secondary rockets
  • 4 retro rockets
  • 16 attitude thrusters
  • Ion Drive: 24 Amalgamated Atomics Inc. TE-14 thrust modules

The CrewEdit

The three solarnauts, Colonel Harris, Asher and Camp

Pressurized CabinEdit

The crew were in a pressurized cabin in the forward part of the rocket, situated behind the Probe Module.

Probe ModuleEdit

The Probe Module was attached to the front of the Sun Probe, and was fired into a close orbit with the sun, to collect a piece of solar matter as it passes through the sun's prominence.

Launch SequenceEdit

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Cross-sections (Cutaway Drawings)Edit

At least two cross-sections of the Sun Probe exist. Both were illustrated by Graham Bleathman. One appeared in World of Thunderbirds, and the other featured in a Redan comic in the 2000s.

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Sun probe cross section

World of Thunderbirds edition

Sun Probe cutaway

Redan'd edition


No 68

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