The Sun Probe was launched from Cape Kennedy's Space Centre. The launch was monitored from the Solar Control Centre, Colonel Benson and his staff were in block D9.

The Launch SequenceEdit

  • 35 Minutes to lift-off - Solarnauts to take-up boarding position.
  • 34 Minutes to lift-off - Ground checks complete, Solarnauts embark.
  • 24 minutes to lift-off - Solarnauts take-up lift-off positions.
  • 22 Minutes to lift-off - Module check, radio check.
  • 19 Minutes to lit-off - Orange alert, clear launch area.
  • 15 Minutes to lift-off -Thrust Checks, sound amber alert.
  • 11 Minutes to lift-off - Thrust checks complete (Green), 20 million lbs. thrust steady.
  • 10 Minutes to lift-off - Gantry retraction.
  • 60 seconds to lift-off - Release fuel injections.
  • 10 Seconds to lift-off - Commence final countdown.
  • 8 seconds to lift-off - Release cord.
  • 4 seconds to lift-off - Full power.
  • Lift-off.

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