Equipment & Vehicles
IMG 2416
Type: High speed rocket plane
Affiliation: International Rescue
Main Operator: Jeff Tracy
"The TV-21 was Dad's baby, the first ever super-Mach 20 ship. It was the prototype to Thunderbird 1."
— Scott Tracy

The TV-21, also known as the first Thunderbird, was International Rescue's first prototype craft. It was a prototype to Thunderbird 1. It was designed by Jeff Tracy after investing everything into the construction of the ship, it was constructed by Brains and it was piloted by Jeff himself. The ship became the world's first super-Mach 20 as it contains the most powerful thruster Brains ever built. The ship was powered by fusion generators. Its command bridge has a resemblance to the original Thunderbird 3's pilot seat.

Test FlightEdit

During its test fight, the ship was sabotaged by the Hood. Jeff was forced to abandon his ship and ditch it somewhere over the Mariana Trench instead of letting the Hood get his hands on it. Even though Jeff survived he was heartbroken, believing the craft to have been destroyed after ditching in the ocean.

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