Equipment & Vehicles
Telsat 4
Type: Satellite rocket
Affiliation: Sentinel Base
Main Operator: Professor Marshall
Operator Power
Appearances: Ricochet

Telsat 4 was a satellite rocket that featured prominently at the start of Ricochet.


The Telsat 4 satellite was a radio and TV satellite being launched by an automated launch computer. However, after the separation of the rocket's first stage, a major malfunction was encountered causing the second stage of the rocket to fail to separate and manual control to stop working. In space, the rocket self-destructed, while the Pirate Satellite Radio Station KLA happened to be passing through the area of its destruction, heavily damaging KLA.


  • The name "Telsat" is most likely a parody of the real life American "Telstar" satellite program that started in 1962.


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