This page is a transcription of Terror in New York (Fox Kids Series)

Act 1


Narrator: Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Thunderbirds Are Go.

[The story begins with the title card Terror in New York placed static over footage of an ocean. Almost immediately, Thunderbird 2 soars majestically across the titles. Cut to inside Thunderbird 2's cockpit, where Virgil Tracy sits at the helm.]

Virgil: "Thunderbird 1 from Thunderbird 2. Picking up radar scan from surface vessel."

[Cut to Scott Tracy inside Thunderbird 1's cockpit.]

Scott: "Switch radio to Thunderbird 1."

[Cut back to Virgil Tracy inside Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil: "Who do you think we're picking up, Scott?"

Scott: [offscreen] "Iiiiit, could be the Sentinel, Virgil. The Navy's new strike vessel."

[Scene cuts to the Sentinel, a gigantic warship speeding across the water in the direction of Thunderbird 2. Cut to the vessel's bridge, where Sentinel Commander stands with both hands tucked behind his back. Clayton, a nearby Officer, turns to him.]

Clayton: "Speed 200 knots sir."

Sentinel Commander: "Right. Ask Missile Control for perimeter report."

Scanners (offscreen): "Unidentified aircraft..."

[Cut to a grilled square speaker built into a nearby olive green bench.]

Scanners: "...Approaching. Height: 2000 feet. Air speed: 5000 miles per hour."

[Cut to Sentinel Commander staring down at the speaker. An Officer who looks exactly yet sounds nothing like Clayton, stands next to him.]

Sentinel Commander: "Okay Scanners. I have it on my screen."

[Cut to an active radar scanner.]

Scanners (offscreen): "Yes sir. 0-9-6, magnetic."

[Cut back to Sentinel Commander, who turns to the Officer.]

Sentinel Commander: "You realize what this could mean?"

Officer: "I'm afraid I do sir."

Sentinel Commander: "Contact the unidentified aircraft on all hailing frequencies."

Officer: "We've already tried that Sir. It's not responding."

Sentinel Commander: "Right. Standby interceptor missiles. Get immediate clearance for launching!"

[Cut to Thunderbird 2 maintaining its present course through the clouds. Cut to Virgil Tracy sitting in the cockpit.]

Virgil: "Thunderbird 1 from Thunderbird 2. I'm getting garbled transmissions, Scott. The Sentinel might be trying to communicate, but I'm not able to receive."

[Cut to Scott Tracy at Thunderbird 1's controls.]

Scott: "Understood Virgil. Return to base and check your radio."

[The previous footage of Thunderbird 2 is replayed here for a few seconds. Cut back to the Sentinel, where the Scanners continue to report on the mysterious aircraft.]

Scanners: "Nothing from Central Control, Sir..."

[Cut to Sentinel Commander and Clayton, the latter of whom has mysteriously lost his clipboard.]

Scanners (offscreen): "No aircraft scheduled in your area. Treat unidentified craft as hostile."

[Cut to a sudden closeup of Sentinel Commander.]

Sentinel Commander: "Sound battle stations! Prepare all missile launchers now!"

[Cut to exterior shot of the Sentinel's bridge, a small radar spinning on the roof.]

Scanners (offscreen): "Attack stations. Trigger Interceptor missiles..."

[Cut to a lower portion of the ship, where six mounted missiles are pointed upwards and ready to launch.]

Scanners (offscreen): "...Shhhtand by. Ten seconds."

[Cut back to the same looped footage of Thunderbird 2 for a few more seconds. Cut back to Sentinel racing across the ocean.]

Scanners (offscreen): "Seven. Six. Five."

[Cut back to the previous footage of the Sentinel's missiles. Several are beginning to emit light puffs of smoke.]

Scanners (offscreen): "Four. Three. Two."

[Cut to Sentinel Commander watching from the bridge, while his Officer stares at several panels in the background.]

Scanners (offscreen): "One. Zero."

Sentinel Commander: "FIRE!"

[Cut to the missiles, as the foremost two are swiftly launched. Cut back to the same looped footage of Thunderbird 2 once again. For a split-second, the missiles appear on the screen before the Thunderbird 2 footage is again looped. After a few seconds, the missiles remain on the screen. Cut to Virgil Tracy at Thunderbird 2's controls.]

Virgil: "Thunderbird 1 and Base from Thunderbird 2. Under missile attack."

[Cut to extreme close-up of Scott Tracy]

Scott: "Hold your present altitude and climb one second before impact!"

[Thunderbird 2 begins to swiftly gain height. The missiles continue on their path regardless, no matter how high the craft flies. Cut back to Scott Tracy.]

Scott: "You need more height!"

[Cut to Virgil Tracy pulling the steering wheel as far back as possible. In the next shot, Thunderbird 2 continues to climb, but it's no use. Missiles One and Two hit the craft's underside.]

Virgil: "I'm hit!"

[Cut back outside, where Missiles Three and Four are also direct hits. Back inside, the entire cockpit shakes as Virgil Tracy attempts to regain control. An emergency siren blares in the background as Thunderbird 2 slowly levels out and begins a direct descent towards the ocean. Cut back outside where the damage to the craft has rapidly spread in the space of a few seconds, and back inside to Virgil. He tries toggling a lever, only for a section of the console to explode dangerously close to his face. Cut to a brief close-up of Thunderbird 2's damaged tail-section, and over to Scott Tracy in Thunderbird 1.]

Scott: "International Rescue from Thunderbird 1."

[Cut to Tracy Villa, where Jeff Tracy speaks to his son through the designated portrait screen. Tin-Tin stands back at Jeff's desk, watching on.]

Jeff: "Scott... How's Virgil?"

Scott: "I dunno dad. I can't get through to him. He's on fire! I-I can see him in the distance."

Jeff: "I called Washington, let's hope they can stop this senseless attack."

[Cut to the Sentinel, where Missiles Five and Six are instantly launched. Several lights surrounding a speaker on the ship's bridge light up, catching the attention of Clayton. He turns to face Sentinel Commander.]

Clayton: "Washington sir. Emergency call."

Washington (offscreen): "Message to Sentinel Commander. Stop attack immediately. Unidentified aircraft is a Thunderbird machine of the International Rescue organisation."

Sentinel Commander: "Clayton. Missiles Three and Four (sic). Destroy them!"

[Cut to Missiles Five and Six, where they explode harmlessly in mid-air. Meanwhile, despite the majority of damage to Thunderbird 2 seemingly disappearing, the craft cannot pull out from its nosedive. Cut to Scott Tracy.]

Scott: "Thunderbird 2 from Thunderbird 1. Come in Virgil."

[Cut to Thunderbird 2, where the cabin is filled with smoke, and Virgil slumped over the steering wheel.]

Scott (offscreen):"Virgil? Are-are you okay?"

[The previous two shots are replayed.]

Scott (offscreen): "Thunderbird 2 from Thunderbird 1. Virgil, come in. Virgil come in, please!"

[After a brief alternate shot of the damaged Thunderbird 2, cut to an extreme closeup of Scott Tracy.]

Scott: "Virgil pull up! Can you hear me?!"

[Cut back to Virgil as he gradually opens his eyes. He painfully grips the wheel and pulls it back towards him. Outside, the craft barely avoids hitting the ocean, and levels out to a low sweep, now blanketing the water with smoke. A few seconds later, Thunderbird 1 follow behind. Cut back to Scott.]

Scott: "Is the reactor damaged Virgil?"

[Back to Virgil. Although conscious, he looks heavily roughed up.]

Virgil: "I can't tell, Scott. Instrumentation has suffered severe damage.

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2's runway on Tracy Island. As usual, all the palm trees fall backwards to allocate space for the craft's wingspan. This time however, they are instantly replaced by large poles rising from the ground. Cut to Thunderbird 2 continuing its journey back to base. Cut back to Tracy Island, where at least fourteen of the poles stand ready over the runway. Overlooking the runway is the Cliff House, where Tin-Tin, Gordon and Alan Tracy oversee Thunderbird 2's approach. Jeff Tracy walks in.]

Jeff: "Good. You're ready."

[Cut to Thunderbird 1.]

Scott: "We're nearly home, big guy. Hang in there."

[Cut to Thunderbird 2, where the cabin is almost entirely engulfed by smoke. Virgil is barely conscious by this point.]

Virgil: "Gear, down. Flaps... down. Banking for... final approach...

[After making one more sweep across the ocean, Thunderbird 2 reaches the runway. The fire has now spread to above the cabin.]

Virgil: "Easy does it. Easy...

[With a sharp dive, Thunderbird 2 hits the runway. The craft has come in too fast, bouncing upon impact, and continues sliding forward.]

Virgil: "Wheels have gone.

[Rapid cut to Jeff Tracy.]

Jeff: "Release foam. Section B."

[One by one, the poles shoot streams of foam as Thunderbird 2 trundles along. The craft finally slows down after a violent explosion on its underside, and eventually comes to a complete stop. Foam continues to smother the craft as it remains tilted to one side of the runway.]

[Fade out to commercial.]

Act 2

[Fade in from black. An unspecified amount of time has passed, as we find Virgil Tracy sitting upright in a bed. Bandages cover much of his head, and while being through a harrowing experience, appears to be in both good health and spirit. Kyrano lifts a tray of food up and off the bed.]

Jeff: "You must be feeling better. It's good you're eating again, Virgil."

Virgil: "Mmm. How can I help it with the cook's marvelous food, Kyrano?"

Kyrano: "Eheh. I'll tell him Virgil.."

[Kyrano turns to leaves. As he does so, cut to Gordon Tracy as he enters the room.]

Gordon: "Hi Virgil. Got your TV turned on?"

Virgil: "No sir. I've seen enough TV to last me the rest of my life."

Gordon: "Oh but this is a special programme..."

[Cut to Virgil in bed. Kyrano is briefly seen walking out the door.]

Gordon (offscreen): "...They're moving the Empire State Building."

Virgil: "What, today?"

Gordon: "Today? As a matter of fact... right now!"

Virgil: "This I must see."

[Virgil leans to his right and presses a button next to his bed. Doing so, a nearby glass panel built into a small bookshelf rises to reveal a television set.]

[Cut to Tracy Villa, where another television is showing the same broadcast. The camera swiftly zooms in to reveal a man reporting live at the scene.]

Ned Cook (onscreen): "You are about to witness one of the greatest engineering feats of all time."

[Cut to the opposite side of the room, where five members of the International Rescue team are watching the television. Alan Tracy, Tin-Tin, and Brains sit together on a lounge, while Scott and Jeff Tracy occupy a pair of chairs.]

Scott: "Hey dad, it's Ned Cook."

Ned Cook (offscreen): "Today..."

[Cut to Ned Cook in New York City.]

Ned Cook: "...The Empire State Building here in New York City is going to be moved 200 yards. Not piece by piece, but as it stands. All one thousand two hundred fifty feet of it.

[Back to Tracy Villa]

Jeff: "Sure would have liked to have been there today."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, you know it."

[Cut back to Ned Cook on the scene.]

Ned Cook: "Any minute now, the tremendously powerful cold fusion engine will start to move its gigantic load to the new site."

[To demonstrate, several quick shots of the Empire State Building are shown. One side of the building is enveloped by metal and scaffolding, which in turn is connected to a gigantic gantry-type system. Back at Tracy Villa, the five watch on.]

Ned Cook (onscreen): "The signal's been given."

[Cut back to a previous shot of the Empire State Building theme. Almost instantly, the building begins to move, slowly at first.]

Ned Cook: "She's moving. Yes, she's moving!"

[In the next few shot, the building gradually picks up a steady pace and continues moving forward. The process appears to be a success... until an ominous shot of the track where the ground, just for a second, begins to crack. Nobody notices until a large blast of smoke shoots out from under the gantry.]

Ned Cook: "In all the years of my broadcasting, this must be the most breathtaking moment I have ever experienced!

[The camera suddenly zooms in on him.]

Ned Cook: "Hold everything! Something's gone wrong!"

[Cut to the previous shot of the track. The cracks that previously appeared have spread rapidly.]

Ned Cook: "The ground is cracking under the track. It's like an earthquake beneath my feet!"

[A signal is given, and The Empire State Building gradually ceases moving. The cracks continue growing, causing the ground and tracks to buckle and shift uneasily. A nearby car is effortlessly swallowed.]

Ned Cook: "This is a dangerous situation. The ground around the building is crumbling. We are in the..."

[Cut to directly below Ned Cook. A long crack has appeared at the opposite end of the plank of wood he's standing on. He appears oblivious to the imminent danger.]

Ned Cook (offscreen): "... direct line of fire."

[Cut back to the audience's view of Ned Cook.]

Ned Cook: "But in the tradition of NTBS, we will stay right here to bring you up to the minute pictures of this fantastic spectacle!"

[The crack below him doesn't stop growing, causing the plank to slowly but surely slide along the ground. Cut to Jeff and Scott Tracy back at Tracy Villa.]

Jeff: "Crazy fool, why doesn't he get the heck out of there?

[Cut to a shot of the static Empire State Building before returning to Ned Cook. Turning his head right, the intrepid reporter nods to acknowledge someone offscreen before returning to face the camera.]

Ned Cook: "We have just been ordered off this site by the police. There is I understand a very real danger that the entire building could collapse at any moment. We will be on the air again..."

[Cut back to Ned Cook's feet. The plank makes a sudden jerk forward as the ground finally gives way.]

Ned Cook (offscreen): "... as soon as we have..."

[Cut to a sudden closeup of Ned Cook's face as the ground collapses, taking him with it.]

Ned Cook: "Ugh! AAAHHHHH!"

[His cameraman, Joe, is equally unprepared. Standing on the camera unit, he instantly follows.]


[As opposed to witnessing the pair fall, we cut to an extreme closeup of the camera unit slowly tumbling down the slope. Ned and Joe are next seen sprawled on the ground, partly covered in dirt and rubble. The pair are badly injured, but alive.]

Ned Cook: "Joe... are you okay?"

Joe: "Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay. Uhn."

Ned Cook: "The whole area's caving in. We gotta get out of here. And fast.

[Cut to the Empire State Building. It remains static for a few seconds before the gantry explodes, causing it to slightly lean forward. The cracks in the ground along the track have grown, now threatening to destroy the whole structure. Back on Tracy Island, the television screen has turned a dim red. With the lack of video, we only hear the voice of an unnamed reporter.]

1st Reporter: "We apologise for the loss of your video. We have serious concerns for the safety..."

[Cut to the lounge, where Alan, Tin-Tin, Brains, Jeff and Scott Tracy watch on.]

1st Reporter (offscreen): "...of Ned Cook. We hope to bring you pictures of minute-to-minute happenings here in New York City in a few moments, as soon as we can get a new outside broadcasting unit in position."

[Back at New York City, the ground around the track has irrevocably decayed, causing the track to bend out of shape. Another explosion rocks the Empire State Building before cutting to Ned Cook and Joe, now revealed to be in a small cavern. They both look upwards in horror.]

Ned Cook: "She's coming down..."

Joe: "Uuuh."

Ned Cook: "'...Right on top of us!"

[Back above ground, the gantry explodes once more, taking the Empire State Building with it. Cut to a shot from Ned Cook's perspective in the cavern. The lower floors slowly lean forward, engulfing their view. Scene fades to black as viewers hear the Empire State Building come crashing to the ground.]

Act 3

[Scene fades back into an extreme closeup of Jeff Tracy. He turns right to face Scott Tracy and the others.]

Jeff: "I hope they got out in time."

[Cut to footage playing out live on their television set. The new reporter and broadcasting unit have set up, and begun panning slowly across a gigantic smoking pile of rubble and metal.]

2nd Reporter: "What you are seeing is the result of this terrifying tragedy. The Empire State Building has crashed into a mountain of rubble. It is no more."

Ned Cook (offscreen): "Help! Can you hear me?"

[Cut back to Tracy Villa.]

Scott: "How can anyone be alive under all that?"

Alan: "I don't know. But one thing's for sure, they'll never get them out."

Scott: "Our equipment could do it, dad. We've got to get Thunderbird 2 there, right away!"

Jeff: "Scott, you're forgetting. Thunderbird 2 is out of commission. There's nothing we can do."

[The pair turn back to watch the news report.]

2nd Reporter (offscreen): "Can you hear me?"

Ned Cook (offscreen): "I can hear you. Just before the building crashed, the ground collapsed beneath our feet. Then the building came down on top of us. Don't ask me why we weren't crushed. We are now sitting in a hole about ten feet wide. We're not hurt, but I can hear water seeping in from below."

Brains: "Of course! That's the answer!"

Jeff: "The answer to what, Brains?"

Brains: "Underground rivers!"

Scott: "Underground rivers?"

Tin-Tin: "Many cities have rivers running beneath them."

Jeff: "That means water will continue to seep into the hole that's protecting Ned Cook. He'll drown."

Scott: "If only we could get along that river."

Brains: "That might be possible. If we use Thunderbird 4."

Tin-Tin: "But we can't airlift it to New York without Thunderbird 2."

Jeff: "Right now I could get the commander of Sentinel..."

[Virgil and Gordon Tracy ever the room offscreen.]

Virgil: "That's it... That's it! The Sentinel! They put us out of action, they can put us back into action!"

[As Jeff turns to face Scott, the opening theme begins playing in the background.]

Jeff: "Scott, take off for New York."

Scott: "Yes sir!"

[Scott stands up and leaves.]

Jeff: "Gordon, launch Thunderbird 4 using emergency procedure. Then proceed to the position where the fleet exercises are going on. I'll contact Washington and arrange for them to pick you up and rush you to New York."

Gordon: "Yes sir!"

[Scene cuts to an abbreviated version of the Thunderbird 1 launch sequence. The mighty craft descends towards the Launch Bay as the swimming pool above slowly slides open. Upon reaching the Bay, Scott pushes a pair of levers, bringing Thunderbird 1 forward and over the Exhaust Blast Pit. With the pool and craft now safely in position, Thunderbird 1 takes off. In doing so, the theme is suddenly replaced with a fast-paced electric guitar riff.]

[Cut back to inside Tracy Villa. Jeff Tracy stands at the control panel behind his desk, with one hand clutching an external microphone while the other is raised to view his wrist watch.]

Jeff: "Thunderbird 4, this is base, over."

[Cut to Thunderbird 4 soaring down Thunderbird 2's runway, with Gordon at the controls.]

Jeff (offscreen): "That's right Gordon. The Sentinel will take you and Thunderbird 4 to New York as fast as they know how."

[The eyes of Scott's portrait suddenly light up. The ashtray on Jeff's desk is automatically raised to reveal a microphone.]

Jeff: "Go ahead Scott."

[The portrait changes to a live video-feed of Scott in front of Thunderbird 1's Mobile Control.]

Scott (Onscreen): "Now here's the situation; Ned Cook and his cameraman are still alive. We can get food down to them, but the water is rising..."

[Cut to Jeff sitting at his desk, as Brains stands nearby.]

Scott (Offscreen): "Now according to our calculations, they'll be under around the same time Gordon arrives."

Jeff: "Right, Scott. Here's what you do."

[Cut to an extreme closeup of Jeff's head.]

Jeff: "Pass breathing apparatuses down to them and keep them alive until Thunderbird 4 gets there."

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