Ned Cook At The Oil Field FireEdit

International Rescue is at an oil field trying to extinguish a fire that has broken out at one of the pumps.
While Scott directs from Mobile Control observing with some binoculars, Virgil positions the Firefly to fire an explosive shell into the blaze. The blast puts the fire out by removing the oxygen, while making Firefly spin 180

degrees because the explosion is that powerful.Ned Cook has been observing the Thunderbirds deal with the fire. As the team return their machines to the Thunderbirds, he laments with his cameraman, Joe, that they cannot capture footage of the action. Ned decides to go against International Rescue's wishes and film Thunderbird 1 as it leaves. When the Automatic Camera Detector goes off, Scott returns and orders Ned to destroy the film. Ned refuses and attempts to escape, so eventually, leaving him with no other choice, Scott electromagnetically wipes the video tape.

Shot Down In FlamesEdit

After telling them that they must protect themselves, Scott starts heading back to base. Thunderbird 2, meanwhile, has caught the attention of the U.S.N. Sentinel, a high-speed warship of the US Navy.The local
airspace is meant to be clear for the ship to conduct tests, so the captain concludes that the aircraft must be hostile and fires two missiles from the warship at Thunderbird 2.Virgil activates his jammers and attempts to evade the missiles. Although he is initially successful, the Sentinel compensates and Thunderbird 2's tail unit is damaged. Scott informs Jeff at Tracy Island, who immediately contacts Washington to call off the attack. As the cockpit fills with smoke, Virgil falls unconscious and Thunderbird 2 begins a nose-dive into the sea, but Scott manages to rouse him in time to pull out of the dive.He manages to crash-land the stricken craft at Tracy Island just as it bursts into flames. While Virgil recovers from his ordeal, Thunderbird 2 is declared out of action until repairs are completed.

Moving The Empire State BuildingEdit

The family switch on the television to watch the culmination of an ambitious plan to move the Empire State Building
to a new site to make room for new buildings. Coverage of the event is provided by none other than Ned, who stands very close to the giant rails. Although the project begins well, unexpected land subsidence brings progress to a halt and ultimately causes the Empire State Building to collapse, apparently crushing Ned and Joe. People are thinking they both got killed.Everyone is shocked to hear his voice over the network declaring that they are still alive, trapped in an underground cave that is gradually filling with water. With the rubble from the skyscraper covering the cavern.

Thunderbird 4 Catches A LiftEdit

A traditional rescue would be impossible before the pair drown.International Rescue quickly decides upon a plan: Brains realises that the subsidence and flooding must have been caused by a series of rivers beneath Manhattan Island, which Thunderbird 4
could navigate to rescue Ned and Joe.To get it there quickly without Thunderbird 2, Jeff re-contacts Washington and arranges to have the Sentinel transport Gordon and Thunderbird 4 to the danger zone.In the meantime, Scott leads the way in Thunderbird 1 to keep them alive until Gordon reaches them. They manage to pass down breathing apparatus through the rubble in preparation for the cave filling with water.

The Hunt For Ned CookEdit

The next morning, the Sentinel arrives at New York and Gordon takes over in Thunderbird 4 to locate the river's outlet. As he searches for the two reporters, Scott learns that another building is succumbing to the subsidence and
will cause cave-ins that will most likely kill Ned and Joe when it collapses. He orders Gordon to find them in the next two and a half minutes.Meanwhile, due to the oxygen level dropping, Joe appears to have fallen unconscious or nearly. Ned reports to Scott that "the air level gauge reads empty and Joe's in a bad way." Scott tells Ned not to panic as there could still be some air left in the tanks. Ned then says he has found the entrance to find Thunderbird 4, and there is just enough room to get through for both of them. Picking his helpless cameraman up, he carries him through the hole. Gordon is still trying to search for Ned and Joe, and although he keeps getting signals from them he still can't see them. Meanwhile, Ned and Joe are struggling to keep up, and Scott urges them to keep going. Meanwhile Gordon is nearing the end of his search but still cannot find
them. He then races through the tunnel and soon Ned realises that they have been found and despite the physical weakness in him he tells Joe that he must swim. Gordon still can't see them and the building is close to collapsing while Ned and Joe are still swimming. With seconds left, Gordon manages to find them and they board Thunderbird 4, looking half dead.Gordon eagerly tells Scott he has found them and Scott orders him to get of there. Just then the building collapses nearly crushing Thunderbird 4. Did they make it out in time?

The Ned Cook ShowEdit

Shortly after, the Ned Cook show is starting. A presenter says to the audience that Ned and his cameraman were in a
disaster that seemed to be inescapable. However Ned has come there as always as the presenter says. Ned then comes on stage even though he is confined to a wheelchair and still somewhat worse for wear. On behalf of himself and Joe, he thanks International Rescue from the bottom of his heart. He is unaware that they are present in the studio audience. Everyone then applauds and the episode ends.

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