The Abominable Snowman is the second Thunderbirds 1965 episode, successfully funded through Kickstarter on August 9th 2015.

The Abominable Snowman is an adaption of the 1960s audio story F.A.B..


When reports come in from the Himalayas of kidnappings carried out by the Abominable Snowman, International Rescue sends Lady Penelope to investigate. She soon reveals the dark truth, and finds herself a prisoner of The Hood - who will stop at nothing to get the secrets of the Thunderbird machines. Can International Rescue save Penelope in time?

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  • Gallup Din's puppet was modeled on British comedian and actor Sanjeev Bhaskar, with his blessing.
  • The stock footage of Virgil was taken from Brink Of Disaster.
  • This was the very first Thunderbirds 1965 Kickstarter 50th Anniversary episode to be made.
  • John appears via archival footage, updated with "new" dialogue (taken from F.A.B.).
  • Alan, Brains and Gordon all make appearances (but don't speak) in this episode.
  • The shot of Scott inside Thunderbird 1 searching the ground below for the Skicopter, is a reused clip from The Uninvited - when he was searching for the archaeologists' Jeep. The obvious difference is the snow that was added.
  • At the Skicopter base, a tiny Fireflash can be spotted in the background.

Additional DialogueEdit

The main characters in this episode have a number of lines of dialogue not found in the original Century 21 audio-story. The audio for those lines was lifted from various classic TV episodes:

  • The audio for Scott's line "What is your estimated time of arrival at danger zone?" is from Terror In New York City.
  • Virgil's reply "Be with you in five minutes." is from City Of Fire, while "This is Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird 1. Approaching danger zone." was lifted from Edge Of Impact.
  • Scott saying "OK, Virg, here's your brief." is from The Duchess Assignment, as is Scott's next line "Hey, Virgil! Virgil, you've gotta hurry it up!".
  • Both Jeff's line "Virgil, away you go." and Virgil's response "Right, father." were lifted from Trapped in the Sky.
  • The audio for Scott's line "Let's get out of here!" seconds later was lifted from The Uninvited, as was "Thunderbird 2 from Scott Tracy. Calling Thunderbird 2.", and Virgil's response "Go ahead, Scott."
  • Scott's next line "Pull away, Virgil!" is from End Of The Road. Virgil's "But, but Scott!" is from The Uninvited again. Scott saying "Regain height and keep away." is also from End Of The Road.
  • During The Hood's escape attempt he utters a sentence that is found neither in the original audio-story, nor in any of the classic episodes: "You will never escape this icy and eternal grave." It is not known which voice actor voiced this line. The same goes for Scott's line "The cave's about to blow up!"

Publicity StillsEdit

During the time the episode was in production, a number of stills were released to the public.