In The Man from MI.5, Lady Penelope sets herself up as a target for the thieves, who stole the plans of a nuclear device. Posing as model Gale Williams, newly arrived on the French Riviera.

The Boat HouseEdit

She gives Parker the night off, so she is alone on her luxury yacht (FAB 2), Carl (the leader of the crooks), kidnaps her and she is tied up in a lonely boathouse, where the crook plants a radio-controlled bomb, explaining that the explosion will create a diversion for the harbour patrol enabling Carl and his cronies to escape in their mini-sub. Lady Penelope manages to get a message to Jeff on her compact communicator.

Scott to the RescueEdit

While Gordon retrieves the plans of the nuclear device, Scott rescues Penelope from the boat house . Penelope returns the plans to Bondson, and then learns that Parker has gambled away FAB 2 at a casino in Monte Carlo!

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