No. 9
Written by John Theydon
Thunderbirds Are Go (Film Novel)
 The Albanian Affair is the ninth Thunderbirds novel released, and fifth by Armada Books. Published in early 1967, the paperback novel was written by John Theydon, and features a brand new adventure starring Lady Penelope and Parker.


International Rescue: secret no more! The sinister Gryphus organisation have stolen top secret information on the Thunderbirds. In order to retrieve the vital photographs, Lady Penelope and Parker must embark on their most perilous mission yet.


  • The Albanian Affair was the final novel to be produced during Thunderbirds original run. Furthermore, not counting Annuals and novelisations, it was the final Thunderbirds book to feature original fiction until Countdown To Action! in 2008.
  • Bereznik, the rogue militaristic state International Rescue and Lady Penelope have faced on several prior occasions in both their TV Century 21 comics, makes its first novel appearance.

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