The Brains Behind Thunderbirds
(Thunderbirds Companion)

David Graham
Gerry Anderson
Bob Bell
Alan Pattillo
Mary Turner


Carlton International

The Brains Behind Thunderbirds is an exclusive UK VHS video tape released by Carlton International. Created as an introduction to the Thunderbirds series and presented by Brains, it was later released as The Thunderbirds Companion, part of the complete Thunderbirds DVD Boxset, which featured additional extended footage and interviews with Gerry Anderson, David Graham, Bob Bell, John Blundall, Mary Turner and Alan Pattillo. Studio production was done by Yellow! for Carlton International.

Episode Clips IncludedEdit


Thunderbirds The CompanionEdit


  • A sketch of Skyship One can be seen on Brains' laboratory wall.
  • Extracts from the DVD version are featured on Volumes 2, 3, 4, and 8 of the Thunderbirds UK DVDs.


  • The 1965 Behind the Scenes footage featured at the end of the DVD version is also a hidden bonus feature of the first UK DVD volume.
  • Both programs were dedicated to puppeteer and puppet maker Christine Glanville, who died in 1999.



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