"They say that if you go down well at Paradise Peaks, you'll go down well anywhere"
— Aloysius Parker

"The Cham-Cham" is the twenty-fifth episode of Thunderbirds season 1, first broadcast on 24th March 1966.


Brains determines that someone is using a Cham-Cham to edit the music of a popular band and use it to send details of strikes against military aircraft every time the song is broadcast. To find and stop the one responsible, Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin go undercover to the band's next performance at a Hotel in the Swiss Alps.


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Regular CharactersEdit


Tin-Tin and Lady Penelope

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International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit


Magnetic grabs

Non-International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit


The Cham-Cham computer


Paradise Peaks Hotel

Paradise peeks hotel


  • The RTL-2 Transport Aircraft in this episode would later be slightly remodelled and repainted for use in the Anderson's next series, Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons.


  • When the three Unidentified Fighter Jets take off, two of them are connected by a stick, in order to ease the task of the puppeteers. Although the stick itself is hidden from view, the shadow it casts on the runway is clearly visible.
  • Having flown all the way to Matthews Field Air Base, Scott askes for permission to land by radio, then talks to the control tower by Megaphone.
  • Shortly after the cables for the cable car have been cut, you see the cable car speeding down its route with visible masts holding the cables up, but when Thunderbird 2 is lowering the cables to Parker (standing on the cable cars roof while in motion) you dont see any masts holding the cables up. Furthermore when Parker is attaching the cables the masts would of preventing such a rescue in this fashion.

Alternate VersionEdit

Thunderbirds (FOX Kids Series)Edit


For a contemporary (or at least in the 1990's) audience, Thunderbirds underwent a repackage, redub, and rebroadcast as part of FOX Kids' Saturday morning line-up. Due to a severe decline in ratings, only half of the episodes made it to broadcast before the series was pulled by the network. As a result, the modified version of The Cham-Cham never aired, and remains among a handful of missing Thunderbirds episodes to this day.

Foreign TitlesEdit

  • French: Message en musique
  • German: Der Chamcham-Trick
  • Spanish: La máquina musical
  • Italian: Missione in montagna
  • Dutch: Cham-cham (TV 1967); Gevaarlijk vermaak in Paradise Peaks (TV 1992); De Cham-Cham (VHS, DVD)
  • Japanese: 魅惑のメロディー