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Channel 5, UK 1986Edit

Following on from the Betamax Tapes releases in 1981, Channel 5 Video in 1986 released 3 new VHS tapes in the UK. These first 3 volumes were compilation films, each consisting of two episodes joined together (with some scenes deleted).

They were followed shortly after by the rest of the series, with two episode per tape, making a total of 16 volumes.

These were followed by VHS Tapes being released in Japan by Emotion/Bandai in 1984, The United States by Family Home Entertainment in 1985 and in Australia by Filmpac in 1986.

VHS Emotion/Bandai Japan 1984Edit

These tapes had Japanese dialogue and were re-released in 1993.

Family Home Entertainment 1985 (U.S.A)Edit

The first 3 releases were in the same format as the Channel 5 videos and the covers were the same as the Betamax editions.

B.M.J. Mygale Films - France 1985Edit

This series is unique in that it marks the only time the entire TV series was released on 32 single-episode VHS tapes. For back cover images, see France.

Elite Video - Spain 1985Edit

Filmpac Australia 1986Edit

A comprehensive study of this series can be found on the Australia page.

Polygram UK 1991Edit

In 1991 PolyGram UK purchased the License to Thunderbirds and re-released the series in the same format as Channel 5 Video.

Festival Video, Australia 1991Edit

At the same time as the Polygram UK releases, Festival Video of Australia repackaged their original series, again with one single episodes on each volume.

A comprehensive study of this series can be found at Australia.

Polygram UK 1993Edit

The next UK series saw for the first time 4 episodes on each tape, bringing the total down to eight volumes. The running order stayed the same with volume 1 containing the original film format of "Countdown to Disaster" and "In Outer Space", volume 2 containing "To The Rescue" and volume 4 from the 1991 releases. The remainder stayed in the same order as before.

Reel Corporation, Australia 1993Edit

Reel Corporation acquired the licence to the Thunderbirds episodes in 1993, and continued the Australian format of one episode per volume, releasing just ten episodes.

A comprehensive study of this series can be found here.

SMV Enterprises, Netherlands 1993Edit

Thunderbirds on VHS was now starting go worldwide. Also in 1993, SMV Enterprises of the Netherlands released 14 episodes on tape. After Translation into Dutch some of the titles were changed: Atlantic Inferno became The Sea of Fire, Martian Invasion was renamed Invasion from Mars, Terror in New York City became Panic in New York, 30 Minutes after Noon changed to Race Against Time, Desperate Intruder changed to Drowned Treasure, Danger at Ocean Deep was renamed Tanker in Distress, End of the Road became known as No Way Back, and finally Lord Parker's 'Oliday became Parker's Holiday.

Two Episode TapesEdit

In 1994 SMV issued another series of tapes, each containing two episodes. The exact number of tapes in this series is unknown.

(1) "De Cham-Cham" and "Spoor van Vernieling" (Path of Destruction).

(2) "Kluis des doods" (Vault of Death) and "Vals Alarm" (Cry Wolf). This tape was produced exclusively for the Dutch toy store chain - Intertoys.

(3) "Naderend Onheil" (Brink of Disaster [?]) and "Stad van Vuur" (City of Fire)

(4) "Alias Mr. Hackenbacker" and "Gevaarlijke Diepte" (Danger at Ocean Deep [?])

Malofilm of Canada 1994Edit

Canadian company, Malofilm released a series of single-episode volumes in 1994. (It is not clear how many volumes were released.)

PolyGram Video, Australia 1995Edit

In 1995, PolyGram released a set of 4 Tapes which were snippets of episodes put together to form "Great Disasters", "Great Rescues", "The Machines" and "Heroes and Villains". They were released both in the UK and in Australia.

A comprehensive study of this series can be found here at Australia.

Sony Music Series - France 1996Edit

This French series was released by Sony Music in 1996. It is not clear how many volumes there were.

Karussell - Germany 1996Edit

The number of volumes in this series is unknown. Released by "Universal/Karussell" in 1996.

Video Log, Spain 1996Edit

Spanish company Video Log released 12 volumes in 1996. The first three were the film format, volume 10 only had two episodes and the remaining 8 all had three episodes on each.

  • Volume 1. = Countdown to Disaster
  • Volume 2. = In Outer Space
  • Volume 3. = To the Rescue
  • Volume 4. = Pit of Peril, City of Fire and Attack of the Alligators
  • Volume 5. = The Uninvited, The Mighty Atom and The Cham-Cham
  • Volume 6. = Vault of Death, Move - And You're Dead and The Duchess Assignment
  • Volume 7. = Martian Invasion, Brink of Disaster and Path of Destruction
  • Volume 8. = End of the Road, The Perils of Penelope and Alias Mr. Hackenbacker
  • Volume 9. = Day of Disaster, Edge of Impact and Lord Parker's 'Oliday
  • Volume 10. = Desperate Intruder and 30 Minutes after Noon
  • Volume 11. = The Impostors, The Man from MI.5 and Security Hazard
  • Volume 12. = Cry Wolf, Danger at Ocean Deep and Give or Take a Million.

Carlton Home Video UK 1999Edit

In 1999 the Thunderbirds license moved again, this time to Carlton Media, and for the first time "Trapped in the Sky", "Operation Crash Dive", "Terror in New York City", "Atlantic Inferno", "Sun Probe" and "Ricochet" were all released in there original TV one hour episodes. They released the series originally on 16 tapes in 1999 but not in the official running order as follows.

Note: Official running order in brackets

  • Volume 1 = Trapped in the Sky (1) and Pit of Peril (2)
  • Volume 2 = The Perils of Penelope (12) and Terror in New York City (13)
  • Volume 3 = Edge of Impact (16) and Day of Disaster (15)
  • Volume 4 = 30 Minutes After Noon (18) and Desperate Intruder (17)
  • Volume 5 = End of the Road (14) and The Uninvited (5)
  • Volume 6 = Sun Probe (4) and Operation Crash Dive (8)
  • Volume 7 = Vault of Death (7) and The Mighty Atom (6)
  • Volume 8 = City of Fire (3) and The Impostors (19)
  • Volume 9 = The Man from MI.5 (20) and Cry Wolf (21)
  • Volume 10 = Danger at Ocean Deep (22) and Move - And You're Dead (9)
  • Volume 11 = The Duchess Assignment (23) and Brink of Disaster (11)
  • Volume 12 = Attack of the Alligators (24) and Martian Invasion (10)
  • Volume 13 = The Cham-Cham (25) and Security Hazard (26)
  • Volume 14 = Atlantic Inferno (27) and Path of Destruction (28)
  • Volume 15 = Alias Mr. Hackenbacker (29) and Lord Parker's 'Oliday (30)
  • Volume 16 = Ricochet (31) and Give or Take a Million (32)

Carlton Home Video,UK 2000Edit

The 1999 releases were quickly followed the following year (2000) with double volumes bringing the series down to eight. An extra volume containing The Brains Behind Thunderbirds was added to the series. The description of it read: "The F.A.B. introduction to all your favourite characters and machines."

Note: This Carlton release was also available in a 9 tape box set.

A comprehensive study of box sets can be found here: Video and DVD Boxsets.

NET 5 Video, Netherlands 2000Edit

This was a copy of the Carlton 1999 release, repackaged 16 volumes and in the same running order.

A+E Home Video, USA 2001Edit

Twelve volumes were released in 2001 for the American market, each had one episode per tape. The titles were (1) Trapped in the Sky, (2) Pit of Peril, (3) City of Fire, (4) Sun Probe, (5) Ricochet, (6) The Mighty Atom,(7) Vault of Death, (8) Operation Crash Dive, (9) Move - And You're Dead, (10) Martian Invasion, (11) Brink of Disaster, and (12) The Perils of Penelope.

Theses were also released in three box sets, with three tapes in each.

A comprehensive study of box sets can be found here: Video and DVD Boxsets.

Colombia House, Canada 2001Edit

The series was again partially released in Canada in 2001, this time by Colombia House. There were 10 tapes, and each tape had two episodes in a different running order than before.

  • Volume 1: Trapped in the Sky and City of Fire
  • Volume 2: Brink of Disaster and Terror in New York City
  • Volume 3: 30 Minutes After Noon and Path of Destruction
  • Volume 4: Martian Invasion, and The Man from MI-5
  • Volume 5: End of the Road and The Imposters
  • Volume 6: Pit of Peril, and Sun Probe
  • Volume 7: The Mighty Atom and A Day of Disaster
  • Volume 8: Operation Crash Dive and The Cham Cham
  • Volume 9: Vault of Death and Atlantic Inferno
  • Volume 10: The Edge of Impact and Security Hazard

Reel Corporation, Australia 2001Edit

The last series of VHS Tapes were issued in Australia by Reel Corporation in 2001. Again released in sixteen volumes, two episodes each. The sleeves were designed so that, when placed together, they form a picture spelling out the word "Thunderbirds" across all sixteen volumes.

Aust 2001

16 Volume Australian set

Thunderbirds Are GoEdit

The feature film Thunderbirds Are Go was first released in 1983 in America by MGM/UA Home Video. The film was released for the UK and the Netherlands in 1989, also by MGM/UA; Warner Home Video released the film concurrently in Australia (at the time having an international distribution pact with MGM/UA). It was repackaged in 1991 for the UK and US, and was re-released in Australia in 1994. Japan and the Netherlands had subtitled versions for sale in 1994.

Thunderbird 6Edit

The feature film Thunderbird Six was released side by side with the first film (Thunderbirds Are Go). For release dates see above. Notably, the 1983 American release contains a typo on the box, calling the movie "Thunderbirds 6".

Miscellaneous VHS TapesEdit

  1. Toy and video box set, released by Precision Video 1993. Consists of a model of Thunderbird 2 and a VHS Tape.
  2. Toy and video box set, released by Polygram 1993. Includes a matchbox Thunderbird 1, a boxtree book and a VHS Tape.
  3. Blue Peter Tracy Island. A VHS tape of the Blue Peter Program were they show you how to make a Tracy Island.
  4. Trapped in the Sky. Released by the Daily Mirror Newspaper as a send away offer.
  5. Security Hazard. Given away at Argos Stores when purchasing a Matchbox Tracy Island in 1999.
  6. The Impostors. Given away when purchasing a Matchbox Tracy Island.
  7. Thunderbirds Special Movie Double Bill. Released by MGM UK 1998. Both feature films on one tape.
  8. Bumper value pack. Released by PolyGram, 4 episodes on one tape.

Thunderbirds (2004 film)Edit

The 2004 Thunderbirds film also came out on VHS from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Special features were included after the movie, including a mini-documentary on "Creating the Ultimate Action Sequence" and the music video "Thunderbirds are Go" by Busted, both of which were included on the DVD. The American copy also contains Macrovision copy-protection.