Hood's Temple

The Hood's Temple is a location deep in the Malaysian Jungle as a home and hideout where The Hood conducts his fiendish operations in pursuit of wealth and power. It has been shown in all the episodes he has appeared in (namely Trapped in the Sky, Edge Of Impact, Desperate Intruder, The Mighty Atom, Cry Wolf, Martian Invasion).

A life-size statue of Kyrano stands as a centerpiece in the vast main room, which the villain uses to control Kyrano to help in his nefarious schemes with mystical powers.


Trapped in the SkyEdit

In this episode, the Hood is seen using his psychic rapport with his half brother Kyrano. He learns that International Rescue is ready to begin operations.

Edge of ImpactEdit

The Hood entertains General Bron in his Malaysian temple, and is offered a chest full of treasure if he brings down the Red Arrow test program.

Desperate IntruderEdit

After finding out that International Rescue is trying to discover the hidden treasure of Lake Anasta, he decides to get there first and hypnotises Kyrano again to tell him when the expedition will happen.

The Mighty AtomEdit

The Hood returns to his Malaysian Temple with photos the robotic mouse took of Thunderbird 2, only to find all he had was pictures of Lady Penelope screaming. In anger, the Hood destroys the device.

Cry WolfEdit

After reading the newspaper story involving International Rescue and two Australian boys, he sees this as the perfect opportunity for his next evil secret stealing scheme.

Martian InvasionEdit

The Hood gets a visit from a representative of a foreign power who is interested in buying a film of the Thunderbird craft. He offers the film for 200 million dollars and tells the buyer "he will get it within a month". The buyer agrees to cash on delivery.

The Hood then puts Kyrano under his spell and instructs him to disable the Automatic Camera Detector.

Thunderbirds Are GoEdit

Originally, the movie Thunderbirds Are Go was also going to feature a scene with The Hood inside his temple, but sadly, it was deleted in the end. Only a few still photographs survive.


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