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Maintenance Man (Trapped in the Sky) Edit

Hood (London airport)

Through his psychic rapport with his half-brother Kyrano, the Hood learns that International Rescue is ready to begin operations. Plotting to lure the International Rescue craft, (disguised as a maintenance man), he straps a bomb to the landing gear of the atomic powered airliner Fireflash on its maiden flight from London to Tokyo.

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Airport Policeman (Trapped in the Sky)Edit

Hood (Policeman)

The Hood, disguised as a police office, takes photographs of Thunderbird 1. Spotted by the Automatic Camera Detector in Thunderbird 1, he flees with the police in hot pursuit, but they lose him on the M1. Scott calls in International Rescue's London agent, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and her chauffeur Parker, They pursue the Hood in FAB 1. Coming to a quiet stretch of motorway, FAB 1's grille-mounted machine gun blows the Hood's Police car off the road, destroying his photographs.

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North Pole Laundryman (Edge of Impact)Edit

The Hood (Northpole)

The Hood is hired by General Bron to sabotage the new Red Arrow fighter plane. Disguised as a laundry man, he manages to bring down the first test flight of the Red Arrow by the use of a Homing Device.

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British Telecom Maintenance Man (Edge of Impact)Edit

Hood (Maintenance Man)

The Hood plants a homing device on the international television relay tower, so that when the Red Arrow 2 makes its test flight it is drawn off course and crashes into the tower.

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The Bedouin Tribesman (Desperate Intruder)Edit

Hood (tribesman)

he Hood disguised as a Bedouin tribesman, steals into the expedition caravan and hypnotizes the three team members. The next morning, Brains regain consciousness to find himself buried up to his neck in the desert sand.

Main article: The Hood's Criminal Activities

The Submariner (Desperate Intruder)Edit

Hood (Submarine)

The Hood watches the arrival of Thunderbird 1 and 2, from his submarine.

Main article: The Hood's Criminal Activities

Atomic Irrigation Plant Spy (The Mighty Atom)Edit

Hood (Spy)
Half-track (3)

Attempting to film the secrets of an atomic irrigation plant in Eastern Australia, the Hood is caught up in a gun battle. A stray bullet causes a fire which eventually results in the explosion of the nuclear reactor. The resulting atomic cloud drifts towards Melbourne, but a strong wind fortunately blows the cloud away.

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Professor Langley (The Mighty Atom)Edit

Professor Langley (Hood)
22 langley

The Hood assisted Professor Holden in the demonstration of the Mighty Atom, and then hypnotized the other scientists present in order to steal the device.

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The Sahara Atomic Station Saboteur (The Mighty Atom)Edit

Hood (Station saboteur)
Hood( high x)

A second station is opened in the Sahara Desert. The Hood uses the Mighty Atom surveillance device to photograph the control room of the new plant, and then sets off a fire in the manner of the one at the Australian plant.

Main article: The Hood's Criminal Activities

The Government Surveyor (Cry Wolf)Edit

Hood (Government Surveyor)

The Hood reads the headlines in the newspaper "International Rescue Answers False Alarm", The Hood realizes the true nature of the apparently innocent weather station, and sets out to steal their secrets.

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Mr. Stutt (Martian Invasion)Edit

Mr. Stutt (The Hood)

The Hood has a devious plan to capture the secrets of International Rescue on film for sale to General X.

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Thunderbirds Are Go (Film)Edit

The Abominable SnowmanEdit


Some of the Hood's disguise puppets were occasionally used to portray other (usually silent) characters.