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"I want to build, create. Sometimes that means starting with a clean slate."

The Hood is a character from the Thunderbirds Are Go! television series. He is a notorious and powerful criminal mastermind, looking to take over the world and rebuild it in his image. His primary method towards achieving this goal is to steal cutting-edge technology, leading to many run-ins with International Rescue with his attempts to claim the Thunderbirds. At the end of Legacy, the Hood was captured and incarcerated in Parkmoor Scrubs, but was broken out by the Mechanic in Escape Proof.

He has his own aircraft called the Hubship, which he uses to travel the world in and to make escapes. He also has a large number of henchmen, and a flawless ability to disguise as others.

Personality and TraitsEdit

With a head as smooth as his demeanour, this classy and manipulative, and sometimes quite hammy, suit-clad felon is so cunning and clever, that he has become a worldwide threat. His existence was only ever a rumour during his earliest days, and his real name and origin are still a mystery. His crimes include theft, terrorism, mass destruction, and possibly even murder.

International Rescue and the Global Defence Force named him 'The Hood' because of his ability to change himself so totally and hide in plain sight. He has many alter egos, including the corrupt CEO of Hydrexla Hector Ambro, each providing him with the power and resources he needs to act out his evil plans. His masquerades are so complete that there are seemingly no limits to what identity he can steal and create. To achieve these complete transformations, he uses a futuristic holographic array and nanoscopic light emitters in his clothing along with a voice synthesizer, which together allow him to change his appearance in the blink of an eye. This technology was apparently created and provided by the Mechanic.

The Hood is feared, yet respected and obeyed, by his henchmen and hired allies. He is very strict with his henchmen, and is liable to call them 'fools' should they blunder. When Martin Janus failed to deliver Thunderbird 2 to him, he infiltrated the prison the G.D.F. placed Janus in, just to tell him that he would have nowhere to run from his vengeful wrath upon release.

The Tracy brothers have a notable grudge for The Hood because of what he did to their father, Jeff Tracy. Whenever a disaster seems to have someone to blame, the brothers are quick to assume it is The Hood, especially Alan. His existence may be part of the reason Brains created Thunderbird Shadow. Despite the run-ins International Rescue have had with The Hood, and despite being his primary targets, the brothers fully intend to remain a rescue organisation only, and they will choose to save a life over stopping The Hood whenever confronted with the choice, such as in Unplugged.

Kayo Kyrano may well have the biggest hatred for The Hood out of all the others. Kayo is The Hood's niece, a fact kept a secret from the Tracy brothers, although was known by Jeff and Grandma Tracy. Kayo knew him ever since she was a child, and she seemingly got along with him judging from a photo of them both together, smiling at the camera. However, Kayo abandoned The Hood at some point after seeing him for the monster he is, and she joined his prime target, the residents of Tracy Island, as their chief of security, finding a new family in the Tracy brothers and a new job in International Rescue. Although Kayo is malicious to her uncle, and once claimed to his face that "Ruining your plans is the best part of my job!", The Hood does not seem to have completely given up on Kayo and sees potential in her as a valuable ally, as much as he taunts her.

Abilities Edit

The Hood's greatest weapon remains his mind. He is the world's most wanted man and commands a vast criminal global empire which provides him with the money, resources, henchmen and equipment needed to carry out his various schemes. This is accomplished by using his holographic technology to usurp control of various corporations in order to gain access to their resources and funding.

He is a skilled planner and manipulator with vast networks and connections to the criminal underworld. He can formulate complex and cunning plans to further his goals, be it through a direct approach or through subterfuge and manipulation.

The Hood also keeps himself in top physical shape and has demonstrated superb agility and skills at hand to hand combat, being able to easily match his niece Kayo in a fight, deliver blows capable of sending his opponents hurling back several feat and avoid incoming assaults from enemies.

The Hood often keeps various devices concealed on his person, the most notable of which is an array of holographic emitters and a voice synthesizer which can allow him to pass himself off as another person as long as he knows their identity. To complete the illusion, he is also a skilled actor, being able to maintain a cover for prolonged periods of time.

Other items he usually carries include explosives, detonators, flash grenades and a small, multipurpose remote control that he can use to activate his holographic disguises, his Hubship, as a flash emitter or a taser.

It was revealed at the end of Earthbreaker that the Hood's right eye has been replaced with a cybernetic one. It can emit a hologram to appear as a normal human eye and features built-in communications technology that allowed the Hood to communicate with the Mechanic remotely while he was incarcerated.

Notable EpisodesEdit

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Prior to the start of the series, Jeff Tracy disappeared in a final confrontation with The Hood. He also acquired footage of all five Thunderbird crafts and their pilots, so he was able to decipher their identities. With this knowledge at hand, he gloated that the organisation could never defeat his plans.

Falling SkiesEdit

The Hood fakes a scare about the Estella Grand hotel and then sabotages the hotels integral structure, causing the hotel to start tearing itself apart molecule by molecule in space.

Heist SocietyEdit

When a new compound 'Centurium 21' is being taken to a secure GDF facility via an underwater railway, The Hood stops the train and hijacks the Centurium while disguised as Professor Moffat, but is prevented from making a clean getaway by Lady Penelope and Gordon who recover the stolen Centurium from the ruins of his underwater ship.


The Tracys are tricked into individual rescues to lure them away from the island which in turn are the work of The Hood who tries to convince Kayo to give him control of International Rescue. Kayo agrees, only to double cross The Hood by leading him to Mateo Island and The Hood is left to watch the destuction of his Hub ship by the Tracy's and their Thunderbirds.



  • Unlike in the original series, International Rescue are told who he really is by revelations made to them from Kayo about them being related.
  • The Hood may not have any supernatural powers similar to his classic counterpart, however The Hood is revealed to have a cybernetic right eye which allows him to communicate and control The Mechanic while he is incarcerated in Parkmoor Scrubs prison.
  • Kayo isn't the first time the Hood has had a niece. In the 2004 movie, Tin-Tin discovered she was his niece.
  • In Falling Skies, his eyes were green briefly.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • Japanese: フッド (Fuddo)
  • Chinese: 胡德 (Hú dé)

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