This is a list of appearances that the Hood has made.

Ring of Fire Part 1Edit

In Ring of Fire Part 1, The Hood planted an Earthquake Generator nearby the SeaLab, which would have caused it to topple over a cliff, had Gordon in Thunderbird 4 not been there. After Gordon picked up this Generator, Lady Penelope finds the building where most of the components for it were shipped, and The Hood was prepared for this. He left a button for her, and a note saying "Press me, and all your questions will be answered". Parker pressed the button, and The Hood took over all global airwaves and broadcast a message across the world, revealing that the earthquake was only one of many waiting to happen along the Ring of Fire.

Ring of Fire Part 2Edit

In Ring of Fire Part 2, The Tracys are certain that the man who broadcast this horrific threat was The Hood, and they contact Colonel Casey of the Global Defence Force, but she and the rest of her organisation are still sceptical of his existence due to lack of solid evidence. The Hood later broadcasts another message, announcing his demands in turn for stopping the earthquakes, which included the entire Thunderbird fleet. Meanwhile, however, Brains was able to use the collected Earthquake Generator to find out that a satellite was controlling the rest of the Generators. After Alan sabotages the satellite in Thunderbird 3, Brains is granted the ability to shut down the Generators, and John was able to pinpoint The Hood's location. Kayo is sent to The Hood's lair, where she turns off her communicator during her encounter with her uncle to stop the Tracy brothers from finding out about their family connection. The Hood offers her niece to join him in his plan for world domination, but she refuses, and the G.D.F. soon show up to his lair also, whereupon he escapes in the Hubship, right after telling Kayo that they will meet again.


In Crosscut, he persuaded Marion Van Arkel, who was in desperate need of money and a job, to sell him uranium from her abandoned South African mine. Scott Tracy, assuming only The Hood would buy such a thing, talked Marion into refusing the offer. Marion, eventually, complied with Scott's advice, and instead of receiving a casket of the prized element, The Hood was left with nothing but an empty Fireburger XL box, much to the villain's dismay.


In Fireflash, he used a holographic disguise to impersonate Captain Hanson, whom he left tied up in a closet, with the intent of hijacking the Fireflash Aircraft. Despite having the advantage of a radar jamming device on his side, The Hood didn't take into account that his niece Kayo was also on board. She subsequently halted his plan, but could not apprehend him in time, resulting in his escaping via an emergency pod.


In Unplugged, The Hood joined the Luddites to take part in their plan to steal the Universal Grid Codex, which he would then take for himself. Penny and Parker, who were also disguised as Luddites as a means of finding out their plans, recognised The Hood's voice and attempted to stop him. Using a flash grenade, The Hood escaped in the Hubship with what he believed was the Codex, but Parker stopped him by switching it with a torch.

Under PressureEdit

In Under Pressure, CEO of Hydrexla Hector Ambro hires Ned Tedford to collect toxic waste from the oceans using a Heavy Metal Extraction Platform, which spontaneously combusts before the controls deactivate. John Tracy gives Hector a call, but becomes suspicious of him due to his dis-concern for Ned's safety and for his vague answer to the question of what his company does with the toxic waste. This, combined with the fact that the message used a processing algorithm that is only associated with The Hood, made John believe that Hector and Hood were one and the same. Lady Penelope warns Hector that she is about to inspect his company without question. Once The Hood's goons are summoned to destroy FAB 1, John's suspicions are confirmed to be true. The Hood's goons are defeated by Penny and Parker, and Ned Tedford was saved by Virgil and Gordon, along with the toxic waste. It turned out that the toxic waste had been collected in a warehouse for a separate company, Clear Water 3000, with The Hood's plan seemingly being to contaminate the drinking water supply local to the warehouse.

Falling SkiesEdit

In Falling Skies, he disguised himself as a scientist in order to warn people about the dangers of Nanotechnology and an engineer in order to sabotage the Space Hotel. He then revealed himself to Kayo and then escaped in a pod, but the controls were reset and he drifted off into space.

Heist SocietyEdit

In Heist Society, he sabotaged the underground tunnel and disguised himself as Professor Moffat, in order to steal her Centurium 21. However, Sherbet started growling and when the real Moffat showed up he escaped in his Hubship. Thunderbird 4 and FAB 1 later blew it up but he escaped in his escape capsule.

Chain Of CommandEdit

In Chain Of Command, he appeared briefly at the end of the episode as a Global Defence Force Officer talking to the imprisoned Colonel Martin Janus, and threatens him when he says how he failed to steal Thunderbird 2.

Touch And GoEdit

In Touch And Go, The Hood disables the global air-traffic control system C.A.T.C.H. to cover up a theft of Alsterene, the greatest fuel source in the world. When Kayo escapes his ship with the fuel, The Hood decides to save Kayo after a disruptor beam powers down Thunderbird Shadow, rather than saving the Alsterene.


In Undercover, The Hood doesn't actually appear but Banino carried a holographic image of him and Kayo as well as their secret. This forces Kayo to tell the Tracy family her secret about her uncle in the next episode, Legacy.


In Legacy, he finally tells the Tracy brothers Kayo's secret about him being her uncle, and plans to maroon them by hacking into the Thunderbirds craft control panel. He was unsuccessful and instead planted explosives, believing to be under Tracy Island, only to find himself in the backup control room under Mateo Island. He tries to escape but Thunderbird 1, Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 5 destroy his Hubship and at last, he was finally captured and imprisoned by Colonel Casey. However before being transferred he warns her of an even bigger and more dangerous threat to the Global Defence Force and International Rescue.


In Earthbreaker, the Hood is visited in prison by Lady Penelope in light of the emergence of the Mechanic; though the Hood seemingly has no way of contacting the Mechanic or anyone else beyond his confinement now, International Rescue's intuition is that he must be leading him from behind the scenes somehow. This suspicion is seemingly confirmed when Lady Penelope openly plays up word of the failure of the Mechanic's scheme which causes the Hood to become enraged despite his insistence that the Mechanic has no affiliation with him. Later back home at International Rescue, the team vows to discover how exactly the Hood is pulling the strings, meanwhile the Hood is seen chuckling to himself as he makes use of a device disguised as a contact lens within the confines of his cell.

City Under the SeaEdit

While The Hood doesn't have any dialogue in this episode, he does have a visual appearance to show that he's communicating with the Mechanic from the inside of the prison.

Escape ProofEdit

The Hood is busted out of prison by the Mechanic in his Antlion. But the Mechanic is two weeks late - and the Hood is not impressed. The two argue and the Hood electrocutes the Mechanic to stop him interfering. After the Antlion surfaces and the GDF arrives, the Hood takes on the identity of Captain Foster to slip away unnoticed.

Power PlayEdit

After disguising as Captain Foster in Escape Proof, the Hood confronts the Mechanic at the Grand Sequoia Dam. The Hood assists International Rescue to rescue two workers trapped in the engine room before revealing himself to the Mechanic and fighting him. The Mechanic escapes with the batteries he's charging, but the Hood hacks into one of his Mechas to stop him, threatening to detonate the Mecha in close proximity to his escape ship if he doesn't let go of the batteries. The Mechanic is forced to drop the batteries and the Hood escapes.

The Man From TB5Edit

The Hood is disguised as Umberto Sandalio to try and complete a money heist. To do this, he used the jamming bubble that would disable any vehicle in the area and block any calls to or from the zone. He reveals himself after bidding and then took everybody's fingerprint and made off with the money. However, the Tracys became suspicious after they couldn't make contact with John and sent Kayo to investigate. Kayo then found out about her uncle's plot and used a glider to follow the Hood and his henchmen. Kayo managed to stop him from taking the money but the Hood escaped as he deployed Kayo's airbrake.

Home on the RangeEdit

The Hood doesn't actually appear in Home on the Range but in the Kat Cavanaugh show on TV, it talks about The Hood's escape. This is referring to Escape Proof when The Mechanic broke him free of Parkmoor Scrubs prison. The TV show even showed images of both The Hood and The Mechanic.

Brains vs. BrawnEdit

In Brains vs. Brawn, The Hood was hiding in his secret underground base when the Sentinel fired and uncovered it. This triggered the emergency beacon in the area and it said that The Hood needed rescuing but International Rescue didn't know who they were rescuing. So when it came to his rescue, everyone was surprised but The Hood made the Tracy family realize that they were called International Rescue and that they don't get to choose who they rescue and who they don't. So they rescued him using a capsule and passed it to each other. This angered The Mechanic who wanted to fry The Hood because of his Cybernetic Eye and because he was using it to control The Mechanic. When Brains finally shut down the laser and arrested The Mechanic, The Hood was released out of the capsule and was also arrested. However, at the end of the episode, he somehow managed to tie the GDF soldiers together, release himself from his handcuffs and was in control of a GDF Flyer.

Chaos Part 1Edit

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Chaos Part 2Edit

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Path of DestructionEdit

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