A page showing the many disguises of The Hood. With digitally enhanced voices and serious holographic technology, The Hood can come off as just about anybody, regardless of age, race, or even gender.

Disguises Edit

Fireflash Edit

The Hood poses as Captain Hanson, in order to pilot and steal the Fireflash aircraft. He left the real Captain Hanson tied up in a crew locker, and he was discovered soon enough.

Unplugged Edit

He disguises himself as one of the villainous Luddites, so as to take part in their plan to steal the Universal Grid Codex, and nab it for himself.

Under Pressure Edit

The Hood disguises himself as Hector Ambro.

Falling SkiesEdit

The Hood pretends to be an anonymous scientist, who claims live across the world that the construction of the Space Hotel was a foolish idea and a "recipe for disaster". The later poses as an engineer, enabling him to sabotage the hotel and send in crashing down to Earth.

Heist Society Edit

This time, he takes on the form of Professor Moffat, in an attempt to nick her newly created quantum particle, named the Centurium-21.

Chain Of CommandEdit

Appearing at the end of the episode, The Hood was disguised as a prison guard for the Global Defense Force. He was able to meet the arrested Colonel Martin Janus. The Hood refused to let him out for his failure to deliver the Thunderbirds to him.

Escape Proof, Power PlayEdit

At the end of the episode Escape Proof, The Hood disguised as a GDF Officer (Captain Foster). He continued disguising until the episode Power Play.

The Man From TB5Edit

Because The Hood was 'so wrongly left off the guest list' of a bidding, he disguised as Umberto Sandalio, one of the participants.