TI 36

A fake International Rescue team rescues a man from an underground well and makes off with the top-secret plans of the AL4 stolen from the nearby Aeronautical Research Station. When the robbery is discovered, General Lambert launches a worldwide search to track down International Rescue and bring them to justice.

General Lambert's MeetingEdit

General Lambert calls a meeting to discuss the hunt for International Rescue, present are members from the Air Force, Navy and the Army.

The Search on LandEdit

The Army, represented at the meeting by Jack, used a convoy of trucks and tanks in their search for International Rescue's base.

The Search by SeaEdit

The Sea operation was carried out by the World's Navy's Aircraft Carrier W.N.S Atlantic with assistance from the Air Sea rescue boats.

The Search by AirEdit

Air reconnaissance was done by aircraft from the Carrier, W.N.S Atlantic, with support from Air Sea rescue planes. Low level reconnaissance was also flown from land based Helijets.

Tracy Island SearchedEdit

Tracy Island was searched by an unnamed Colonel, he was part of General Lambert's team in the hunt for International Rescue. Along with his guard, they searched Tracy Island without success, after Jeff put Operation Cover-up into place.