• When Eddie Kerr's helijet is landing, you can clearly see the roof has been removed for overhead camera shots, and to let the puppet's strings through.
  • As Eddie is standing in front of the helijet he arrived in, you can see it is of a different design and colour to the one seen landing.

  • When the unnamed photographer raises his camera at Jenkins, a human hand can be seen assisting with the puppet's movement from below.
  • When the picture of the impostor is seen in the newspaper, humorously, the strings are visible.
TI 18
  • When Elliot picks up the radio microphone to call Search Control, between shots, his radio head-set (which is on his shoulders), has suddenly turned round. Similarly, when Hale says, "Three to four hours at least,", Elliot has his head-set on his head, but back to front.
  • As in The Uninvited, Alan does another quick change of clothes aboard Thunderbird 3 before climbing into the lift. Scott also does a quick change; when he arrives aboard Thunderbird 3, he is wearing a yellow suit and orange shirt, but just before blast off, we see him in his usual blue roll-neck sweater, brown trousers and grey checked jacket.
  • When Jeremiah and Ma arrive at the mine, Jeremiah is missing his glasses.
  • At the end of the episode, Scott says "You can say that again." without moving his lips.

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