Narrator (Scott Tracy): "Well, I guess I never thought I'd see the day when International Rescue would be hunted down like common criminals, but that's just what was happening. Some pretty mean crooks had faked a rescue at the Aeronautical Research Station, using our name and uniforms, in order to steal the plans of the AL-4 Space Interceptor Missile, which could change the whole balance of power in the world if it ever got into the wrong hands. But now, we were in a whole heap of trouble. World Security was scouring every corner of the globe to find our headquarters. Of course, I knew our coverup would stand any scrutiny, but what if our help should be needed during the search? We just couldn't blast off and take a chance that our position would be plotted. All we could do for now was keep our fingers crossed, and follow the search progress on the video."

Eddie Kerr: "This is your World TV reporter, Eddie Kerr, bringing you the latest in the search for the traitorous International Rescue gang of crooks."

Virgil Tracy: ""Traitorous crooks!" How do you like that?"

Scott Tracy: "I heard, Virgil."

Eddie Kerr: "We filmed an interview today with General Lambert, supreme commander of the search operation, and, well, let's take a look at it."

Jeff Tracy: "We know what's going on without having to listen to that."

Tin-Tin: "What are their chances of finding us, Mr Tracy?"

Jeff Tracy: "They won't find us, Tin-Tin. We're too well hidden for that. They'll search the island, of course, but people have been here before, that's no problem."

Scott Tracy: "What are we going to do, Dad?"

Jeff Tracy: "Only one thing we can do, Scott. Find those guys, those impostors who stole the plan. Meanwhile, we daren't operate as International Rescue until this whole business is cleared up."

Alan Tracy: "Where do we start, father? We haven't a thing to go on."

Jeff Tracy: "This is where our agents come in. As you know, International Rescue's got agents all over the world. This map shows the network and the territories covered by each individual. All agents will be alerted, every piece of information, how ever unimportant it is, to be radioed in. Lady Penelope will leave for the States, in order to question eyewitnesses in case they can throw some light on the situation. We'll find them, boys. We've got to."

Tannoy: "Will passengers in the first-class wing compartments please fasten their safety belts."

Parker: "Oh, very nice, I must say, m'lady. I always think, myself, it's the best way to travel, first class. Worth that bit extra. Oh, mind you, the service isn't quite what I would expect, but these young fellows don't have the training that I had."

Lady Penelope: "Quite, Parker. Quite."

Lady Penelope: "Difficult, it will be very difficult."

Parker: "I beg your pardon, ma'am?"

Lady Penelope: "Oh, nothing particular, Parker. I just hope that one of our agents somewhere will find something."

Narrator: "Penelope was to get her wish sooner than she expected."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Now, where did that critter get to?"

Narrator: "Somewhere in the hills of Tennessee, Agent 47 was out hunting."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Yeah, super! Reckon that'll do for supper."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Strange. Mighty strange."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Hi, there, Ma."

Ma Tuttle: "Huh?"

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Reckon I'm a mite late. I had to get up the old mine on account of some business."

Ma Tuttle: "Business? What business?"

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Well, now, Ma, it ain't for me to say. It's kinda between me and that thar Mr Tracy."

Ma Tuttle: "What did you see?"

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Can't rightly say, but orders were to report anything a mite suspicious, and that's sure what it was, suspicious."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "This is Agent 47 calling International Rescue Base."

Alan Tracy: "Go ahead, Agent 47."

Narrator: "47's call came through at the same time as the World Security Patrol called to search the island. Alan took it in the Emergency Control Room."

Alan Tracy: "Have they gone, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "They have for now, but my guess is they'll be back. Messages still coming in, Alan?"

Alan Tracy: "Yeah. This one is from Agent 47. Sounded sort of hillbilly."

Jeff Tracy: "Agent 47? Oh, 47! Oh Jeremiah, yeah, he's a hillbilly all right."

Alan Tracy: "Who the heck's that?"

Jeff Tracy: "Oh, he's quite a character! What's he got to say, anyway? Aircraft tyre-tracks. Open country? Could be an aircraft made a forced landing there. Not much to go on. File it, son. No action."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "What's on your mind, Ma?"

Ma Tuttle: "I was just a-wondering if there's anything out at that old mine."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Yep, I was a-wondering the same thing myself."

Narrator: "Sure enough, deep in the workings of the old mine, two of the crooks were gloating over their achievement, while a third member was away, bringing back a buyer for the stolen plans."

Carela: "Hey, this is the best hideout I ever had, Jenkins!"

Jenkins: "Yeah, for the best deal. We make a fortune and International Rescue take the rap."

Carela: "Kinda tough on those guys, though."

Jenkins: "Yeah, I'm eating my heart out."

John Tracy: "That was the message I picked up, Dad. The space station watching for us in the whole Pacific area has closed down for four hours."

Jeff Tracy: "Thanks, John. It doesn't make much difference. If we did manage to take off without being discovered they'd track us on the return trip."

John Tracy: "Yeah, I guess so. Just thought I'd let you know."

Jeff Tracy: "Sure. Oh, keep listening in. You may hear something to help us."

John Tracy: "OK. How's it going down there, anyway?"

Jeff Tracy: "We're plowing through the agents reports, hoping for a lead."

John Tracy: "I wish you luck."

Jeff Tracy: "At least we're not the only ones with troubles."

General Lambert: "What do you mean, they'll be off air for four hours?"

Wakefield: "There was a message, sir. Tracking device ZKO has broken down."

General Lambert: "Well, don't just stand there. Get them on the radio. I'll talk to them!"

Hale: "OK, that's it."

Elliot: "I'll start with the antenna and work right back through the system."

Hale: "Yeah, I'll do the same from this end."

Search Control: "SO-3 from Search Control. SO-3 from Search Control. Come in, please."

Hale: "This is SO-3. Go ahead, Search Control."

Search Control: "General Lambert for you."

General Lambert: "Lambert here. Now, listen to me. I want that space station of yours fully operational in the shortest possible time, if not sooner. Is that clear?"

Hale: "Yes, sir. We're just about to start, sir. Elliot's about to go out through the airlock."

General Lambert: "Then get to it, man. Get to it! Call me back when you've fixed it."

Hale: "Right. Let's get started."

Narrator: "Elliot couldn't know as he stepped through that air-lock in his pressurised suit that there was a fault in his Thruster Pack, his only means of propulsion in space. A fault which was to set Father his biggest problem yet."

Elliot: "OK, I'm at the antenna."

Hale: "How does it look? Can you tell?"

Elliot: "Yeah, it looks like it's gonna be a long job."

Hale: "All right. But don't rush it. Better use your tie-ropes, and double-check them, too."

Elliot: "Tie-ropes double-checked."

Hale: "OK, fine. We don't want you drifting off into space. Call me if you want me. 'I'm gonna make a start in here."

Lady Penelope: "And after the rescue operation, the impostors made off in their aircraft in a south-south-westerly direction."

Alan Tracy: "Probably a blind, although they wouldn't want to go too far out of their way."

Virgil Tracy: "I checked the weather reports for that day, north and east are out."

Scott Tracy: "What sort of a jet was that again?"

Lady Penelope: "Well, Eddie Kerr wasn't too certain. Probably an EJ-2."

Scott Tracy: "Hmmm... That's not long-range job. A thousand miles at the most."

Tin-Tin: "So the impostors couldn't have had far to go to their base."

Jeff Tracy: "It's not much to go on, but it suggests we'd be best to concentrate our attention on this area."

Scott Tracy: "Which agent covers that area, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "Fourty-seven. Fourty-seven? Hey, Alan, didn't we have something from Jeremiah Tuttle?"

Alan Tracy: "Yes, father, we did. He reported seeing some aircraft tracks, remember?"

Jeff Tracy: "Yes, I do.... Right, Penny, tell Parker to stand by with the Rolls. I've got another mission for you."

Lady Penelope: "Right, Jeff."

Ma Tuttle: "Ain't that there the emergency call sign, Jeremiah?"

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Sure is. That's why I'm rushing, Ma."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Go right ahead, Mr Tracy, sir."

Jeff Tracy: "That report of yours, Jeremiah, about the under-car tracks, looks like there might be something in it. I'm sending our London agent to see you."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Now, that's right doggone decent of you, Mr Tracy. We don't have many visitors around these parts."

Jeff Tracy: "Her name is Lady Penelope. I want you to meet her, and give her all the help you can. She's going to investigate those tracks."

Ma Tuttle: "It ain't trouble, is it, Jeremiah?"

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Reckon it might be just that, Ma. I'd be obliged if you'd lend a hand to get the chickens out of the truck. We're gonna need it."

Elliot: "Hale, how are you going? I've finished out here."

Hale: "I've had to strip it right down, Elliot. There's still around two hours work."

Elliot: "Stand by the airlock."

Hale: "Sure."

Narrator: "Making one final check before reentering the capsule, he unclipped the tie-ropes, and prepared to use his Thruster Pack."

Elliot: "Aaaaaaagh!"

Narrator: "He could do nothing. It wouldn't switch off. He shot off into space like a rocket, over and over, till his jets were exhausted."

Hale: "There was nothing I could do, General. Elliot just shot off into space like a rocket! His suit will protect him from the radiation, but allowing for the time he spent working outside, I guess he's only got about three hours of oxygen left."

General Lambert: "There's no chance of you getting him back with the Retrofac?"

Hale: "None. He moved too fast for me to get a direction. The only chance he has is if you can get a rocket launched...."

General Lambert: "Listen, Hale. You know as well as I do just how long it would take to get a ship to your sector."

Hale: "Yes, sir. It's ironic, but only International Rescue would have been...."

General Lambert: "International Rescue! Suppose we just try and remember what this operation is all about, huh?"

Hale: "Yes, sir."

General Lambert: "How long before you can get that satellite on tracking duty?"

Hale: "An hour, sir."

General Lambert: "Then I suggest you get working. Elliot gave his life for the success of this detail. And I'm gonna make sure it wasn't in vain."

Jeff Tracy: "Message received. Thanks, John."

Scott Tracy: "He's got just three hours up there."

Alan Tracy: "We've gotta do something, father!"

Jeff Tracy: "Alan, what can we do. Unless Penelope comes up with something, we can't make a move."

Lady Penelope: "Right. Then that's our plan of action."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Kinda figured that as I know this part of the country, you'd let ME handle it, Lady Penelope."

Lady Penelope: "I'm sorry, Jeremiah, but I want this one all to myself. Come on, Parker."

Narrator: "Meanwhile, somewhere in the emptiness of space, Elliot was trying without success to contact his partner."

Elliot: "Hale! Hale! Can you hear me? One, two, three, four, five. Hello? Hello!"

Narrator: "But the range was too great for his small transmitter."

Jeff Tracy: "All right, boys. Alan, Scott we're going after him!"

Alan Tracy: "The search is still on, Dad."

Jeff Tracy: "I'm well aware of that. But it's just feasible that Penelope will clear us in time. If not, we'll take everything as it comes. The thing that matters is that we're the only ones with any hope of saving that guy in space. Alan, take Scott with you."

Alan Tracy: "Sure."

Jeff Tracy: "We've left it late, but do your best to save him. OK, away you go."

Narrator: "I guess we knew all along what the decision would be when it came, but all the same, it was like a huge weight being lifted from us. Even though the outcome of this rescue could mean the end to Father's lifelong dream, to all the hard work we'd all put into the organisation. I joined Alan on the couch in the lounge, and immediately it sank through the floor, taking us on our way to the Thunderbird 3 silo. In a matter of seconds, we were underneath the towering form of our Interspace Communications Vehicle. Then we were being injected upward, through the boarding hatch, into the Flight Control Deck. While Alan settled into his takeoff cut, where he quickly went through the pre-launch procedure to ensure that everything was A-OK for the trip, I set about [inaudible] the radar equipment, which was needed if we were to find that guy up there. It would be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, with all those satellites and meteorites about, but that's the chance we would have to take. Then, with all checks completed and final clearance from Control, Thunderbird 3 blasted off. Through the Round House and up into space!"

Wakefield: "Sector Four reports unidentified rocket launch."

General Lambert: "Did they get a bearing?"

Wakefield: "No, sir. It didn't register till it was two miles up."

General Lambert: "I can't believe it's International Rescue, but keep a close watch on it anyway."

Wakefield: "Yes, sir."

General Lambert: "They would have pinpointed that launch site if the satellite had been with us...."

Scott Tracy: "Better switch on the tracking equipment. We're in the area."

Alan Tracy: "Try increasing the range."

Scott Tracy: "Well, I'll try, but if I extend it any more, we may pick up so many trails we won't know which is Elliot."

Alan Tracy: "There! Did you see something?"

Scott Tracy: "Yeah."

Alan Tracy: "Try it on vision. There he is!"

Scott Tracy: "What are we waiting for. Let's go and get him!"

Carela: "Hey, a few more hours and the plane should be back with the buyer."

Jenkins: "That's it, Carela. And it'll take good American dollars to buy this little lot. They can keep their foreign money."

Narrator: "Outside, Penny and Parker had arrived."

Parker: "This must be it, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "We've got them cornered all right. I'll fire a warning shot."

Lady Penelope: "Oh, no! Parker! Why did I ever come here? Why!? Look at all this mud! It's everywhere!"

Jenkins: "There's someone out there! Get the rifles!"

Parker: "Not so loud, m'lady. If they are in there, they'll hear you."

Lady Penelope: "Oh, Parker. Why, why didn't I let those... those hillbillies do this?"

Narrator: "With her gun out of action, there was nothing they could do."

Jenkins: "Guess I'll shoot first, and ask questions after."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Guess it's about time I took a hand, Ma."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "You better come on out of there and give yourselves up!"

Lady Penelope: "Oh, Jeremiah! We thought someone was firing at us!"

Carela: "They got us hemmed in, Jenkins!"

Jenkins: "Maybe they have, but we don't give up that easy! Come and get us, wise guy!"

Lady Penelope: "Oh dear. They're going to make a fight of it, Jeremiah."

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Yep, kind of looks that way. Pass me those cans of beans, will you, Ma."

Lady Penelope: "Beans? But this is no time to eat!"

Jeremiah Tuttle: "Eat? I guess you ain't been around these parts long enough to have heard about Ma's beans, ma'am."

Narrator: "Jeremiah then did the oddest thing. He tossed the two cans of beans that Ma Tuttle handed him into the mine shaft."

Jenkins: "They've got us pinned down now. OK, you win!"

Carela: "Let's get out of here."

Alan Tracy: "Well, this is where we say goodbye, Elliot."

Elliot: "Yeah. I know I keep saying it, but you guys saved my life. Thanks, and... well, it's just great that you guys have been cleared."

Scott Tracy: "You can say that again."

Alan Tracy: "That call for us from base sure lifted a lot of worries."

Elliot: "Well, there's no one better qualified than me to say it's terrific to see International Rescue back in business!"

Narrator: "Boy, do we agree with that! After those impostors were safely behind bars, and the secret papers returned to the Aeronautical Authority, we had a real wing-ding party to celebrate our success. There's still one thing that puzzles me though... those beans!"

The End

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