"I take what I want, from who I want, whenever I want it."

The Mechanic is a villain in Thunderbirds Are Go! TV Series, debuting in season 2.

The Mechanic, just like Brains, is an inventor. However, he decided to use his creations for diabolical means instead of for good. One notable invention of his are the Mechas, a suite of drones used for harm, which include the Scorpion Mecha, Ray Mecha and Air Mecha. At the end of Brains vs. Brawn, he was arrested by the Global Defence Force.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Some of the Mechanic's most prominent traits are his ruthlessness and fearlessness. He is not the least bit concerned about innocent bystanders who get caught up in his schemes. Examples of this trait are shown in Earthbreaker, when he did not stop his machine despite the trapped miners and the GDF's warnings and threats. In City Under the Sea, a family of tourists were trapped under rubble and the Mechanic simply continued with his plan without thinking twice. In Up from the Depths Part 1, the two crew members stuck inside the Surveyor were running out of air. He had no qualms with letting them suffocate to death. In fact, he barely notices innocent people at all. He seems to completely lack any form of empathy or concern for others but himself.

The Mechanic is also very arrogant, claiming that he takes "what he wants, when he wants, from whoever he wants". He does not seem to consider International Rescue or the GDF as even potential threats, despite his continued defeats at their hands. This aspect of his character always plays some part in his downfall.

He is rather mysterious, hiding his face behind a mask at all times and using a voice scrambler, thus never revealing his true identity to his adversaries. He is very determined, tenacious, audacious and ambitious in his plans and schemes. However, his ultimate end goal remains unknown. On at least two occasions his plots involved collecting large amounts of energy or resources, the purpose of this was never revealed.

While not openly shown during his confrontations, the Mechanic does seem to have a certain paranoid side to him. This could be proven by the fact that many of his machines are typically armed with self-destruct capabilities, showing that he prefers to destroy his operations rather than leaving anything behind that could potentially reveal his true identity or allow his opponents to recover what he has stolen. This would also indicate that the Mechanic would never admit defeat, merely setbacks. In Brains vs. Brawn, the Mechanic reveals that The Hood can control him using his cybernetic eye and that's why he wants him destroyed.


The Mechanic lives up to his name. He is a master criminal, second only to the Hood and even working for the latter. He is a scientific genius whose mastery of technology seemingly knows no bounds, the Mechanic having demonstrated expertise in mechanical engineering, robotics, propulsion, advanced weaponry, computer hacking and programming, holographic technology, electronics and much more. He has built highly durable and diverse machines including the Earthbreaker, the Crab ship, the Deep Ocean Surveyor and the Antlion vehicles. He also often keeps a suite of drones, named Mechas, with him at all times, usually to serve as security or support for his bases or larger vehicles. The Mechanic has been in the Hood's employ for a long time, having provided him with the holographic technology the Hood uses to disguise himself.

He is a highly skilled pilot, able to expertly control many of his vehicles via a holographic heads-up display, be it remotely or in person.

The Mechanic is also an adept planner and strategist, having managed to evade capture multiple times and formulated complex plans to further his or his employer's goals.

The Mechanic always seems to have vast amounts of money and resources to use in his schemes, such as XN Industrial, a company he set up as a front in his plan to acquire the TV21. He also has a large network of well defended secret bases, hideouts, laboratories and workshops around the world from which he formulates his various plans and builds new machines and weapons.

Notable EpisodesEdit

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The Mechanic is in control of a giant earth breaking machine that is splitting open the ground to get at the natural reserves of Scandium ore. After attacking both the GDF and International Rescue, The Mechanic's plans are brought to a halt by Kayo unplugging some of the vital cables that control the machine. The Mechanic flees the scene in Magna Prime, evading capture and blowing up his sinister invention behind him in the process.

City Under the SeaEdit

The Mechanic is discovered to be hunting for the plans to Parkmoor Scrubs prison where The Hood is currently being held, locked away for his crimes. Lady Penelope and Parker prevent him from obtaining the plans and lead him on a chase that drags him away from the rescue of the Sullivan family, keeping them out of further danger. The Mechanic has a stand off Parker and Penelope in FAB 1 and Parker flees, leaving a nasty surprise for The Mechanic in the form of the vault's own explosive security system.

Up from the Depths Part 1Edit

The Mechanic is an anonymous backer that funds a research team that are setting out to survey the Mariana Trench. When they stumble upon the TV-21 by accident and begin to have problems with their submersible, International Rescue come to their aid and recover Jeff Tracy's long lost ship. When The Mechanic begins to take over control of the underwater craft with the trapped crew, he attacks and destroys Thunderbird 4 forcing Gordon to disable the craft and all its power. Once the craft is above the ocean and the crew are in the safety of Thunderbird 2, The Mechanic starts the engines remotely - stealing the TV-21 out from under the noses of International Rescue.