This is a list of appearances that the Mechanic has made.


The Mechanic is in control of a giant earth breaking machine that is splitting open the ground to get at the natural reserves of Scandium ore. After attacking both the GDF and Thunderbird 2, The Mechanic's plans are brought to a halt by Kayo unplugging some of the vital cables that control the machine. The Mechanic flees the scene in Magna Prime, evading capture and bowling up his sinister invention behind him in the process.

City Under the SeaEdit

The Mechanic is discovered to be hunting for the plans to Parkmoor Scrubs prison where The Hood is currently being held, locked away for his crimes. Lady Penelope and Parker prevent him from obtaining the plans and lead him on a chase that drags him away from the rescue of the Sullivan family, keeping them out of further danger. The Mechanic has a stand off Parker and Penelope in FAB 1 and Parker flees, leaving a nasty surprise for the Mechanic in the form of the vault's own explosive security system.

Up From the Depths Part 1Edit

The Mechanic is an anonymous backer that funds a research team that are setting out to survey the Mariana Trench. When they stumble upon the TV-21 by accident and begin to have problems with their submersible, International Rescue come to their aid and recover Jeff Tracy's long lost ship. When the Mechanic begins to take over control of the underwater craft with the trapped crew, he attacks and destroys Thunderbird 4 forcing Gordon to disable the craft and all its power. Once the craft is above the ocean and the crew are in the safety of Thunderbird 2, the Mechanic starts the engines remotely - stealing the TV-21 out from under the noses of International Rescue.

Up From the Depths Part 2Edit

After the Mechanic's ship flees the scene with the TV-21, he uses it to steal a GDF vault containing iridium, with Ned Tedford inside, and then sends his ship into space. Thunderbird 3 is modified with weapons so that Alan, with help from MAX, can fight the ship while Scott tries to recover the vault. Meanwhile, Kayo, Lady Penelope and Parker discover where the Mechanic is operating from (the Scottish Highlands) and go and pay him a visit. Although they only find a robot clone of the Mechanic, they are able to save Thunderbird 3 when he programs the TV-21 to self-destruct.

Escape ProofEdit

The Mechanic builds a mining vehicle called an Antlion and uses it to break the Hood out of Parkmoor Scrubs prison. When his mission is successful and they return to the surface, the Hood stuns the Mechanic, telling him that he has no need for him anymore and leaves him for the GDF to arrest. However, the Mechanic is able to escape and he destroys the Antlion before the GDF could get their hands on it.

Power PlayEdit

The Mechanic begins an old project of the Hood's, Project Sentinel, and takes control of the Grand Sequoia dam. He plans on harvesting the power the dam generates to use on the project. He utilises his Mecha fleet to slow down International Rescue's efforts to fix the dam and save the control workers he's holding hostage. The GDF are also called in, but hiding among their ranks is the Hood, still disguised as Captain Foster after his escape from prison and still holding a grudge against the Mechanic. The Hood aides International Rescue to stop the Mechanic and then fights him. The Mechanic escapes with the batteries in Magna Prime, but the Hood hacks into one of his Mechas and uses it against the Mechanic, forcing the latter to ditch the batteries in order to escape alive.

Home on the RangeEdit

When the team realise there is an intruder, Kayo, Lady Penelope and Parker check it out. Brains later downloads EOS to the Ranch's system, to do a scan and much more. Brains later checks out the server room, only to find The Mechanic is there. When Grandma comes to see what's going on, Brains sends her a message with the help of EOS. Grandma disconnects the Mechanic and Brains is nearly electrocuted with a scorpion Mecha, however MAX dismantled the Scorpion Mecha. Grandma then turns the corner and later John comes along. EOS breaks The Mechanic's Power Suit somehow, which means he can no longer use it to control his Mecha. He then makes a run for it and escapes in Magna Prime.

Brains vs. Brawn Edit

The Mechanic completes Project Sentinel and attempts to kill The Hood. International Rescue scramble to save him, which they manage to in the end. When Brains and MAX visits the Sentinel they discover that he is not remotely controlling it. Brains manages to turn of the Sentinel, with MAX holding back some scorpion Mechas. John then warns him the Sentinel is still charging and it's going to blow any moment, so he saves The Mechanic and they escape in the Space Elevator. They arrive back at Earth and the GDF arrest him.

Chaos Part 2Edit

During her escape from the GDF, Havoc steals a datafile on the imprisoned Mechanic. The Hood learns that he is being kept in a space prison, explaining why he has lost control over him, and remarks that he still has plans yet for the Mechanic.