"I fail to see why you're still laughing, Virgil. I just don't like mice, that's all."
— Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward

"The Mighty Atom" is the fourteenth episode of Thunderbirds season 1, first broadcast on 30th December 1965. It was the sixth episode produced.


The Hood's first attempt to steal the secrets of a nuclear power plant ends in disaster. One year later, he uses a mechanical mouse called the "Mighty Atom" to successfully photograph an identical plant, then deliberately sabotages the installation to lure out International Rescue and obtain pictures of their equipment.


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Regular CharactersEdit


Eddie Kerr

Guest CharactersEdit

Collins (2)


Cameo RolesEdit


The GRU Guard

International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit

Non-International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit



The Saharan Atomic Station


  • Not counting the feature films, this is the only episode in which all Thunderbird craft appear.
    • This is also the only episode in which all of the major characters appear.
  • Originally a half-hour episode filmed in late 1964, it was extended in mid 1965.
  • For subsequent 'cliffhanger' formats broadcast in some countries, the first installment ends with The Hood gloating in his temple that the secrets of the world will soon be his.
  • The Target Carrying Aircraft first seen in Trapped in the Sky returns and is used by the Australian Atomic Station workers to escape from the nuclear explosion at the start of the episode.
  • The Conference Hall's exterior set makes an appearance, and would go on to be reused in Cry Wolf, The Impostors, and Ricochet as entirely different buildings.

Coventry Evening Telegraph (Sample front page).

  • The newspapers seen rolling off the presses after the radioactive cloud is blown away are actually copies of the Coventry Evening Telegraph.
  • One of the very few times we see Thunderbird 2 flying without a pod.
  • At the meeting with Professor Holden, The Hood is under the guise of one 'Professor Langley'.
  • This is the only episode where the first line of text (the word "The") is in a smaller font size than the next line of text ("Mighty Atom").


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Foreign TitlesEdit

  • French: Sabotage à l'usine atomique
  • German: Die Supermaus
  • Spanish: El poderoso átomo; El átomo poderoso (DVD)
  • Italian: Nube sull'Australia
  • Dutch: De geheime foto's (TV) De machtige atoom (VHS, DVD)
  • Japanese: 原子炉の危機


  1. According to, John Tate voiced "various characters" in this episode.

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