• An Edition of the Melbourne Herald newspaper can be seen in this episode, and appears to be dated Friday, December 24, 1964. Yet Thunderbirds is supposed to be set in the 21st Century (2026 or 2065 depending on who you believe). This date is also seen on newspapers which appear in the episodes Edge Of Impact, The Impostors and Cry Wolf. Moreover, to compound the error, December 24th, 1964 was actually a Thursday, not a Friday.
  • The Mighty Atom supposedly only takes pictures of human faces yet we see it taking photos of the machinery in the Plant when no one is in the room.

  • The Mighty Atom is brown but changes to gray in close-ups.
  • When the Reactor Station Guard spots the Hood taking pictures, he is already heard blowing his whistle before he has finished saying "Hey, what are you doing?".

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