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Equipment & Vehicles
The Mole
The Mole
Type: Drilling and Burrowing Machine
Affiliation: International Rescue
Top Speed: 50 m.p.h
Main Operator: Virgil Tracy
Scott Tracy
Appearances: Pit of Peril
City Of Fire
The Duchess Assignment
Cry Wolf (cameo)
Thunderbirds (2004 Movie)

The Mole is one of the many pod machines carried in Thunderbird 2.


The Mole is a medium-sized tunneling vehicle used for underground missions. It is carried into the rescue zone by Thunderbird 2, and is transported to the drilling location by a trolley with caterpillar tracks. The Mole is then tipped into position by a lifting ramp. An additional set of caterpillar tracks on either side of the vehicle allows it to return to the surface independently for retrieval. It is equipped with a thermal imaging system inside the drill-bit to locate buried individuals.

Technical DataEdit


  • Length: 60 feet
  • Width: 12 feet
  • Weight: 12 tons
  • Maximum Drilling Speed: 15 m.p.h
  • Power: Nuclear-fusion powered electric motors
  • Engine: 1000bhp Rocket Propellant


  • Length: 38 feet
  • Width: 24 feet
  • Weight: 18 tons
  • Top speed: 50 mph
  • Power: 1,000 bhp high-compression dual-turbine engine


Pit of PerilEdit

Virgil had been lowered into the pit that the Sidewinder had fallen into, to lay explosive changes. Scott used the Mole to tunnel down into the side of the pit to bring him back to the surface.

City of FireEdit

After the Firefly cleared a path through the burning rubble, the Mole was used to drill down to the underground passage-ways of the collapsed Thompson Tower building, to rescue the trapped Carter family.

The Duchess AssignmentEdit

Virgil used the Mole to drill down under the burning house and into the basement to rescue the Duchess of Royston before the entire building was disintegrated.

Cry WolfEdit

The Mole can also be seen in the pod bay in the episode Cry Wolf along with some other pod vehicles.


The Mole (Cross-section)


  • The Mole's drill turns the wrong way when excavating.
  • The caterpillar tracks on its sides move in the wrong direction when it surfaces.
  • Its controls look exactly like the Mobile Control Centre.
  • A serial number of 56156 can be seen on the top rear port side.
  • The Mole is usually carried in Pod 5.
  • The Mole is destroyed in the comic-book story City of Doom, when it falls into a boiling pit of lava.

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