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The Mole is a pod combination that appears in the television series Thunderbirds Are Go!.


The Mole is a medium-sized tunneling vehicle used for underground missions. It is carried into the rescue zone by Thunderbird 2 (Module 2), and is transported to the drilling location by a trolley with caterpillar tracks. The Mole is then tipped into position by a lifting ramp. An additional set of caterpillar tracks on either side of the vehicle allows it to return to the surface independently for retrieval. It even includes a jet at the back to help thrust it through the hardest of rock and reach those in need of help underground. In Chain Of Command, it is shown that it is also capable of tunneling underground without leaving its trolley behind on the surface.


  • Height: 6.1 feet
  • Length: 20 feet
  • Width: 6 feet
  • Top speed (land): 20 mph
  • Maximum drilling speed: 123 mph



When Scott and Marion Van Arkel are trapped inside a uranium mine, Virgil, having had enough of standing by, rigged one of the Pods into The Mole, and uses it to tunnel into the mine. When Scott and Marion were falling to a supposed death, The Mole cut through the pit walls and opened its cockpit canopy, allowing them to swing into the back seat before Virgil shut the canopy and reversed the vehicle back up to the surface.

Tunnels Of TimeEdit

Although it only has a cameo feature in this episode, The Mole is mentioned by Virgil when he and Scott are surveying The Laughing King's Tomb, which has Gordon, Lady Penelope and Parker trapped inside. Virgil and Scott decide not to use the Mole and start tunneling because it could cause the entire place collapse on thier brother and the others.

Chain Of CommandEdit

The Mole appears alongside the Foam Stabilization Pod, this time with two more caterpillar tracks built on its body, with one on top and another underneath. It was driven by Alan Tracy to rescue the trapped construction workers in Sad Madeena by drilling a tunnel to allow The Foam Stabilization Pod to follow and then stabilize the building from underneath with it's foam. This episode shows that The Mole can drill down and carry its trolley with it.


Two Mole pods on autopillot are configured by Virgil Tracy to help drill exhaust tunnels in the side of the volcano, in order to drain the lava and stop it from completely erupting. However, there isn't enough time to recover them and are seemingly destroyed in the eruption.

Grandma TourismoEdit

Grandma Tracy configures the Mole in order to save Virgil and some workers trapped underground. This is the first time that a cargo bay was attached instead of a jet.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • Japanese: ジェットモグラ (Jet Mole)