In Terror In New York City, a disastrous attempt was made to Move the Empire State Building.

The event was reported live on TV by N.T.B.S reporter Ned Cook. This was how he explained the operation (in his own words).

"You are about to witness, folks, one of the greatest pieces of engineering feats of all time. In a few moments, the National Television Broadcasting System will show you a construction job that leaves the building of the Pyramids in the shade. Today the Empire State Building here in New York City is going to be moved 200 yards, not piece by piece but as it stands, all 1250 ft of it. First of all, we'll explain how this tremendous task is going to be performed. Incidentally, the reason why the Empire State has to be moved is simple. The whole area around the great monument has been demolished to make way for modern development. But of course we couldn't have the old Empire State knocked down, could we? No, sir. Now after tunneling under the foundations, hydraulic jacks were placed beneath the building. Then the jacks were raised. And up she came! The next step was to lay a heavy duty track under the building and run it to the new site. Now all that remains to be done is to move the giant building, inch by inch, to its new site. Sounds easy, doesn't it? But it took ten years of planning, and two years of construction to get this far. Any minute now, the tremendously powerful atomic engines will start to move its gigantic load to the new site."

The Building CollapsesEdit

As the Atomic Gantry moves forward the ground gives way underneath, within seconds nothing is left but a pile of rubble.


Moving the Empire State Building