Lady Penelope is invited by Lord Worden to launch Ocean Pioneer II from the Clydeside dockyard.

Unbeknown to her, Parker has switched the quality Champagne for a cheap fizzy drink, and is sitting in FAB 1 with a fellow chauffeur, Stevens, getting drunk.

A Visit to AllpetsEdit

Having been on the panel to judge the Allpets poodle competition, Lady Penelope travels back to see her old friend Sir Arthur, after Jeff has a hunch that OD-60 is in the Mediterranean. Brains had worked out it was the reaction with the high-density fuel on board the Ocean Pioneer that caused it to explode.

She tells Sir Arthur that she is compiling a doggie book and in the chapter on feeding, she feels that her readers will want to know more about OD-60." Sir Arthur confirms Jeff's fears that OD-60 is in the Mediterranean.

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