This page is a transcription of The Perils Of Penelope

Part 1

[Scene opens to a rocket standing on a launch pad. Title card The Perils of Penelope is displayed.]

Colonel Benson: "Attention. Solar control to all personnel. 19 minutes to liftoff. Clear launch area. Repeat: Clear launch area."

[Scene cuts to an improvised television studio. A presenter is talking to the camera.]

TV presenter: "Well, viewers, excitement is mounting in block-house 42, here at Cape Kennedy, as the most daring rocket launching of all time counts down."

[Scene cuts to space center control room.]

Colonel Benson: "Launch site clear in 15 seconds. Start thrust checks at liftoff minus 15 minutes. [Looks at a nearby clock.] Thrust checks minus ten seconds. Sounding amber alert. [He presses a button. A siren is heard.] Thrust checks minus five, four, three, two, one... ignition. Ignition go."

[Colonel Benson presses another button. The rocket engines fire up. Scene cuts to show a thrust meter reading 17 million pounds of thrust.]

Colonel Benson: "Seventeen million pounds thrust, and increasing. Thrust checks green."

TV presenter: "This new launch technique has been made possible, viewers, by the use of a revolutionary new fuel, the manufacturing of which is top secret. Only about eight minutes to liftoff."

[Cue Sun Probe theme. Cuts to show the clock counting down. Cuts to the rocket, then zooms in on its mid-section. The words SUN PROBE are seen. Scene cuts to control room. The thrust has reached 20 million pounds of thrust.]

Colonel Benson: "Twenty million pounds thrust and steady. Gantry retraction green."

[The gantry moves away from the rocket. Cuts to Sir Jeremy Hodge and Professor Borender, who are watching the launch from a bunker.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Rocket fuel from water. It hardly seems possible, Borender."

Professor Borender: "If anyone could hear you, and I'm glad they can't, they would think that you had nothing to do with this new process."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "I don't, Professor. You would have succeeded without me."

Professor Borender: "Sir Jeremy, I had been working on this project for ten years without success before you joined me. Remember?"

[Control Centre.]

Colonel Benson: "One minute, ten seconds to liftoff... [Scene cuts to front view of the Sun Probe rocket, next sentence is heard on loudspeakers throughout the base] 60 seconds to liftoff. Stand by to release fuel injection."

TV presenter: "Only a few moments remain, viewers, before we see the liftoff of Sun Probe, so named because its enormous power would enable it to fly into the sun on full power. History is indeed in the making here at Cape Kennedy."


Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Good luck, old man."

Professor Borender: "This is it, Sir Jeremy. This is it."

[Control Centre.]

Launch Supervisor: "Stand by, solar module. 13 seconds. Commencing final countdown. Ten, [Cuts to Sun probe rocket platform. A gantry cable falls away from the rocket. Colonel Benson's voice is heard on the loudspeaker] nine, eight, seven, six, five, [Control centre.] four, three, two, one. Full power! Liftoff."

[The Sun Probe rocket lifts off.]

Colonel Benson: "Liftoff, A-OK. She looks good."

TV presenter: "She looks good all right! It was known all along that the risk of failure on this project was at liftoff. But the liftoff was pretty, very pretty indeed. This success could not be better timed, coming as it does two days before the all-important International Conference at Paris."

[Cuts to a country road at night. FAB 1 speeds past.]

Parker: "Paris is now 20km away, m'lady. Where do you desire to go when we get there?"

Lady Penelope: "The Café Atalante, Parker. I'm meeting Sir Jeremy Hodge there at midnight. He seems to be in some kind of trouble."

Parker: "Sir Jeremy Hodge? Isn't he the scientific gentleman who 'elped to form our h'organisation?"

Lady Penelope: "Yes, Parker. He helped Brains to get certain components for the Thunderbirds machines manufactured secretly in Europe."

Parker: "So, 'e's one of hus, then, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Yes, Parker. He's one of us."

[Scene cuts to the Hotel Atalante. Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy are sitting at a table in front of the hotel. Faint accordion music plays.]

Lady Penelope: "Ah, Paris in the spring! What could be more romantic?"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Well, I must say, dear Lady, it's dashed decent of you to come all this way to see an old friend."

Lady Penelope: "I always obey the call of friendship, Sir Jeremy."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Let's drink to that. Now, what would you like?"

Lady Penelope: "In Paris, I always drink Pernod."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Very well. [To the waiter:] A Pernod for madame, and a whisky and soda for me."

Waiter: "Yes, Monsieur."

[The waiter leaves to get the drinks. As he does he passes another grey haired gentleman reading a newspaper at a nearby table. The stranger eyes Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy from behind his mysterious sunglasses.]

Lady Penelope: "But come now, you didn't bring me all this way for nothing. Why this air of mystery? Why this midnight rendezvous?"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Is it safe to talk? Did anyone see you come here?"

Lady Penelope: "No-one... apart from Parker. Nobody knows I'm in Paris."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Good. What I´m going to disclose is for your ears only. You know of my old friend, Professor Borender?"

Lady Penelope: "You mean your colleague at International Research Laboratories."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Two nights ago, after the International conference here in Paris, I saw him off by train to Anderbad. When the train reached its destination, he simply was not on it."

Lady Penelope: "Careful."

[The waiter brings them their drinks.]

Lady Penelope: "Ah, well. Down the hatch!"

[She raises her glass. Before she can take a sip, the scene cuts to one of FAB 1's headlights. It reclines and out pops a machine gun turret. It turns and - BANG! - it shoots Penelope's glass and it shatters in her hand.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Jeeper!"

Parker: "I beg your pardon, m'lady, but the drink was drugged."

[The stranger gets up and leaves in a hurry. Sir Jeremy goes after him.]

Waiter: "Oh, I'm so sorry, Madame. I had no idea. The gentleman asked me for a light and he must have put something in your glass when my eyes were blinded by the flame."

Lady Penelope: "Oh dear, how tiresome. It looked such a pretty Pernod, too." [To Sir Jeremy:] "Any sign of him?"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Not a dashed thing, Penelope."

Parker: "I'm afraid he gave us the slip, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: It looks as if he's left something behind." [She picks up a match book from another table. It has a heraldic crest emblazoned on it.] "I don't think I recognise the crest. Do you, Sir Jeremy?"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Afraid not, old girl. But we could pop along to the heraldic archives and look it up."

Lady Penelope: "Yes, we can go in the morning. Sir Jeremy, perhaps now you would be so good as to escort me back to my hotel. You'd better tell me what this is all about."

[Scene cuts to FAB 1 driving down a road. Lady Penelope presses a button, revealing a tape recorder in the seat and starts the recording.]

Lady Penelope: "First of all, you are certain that Professor Borender travelled on that train?"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Absolutely. I saw him off at the station myself, but the attendant on the train swears that I'm mistaken, and that no-one of that name travelled."

Lady Penelope: "Can you think of any reason why the professor should disappear like this?

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "One excellent reason. For the past year, he and I have been engaged on experiments with sea water." [Hands Lady Penelope a cigarette, then a lighter as he talks.] "The Professor Borender and I have just perfected a method of converting sea water to fuel. But to convert water into fuel is a very delicate process and can be performed only with the facilities that the Professor and I have devised. In the wrong hands, this process could contaminate the oceans of the world."

Lady Penelope: "And the consequences to mankind could be pretty terrifying. Now I understand your precautions."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "I don't think you do. Not completely. You remember the launch last week of the new Sun Probe rocket?

Lady Penelope: "Don't tell me that rocket was launched on your new fuel?"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "It was, indeed. So, apart from the dangers I've mentioned, it's possible the discovery could upset the balance of power and start a world war."

Lady Penelope: "International Rescue owes you a great debt, Sir Jeremy. We are at your service. What would you like us to do?"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "You must help me find the professor, dear Lady."

Lady Penelope: "Of course. And we've got to work fast. We are up against men who will stop at nothing."

[Cuts to Tracy Island. Jeff Tracy is talking with Lady Penelope through her portrait on the wall.]

Lady Penelope: "I shall require information about Prof. Borender and the recent conference at Paris. Sir Jeremy and I are taking the night train to Anderbad."

Jeff: "Think you'll need any help?"

Lady Penelope: "Not until we get to Anderbad. We just want to make a few investigations on the train. We'll be playing it pretty cool."

Alan: "I bet you will."

[Scene cuts to Lady Penelope's hotel room.]

Jeff: [On powder compact radio.] "OK, Penny. I'll send Virgil with Thunderbird 2 and the equipment I think you might need. He'll meet you at Anderbad."

Lady Penelope: "Very well then, Jeff. Over and out. [There's a knock on the door.] Come in."

[The door slides open, revealing Parker.]

Parker: "Will you be wanting h'anything else tonight, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Have you made the reservations on the train to Anderbad?"

Parker: "Yes m'lady. I have secured adjoining Pullman compartments for yourself and Sir Jeremy."

Lady Penelope: "Excellent."

Parker: "Good night then, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Oh, Parker..."

Parker: Er... yes, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "That was good shooting tonight, Parker. Thank you."

Parker: "Good night, m'lady."

[Parker closes the door. Scene cuts to Tracy Villa lounge. Virgil Tracy is tipped over on the rocket portrait and slides down backwards headfirst to Thunderbird 2.]

Jeff: "Well, Tin-Tin, another rescue is under way."

Tin-Tin: "I'm sure the boys are sorry they're not joining Penelope in Paris. And I can't blame them."

Jeff: "There'll be time enough for sight-seeing later. Right now, they're needed at Anderbad to make investigations at that end."

[Cue Thunderbirds are Go! theme. Scene cuts to Virgil boarding Thunderbird 2. He drops down into his pilot seat, pulls the white lever to his left and the craft comes to life. The chute retracts through the hole, his uniform comes upwards and the heavy duty conveyor belt selects Pod 6. Virgil presses a button to his right. Thunderbird 2's main body descends over Pod 6. Alan and Gordon join him in the cockpit in full uniform.]

Alan: "Here we go again."

Virgil: "Yup."

Jeff: "Good luck then, boys."

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Jeff: "Keep in touch at all time."

[Cue highly melodic Thunderbirds are Go! theme. Cuts to cliff hangar door descending. Cuts to close up shot of the hangar doors being lowered. Thunderbird 2 then moves out. The palm trees fall back. Thunderbird 2 blasts off at the end off the runway. The scene cuts to the Heraldic Archive in Paris. Dr Godber, in disguise, is examining the match-book.]

Dr Godber: "Ah, yes. A most interesting heraldic device. Yes, I think you've come to the right place. If you go down to our lower vaults, you'll find what you're looking for."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Capital! And where might they be?"

Dr Godber: "Down these steps, Monsieur."

[Cue suspenseful theme. Penelope and Sir Jeremy enter the lower vaults. Dr Godber removes his disguise]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Where do we start then?"

Lady Penelope: "Let's try over there. [She roves over the nearby bookshelf and the camera pivots on one particular book.] I say, looks as if someone's been here recently."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Found something?"

[Lady Penelope picks up the book.]

Lady Penelope: "This one's had the cobwebs wiped off lately."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "By Jove, Penelope, I wonder if we're on to something."

[The shadow of Dr Godber appears at the door.]

Lady Penelope: "Look. These crests are remarkably similar."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Right. Turn the page and we should find what we're looking for."

[She turns the page, but the next leaf has been torn from the book.]

Lady Penelope: "It looks, Sir Jeremy, as if someone was expecting us."

[The door to the lower vaults slams shut.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "What the? Not very friendly, what?"

Lady Penelope: "Hush. Listen!"

[A hissing sound.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "By Jove! It's gas!"

Lady Penelope: [Unhappy expression on] "And not a window in the place... A very clever way of disposing of us."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Hmph! Well, We'll soon see about that!"

[Cue suspenseful theme again. Scene briefly cuts to Parker who is waiting in the car, then back to the vault.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Hey, you out there! Are you listening? Open this door! Do you hear? Open this door at once! I thought that librarian was a phoney."

Lady Penelope: "Of course! He must be the stranger at the café who tried to poison me. He must have remembered leaving the match-book behind."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "By Jove, the gas is simply pouring into the room."

Lady Penelope: "Never mind, Sir Jeremy. Parker will have us out of here in no time."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "I say, open this door at once! We're British!"

Lady Penelope: "Come in, Parker. Come in Parker. Can you hear me?"

Parker: "Loud and clear."

Lady Penelope: "Keep a look out for a stranger leaving the building, probably wearing a green jacket."

Parker: "Yes, m'lady."

[Godber comes out of the building.]

Parker: "He's leaving the building. Going in pursuit, now."

Lady Penelope (coughing): "No! No, Parker. I, I think you'd better come and get us out of this prison first."

Sir Jeremy Hodge (coughing): "It's no use. We're well and truly trapped."

[Parker reverses FAB 1 near the entrance, fires FAB 1's rear end harpoons at the door and wrenches it open.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Just in time! Are you all right, Penelope?"

Lady Penelope: "Yes, perfectly. I knew Parker wouldn't let us down."

Parker: "Sorry to keep you waiting, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "The next step is to get to Anderbad. Come, Sir Jeremy, you and I have a train to catch."

[Scene cuts to the train station. A green light shines. The Anderbad Express monotrain departs. On board the train, Sir Jeremy and Lady Penelope are talking to Alfred, the train attendant.]

Alfred: "I have told you before, Monsieur, I had no Professor Borender on this train."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Well, I'm telling you, young fellow, that you had, because I saw him off at the station."

Lady Penelope: "Come now. Perhaps you were mistaken."

Alfred: "No, no! Not mistaken. Excuse me, please. I must go."

[Alfred exits.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Perhaps after all I'm the one who's mistaken. Perhaps I imagined the whole thing."

Lady Penelope: "Nonsense. That attendant is clearly hiding something. Well, come now, Sir Jeremy, it's cocktail time. No one is going to deprive me of my Pernod this time."

[Scene cuts to attendant's compartment.]

Alfred: "I told them nothing, Doctor Godber. Nothing."

Dr Godber: "How do I know you're telling the truth?"

Alfred: "You must believe me!"

Dr Godber: "Those interfering fools will be sorry they ever set foot on this train! Twice in Paris they outwitted me, but I am setting a trap that not even the lovely Lady Penelope can escape from."

[Cue The Perils of Penelope cliffhanger theme. Cuts to a behind shot of the monorail. The monotrain thunders on. Scene fades out.]

Part 2

[Cue Thunderbirds on the Way theme. Scene cuts to the cockpit of Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil [Into radio microphone.]: "OK, father. Will do."

Jeff [On radio.]: "And when you get to Anderbad,"

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Jeff [Into radio microphone.]: "make a landing on hill GF/0. From there you ought to get a good view of Lady Penelope's train as it emerges from the Anderbad tunnel. Say, that's some length of tunnel."

[Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil: "Yeah. Must be lonely inside that mountain."

Jeff [On radio.]: "Any more news from Penelope?"

Virgil: "No. I expect she's just sitting back enjoying the trip"

[Cuts to the dining car of the train.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "When I get back to my compartment, I'm going to have another word with that attendant."

Lady Penelope: "Very well, Sir Jeremy. But now, let's forget the whole thing for a moment and drink our coffee. [She lifts up her cup and notices a piece of paper on the saucer.] "Oh, I say! What's this?" [There's a message written on the paper. She reads it out loud.] "Beware. You are dealing with desperate men..."

[Cuts to the attendant's compartment. Night has fallen. Alfred is playing solitaire. Dr. Godber sneaks up from behind and knocks him unconscious. Cuts to outside. Alfred is thrown from the train. He groans as he hits the bottom of the embankment. Scene cuts to Parker, driving along in FAB 1. Lady Penelope appears on a screen in the dashboard.]

Lady Penelope: "Ah, Parker, how are you progressing?"

Parker: "Very well, m'lady. I'm keeping well up to schedule. In fact, I saw your train from the summit of the 'ighway ten minutes ago."

Lady Penelope: "We interviewed Professor Borender's attendant, but he's too frightened to tell us anything. Anyway, he has disappeared now. Well, I shall be retiring for the night now, Parker."

Parker: "Very good, m'lady. I trust you have everything you require?"

Lady Penelope: "Well, I must admit I do miss my usual cup of cocoa."

Parker: "I did h'anticipate that, m'lady, so I slipped an hot flask of your favourite brand in the front of your 'atbox."

Lady Penelope: "Thank you, Parker. Good night then."

Parker: "Good night, m'lady."

[Scene cuts to Alfred. He stands up with difficulty and starts walking.]

Alfred: "I must w-warn them! I must stop the train. Got to stop the train!"

[Just before he reaches the same road Parker is driving on, he stumbles and falls. Parker drives past and doesn't notice him. Alfred remains still.]

[Scene cuts to Tracy Villa exterior. Cue Thunderbirds: Mission Successful theme. Camera pans round to the front of the swimming pool. Scene briefly cuts to show Thunderbird 1 in horizontal flight mode, then cuts back to the swimming pool which has begun to recline. Scene cuts to Scott in the cockpit of Thunderbird 1.]

Scott: "Coming in to make vertical landing, father."

Jeff: "Welcome home, Son. Sorry not to have a big reception party to meet you after your leave. We've got a major rescue operation in hand."

Scott: "OK, father, I understand. I hope I'll be able to help, too."

[Cue Thunderbirds to the Rescue theme. Scott pulls both levers and Thunderbird 1 lands on Tracy Island. Scene fades out.]

Part 3

[Cuts to Jeff's office. He's pointing at a map.]

Jeff: "So you see, Scott, the forces of International Rescue are converging on the city of Anderbad from three directions. Virgil is gonna land on this elevation here and he'll rendezvous with Parker, who's coming down highway Q44 from this direction. Then Penelope's train will come into Anderbad Junction through the Anderbad tunnel here."

Scott: "When does Virgil reckon he'll get there?"

Jeff: "Well, I'm expecting him to radio in at any moment to tell me just that."

Scott: "It all looks pretty well organised to me. But I'm sure sorry this had to happen while I was away on vacation."

Jeff: "Don't worry, Son. Gordon needed a change from underwater rescues anyway." [A beep is heard. Jeff opens up radio connection.] "Go ahead, Virgil. How's it going?"

Virgil [On radio.]: "All according to plan, father. We should be arriving at Anderbad one hour after dawn, taking up position on hill G-F-zero. Parker tells me Penelope has settled down for the night, and he's now proceeding to Anderbad ahead of the train. He expects to arrive soon after we do, and later pick up Penelope at the station."

Jeff: "Good. Well, I don't think much else can happen before that train gets to Anderbad."

[Scene cuts to the train. Penelope is in bed when she notices somebody outside the door to her compartment. She gets a pistol from her handbag and opens the door. She notices a man walking away down the corridor. She knocks on the door of Sir Jeremy's compartment.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "What's the matter?"

Lady Penelope: "Someone has been listening at my door. Come along quietly so as not to awake any of the other passengers."

[They walk down the corridor until they reach the luggage compartment. Dr. Godber is in there, dressed as a train attendant.]

Godber: "Good evening, Madame. Can I help you?"

Lady Penelope: "Oh! Er... we are looking for our attendant. We haven't seen him since dinner."

Dr Godber: "I am your new attendant, Madame. I shall be taking care of you for the second half of the journey."

Lady Penelope: "Then... then what did you want with my suitcase?"

Dr Godber: "I was merely ascertaining which passengers would be getting off at Anderbad. Hahahah, Alfred was very careless. He forgot to leave me a passenger list. Well, Madame et Monsieur, if there are no more questions, I shall bid you a good night!"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Now, where have I heard that voice before?"

Lady Penelope: "Wait, I think Parker may be able to tell you."

[Cuts to Parker in FAB 1. Lady Penelope is talking through the dashboard screen again.]

Lady Penelope: "Leave your monitor switched to telecall. Sir Jeremy is going to engage this new attendant in conversation. I want you to tell me if this is the man you saw leaving the archives in Paris."

Parker: "Very good, m'lady."

[Cuts to Godber waiting in front of the door of Sir Jeremy's compartment. Sir Jeremy opens the door.]

Dr Godber: "You rang, Monsieur?"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Yes, that's right. I'd like to order my breakfast for the morning."

[Lady Penelope records their conversation using her clam-shell mirror.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "I want, um, orange juice, cereal with plenty of sugar, some eggs and bacon and some strong coffee with cream. Is that quite clear?"

Dr Godber: "Perfectly, Monsieur."

Lady Penelope (to Parker): "Well?"

Parker: "That's him, m'lady!"

[Cuts to Thunderbird 2 descending and landing on a hilltop.]

Alan: "Hey, father was right. We've got a great view of the railroad. There's the end of the Anderbad tunnel."

[Scene cuts to a high overhead frontal shot of the exit to the Anderbad tunnel, then zooms in on it.]

[Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil: "Yep, that's where Penelope's train will be coming from."

Gordon: "Hey look! Here comes Parker."

[Parker drives up in FAB 1 and parks next to Thunderbird 2. Scene cuts to the train.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Nearly at Anderbad. We should be entering the tunnel soon."

[Scene cuts to Godber. He removes the lid from a china pot and picks up a gun. The train enters the tunnel. Cuts to Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil [Into radio microphone.]: "Yep, that's right Parker. The train shouldn't be long now. You'd better get down to the station."

[Parker drives off again. Cuts back to the train. It is slowing down.]

Lady Penelope: "Something is happening."

[The train comes to a halt. All the lights go out.]

Lady Penelope: "There must have been a power failure."

[A bright light shines on them.]

Dr Godber [O.C.]: "You are right, Lady Penelope. There has indeed been a power failure. Now, come with me, please. Quickly!"

[Cuts to Thunderbird 2.]

Alan: "OK, so when do we get started?"

Gordon: "Ah relax, will you? We can't do anything until Lady Penelope gets here. Parker will bring her as soon as the train gets in."

[Something beeps.]

Virgil: "Maybe that's Parker now."

Parker [On screen.]: "Lady Penelope's train is going to be late."

Virgil: "What's happened?"

Parker: "There's been a power failure in the Anderbad tunnel."

Gordon: [Frown expression on.] "I don't like the sound of that."

Virgil: "Alright, Parker. You'd better check exactly where that train is and then report back."

[Cuts to Tracy Villa. Virgil's portrait beeps.]

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, Virgil."

Virgil: "Father, Lady Penelope's train has had a breakdown in the middle of the Anderbad tunnel."

Jeff Tracy: "Right, Virgil. Better stand by with the Monobrake."

Virgil: "Yes father."

Tin-Tin: "But surely, Penelope would have radioed in if there had been any trouble?"

Scott: "Tin-Tin, that Anderbad tunnel goes straight under the Alpine Belt. No radio waves can penetrate that far."

[Cue violinic suspense theme. Virgil, Alan and Gordon wait. Then the train comes out of the Anderbad tunnel. Scene transitions to Tracy Villa Lounge. Jeff has his frown expression on.]

Virgil [On screen.]: "Father, the train has now come into Anderbad, and Parker has confirmed that Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy are not on it!"

Tin-Tin: "Not on it?!"

Jeff Tracy: "Did you find out where the break-down took place?"

Virgil [On screen.]: "Yes, 17 miles from Anderbad."

Jeff Tracy: "Right. You'd better go find them!"

[Cue Thunderbirds to the Rescue theme. Virgil presses a button. Scene cuts to a behind shot of Thunderbird 2, then the main body of Thunderbird 2 begins to ascend. Cuts to a front shot of Pod 6. The door of Pod 6 is lowered and the Monobrake exits Pod 6. Scene fades out.]

Part 4

[Then fades back into an underground room. Godber is holding Sir Jeremy and Penelope at gunpoint.]

Lady Penelope: "Well, now that you've got us here, what do you intend to do with us?"

Dr Godber: "First of all, welcome to my little subterranean headquarters. From here, I can control all the traffic in the Anderbad tunnel. My colleague has only to switch off the current and the Transcontinental Rocket is thrown out of action. A useful little trick, but a dangerous one, if used too often."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "I suppose this is how you kidnapped Professor Borender too."

Dr Godber: "Precisely." [Beckons to Roache who walks behind.] "When I saw that you suspected me, I was greatly tempted to hurl you both from the train, just as I disposed of that stupid attendant, Alfred. But you will be much more useful to me here."

[Roache opens a door, revealing Professor Borender.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Professor Borender! Thank heaven you're safe!"

Professor Borender: "Sir Jeremy! How on earth did you find me?"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Borender, who is this blaggard?"

Dr Godber: "Forgive me, Sir Jeremy. I am Doctor Godber. You no doubt have never heard of me, but I know much about you, and the fascinating discovery that you have made, along with Professor Borender."

Professor Borender: "He was present at the Paris conference last week and knows about our experiments."

Dr Godber: "The conversion of sea water into fuel - a brilliant achievement, gentlemen, and one which I intend to make use of."

Professor Borender: "You will NEVER get us to tell you the formula! Never!"

Dr Godber: "With you, I have so far failed, Professor. But now that now I have captured the lovely Lady Penelope, I can make you and Sir Jeremy talk."

[Scene cuts to the Monobrake entering the tunnel.]

Virgil: "How far do we have to go into this tunnel?"

Gordon: "17 miles, so let's step on it."

Virgil: "When did they say the Express was due?"

Gordon: "Relax, will you! We've got the place to ourselves."

Virgil: "I wish we could figure out what's happened to Penelope and Sir Jeremy..."

Gordon: "We'll find them. They can't have gone far."

[Cuts to Dr Godber's control room. Sir Jeremy and Borender have been tied up.]

Dr Godber: "Now, gentlemen, you see that I really mean business, and perhaps you will tell me the details of your conversion formula."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Never!"

Professor Borender: "Even if we told you, what good would it do you?"

Dr Godber: "A great deal of good. It would make me the richest man in the world. All right, Roache, lower the ladder."

[Roach presses a button. A ladder comes down across the train track. Tied to it is Lady Penelope.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "You barbaric fiend!"

Dr Godber: "Now, all we have to do is wait for the express to pass. It should be entering the tunnel in about nine minutes."

[Cuts to the Monobrake.]

Gordon: "Hey, there's another one."

[Scene cuts to briefly show a ventilation shaft.]

Virgil: "Yeah, there seems to be a lot of these ventilation shafts."

Gordon: "You think we ought to take a look in these as well?"

Virgil: "No, let's keep going."

[Cuts back to Godber's control room.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Listen, Godber. Even if we told you our conversion formula, it would be useless without our equipment we have assembled in Paris."

Dr Godber: "I shall worry about that later."

Professor Borender: "Our experiments are still in the early stages. You heard me say this at the conference. One little mistake could pollute the waters of the sea!"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "And subject the whole of mankind to the most apalling consequences. You're asking us to risk too much, Godber."

Dr Godber: "Enough! How long now until the express train enters the tunnel?"

Roache: "What does he mean, pollute the waters of the sea?"

Dr Godber: "Answer my question!"

Roache: "Six minutes, Doctor."

[Cuts to FAB 1.]

Alan: "Hello, father. Still no sign of Virgil and Gordon..."

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Alan [On screen.]: "or anyone."

Jeff: "All right, Alan. Be patient."

[FAB 1.]

Alan: "Tell you what, father. I'll just get onto my hoverbike and mosey up that tunnel."

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Jeff: "No, Alan! You're needed where you are. We can't risk any more lives."

Scott: "Father, just let me fly up there in Thunderbird 1. I could be out there in a couple of hours."

Jeff: "Yes, Scott... but the Express will be there in a couple of minutes..."

[Scene cuts to the Anderbad Express. Instead of the front car being blue and grey, it is now white and red. Cuts back to Godber's control room.]

Roache: [Pointing at the control panel.] "Express train approaching tunnel now."

[The Express thunders through the tunnel entrance.]

Roache: "Express now in the tunnel."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Look here Godber, you MUST stop this train! Cut the power and we'll talk the whole thing over."

Dr Godber: "Certainly, Sir Jeremy. You have only to tell me your formula, and I shall willingly cut the power."

[Cuts to the Monobrake.]

Gordon: "Cut the engine! Can you hear anything?"

[Scene briefly shows a bend in the track.]

Virgil: "Must be the express. It's funny how the echo brings it nearer..."

Gordon: "How far have we come?"

Virgil: "Over 16 miles! They must be around here somewhere!"

[They listen to the distant rumble of the train.]

Gordon: "I wonder how far away that is."

[Godber's control room.]

Dr Godber: "I wonder how far away that is."


Gordon: "Right, let's see what's around that bend."

[The Express continues to speed on. Cuts to Godber's control room.]

Roache: "Train now four minutes away."

[Cuts briefly to the Express speeding past then to a close up shot of Lady Penelope's face. She looks to her left. Gordon and Virgil have finally arrived near Godber's control room, armed with guns. They can see Penelope suspended in the path of the train.]

Dr Godber: "Soon, I shall have to turn out the lights, so that no-one sees us from the train. They may catch a glimpse of Lady Penelope, of course, but by then it will be too late to stop."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "For the last time, Godber, won't you listen to reason?! The fuel conversion formula would be useless to you. Cut this poor girl down and we'll explain the whole thing to you in our laboratory in Paris."

Roache: "Two minutes."

[Cue Monorail to Disaster theme. The train continues to thunder on. Gordon, frown expression on, is right outside the headquarters.]

Professor Borender: "Godber! We implore you! Spare this young girl!"

Dr Godber: "It's too late! My plan has failed. I shall have to leave Lady Penelope to her fate."

[Gordon appears at the door and a gun battle breaks out. He fires two shots. Godber fires one, then runs for cover. He and Gordon fire twice at each other. Gordon's second shot narrowly misses Godber.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: [To Professor Borender.] "Get down!"

[The Express thunders on. Cuts back to control room. Godber takes a shot from behind a column, missing Gordon. Gordon fires blindly, destroying some pottery on a nearby shelf. Roache is bewildered by the gunfight.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Roache, stop the train! Stop the train!"

[Roache obeys and reaches out for the switch, but Godber shoots him and kills him. He then shoots at the control module which is then damaged and cracked.]

Professor Borender: "That means we can't stop the train!"

[Penelope struggles against her bonds. The Express roars on.]

Dr Godber: "Borender! Get up, Borender. Get up, and come over here with your back to me. Move!" [He grabs Borender, and addresses Gordon.] "OK, I'll give you ten seconds to throw your gun down and come out with your hands up.

[Gordon stays where he is. The train keeps coming.]

Dr Godber: "Five seconds. Throw down your gun, or the Professor will be pushed in front of the express!"

[Sir Jeremy struggles against his ropes.]

Dr Godber: "Four!"

[Gordon remains put. Penelope continues to struggle.]

Dr Godber: "Three!"

[The Express thunders on.]

Dr Godber: "Two!"

[Virgil shoots at one of the ladder cables. With Godber momentarily distracted, Gordon shoots the gun from his hand.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Here she comes!"

[The train appears at the bend. Sweating, Virgil takes a daring shot and shoots at the cable holding up the ladder and it breaks. The ladder drops to the floor. He throws himself down on top of Penelope, just as the monotrain roars past over them. Both have their frown expressions on as they wait for the train to pass. Scene cuts to FAB 1.]

Alan: "Still nothing, father. Nothing has come out of this tunnel since the express, 20 minutes ago. Looks like something's gone wrong."

Tin-Tin: "What can have gone wrong?"

Jeff: "Give it five more minutes, Alan. Then, you'd better -"

Alan: "Hold it!"

[The Monobrake exits the tunnel. Alan and Parker have their happy expressions on.]

Alan: "Guess I spoke too soon, father."

[Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Alan: [On screen.] "They're all OK! Looks like another rescue operation is successfully completed."

[Scene cuts to the Hotel Atalante. Alan, Penelope and Sir Jeremy are seated at a table in front of the hotel. A violinist is playing. Alan looks unhappy.]

Alan: "A fine thing! My first night in Paris, EVER, and I get serenaded with Geepsy museec!"

Lady Penelope: "Now, that will do, Alan! You just drink up your Coke."

Alan: "I don't get it. As soon as we get back to Paris, all the other fellas pushed off to the Folies. Why not ME?"

Lady Penelope: "Because you're too young. Now, cheer up. Parker will be along in a minute to take us to the best nightclub in town."

Alan [Sarcastic]: "Oh, great! I love dancing with Parker. He does a very interesting rumba, they tell me."

[A car horn beeps.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Ah! Here is Parker now."

Lady Penelope: "Darling! You look wonderful!"

[Alan can't believe his ears. He turns around and sees Tin-Tin in a beautiful dress. His frown is replaced by his happy face.]

Alan: "Tin-Tin! How did YOU get here?"

Lady Penelope: "Well, your father thought she deserved a vacation."

Tin-Tin: "Et Voilá!"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Well, ladies, we'd better get going or we'll miss the floor show. Why Penelope, old girl, you haven't touched your Pernod."

Lady Penelope: "Y-yes, well... The last time I had a Pernod here, I was just raising it to my lips, when "bang!" I was off on another adventure."

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "Well, drink up and see what happens this time."

[She lifts up her glass and an explosion is heard. Fireworks are going off in the sky.]

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "By Jove!"

Alan: "Tin-Tin, look at that one!"

Tin-Tin: "How beautiful!"

Sir Jeremy Hodge: "By Jove, Penelope! Did you see that one? Oh, I say!"

Lady Penelope: "Oh, aren't they lovely!"

Alan: "I've never seen anything like it!"

[Fireworks continue to go off. Alan, Tin-Tin, Sir Jeremy and Lady Penelope continue to gaze at them. Camera zooms out from them. Cue The Perils of Penelope finale theme (Only ever heard in this episode). Scene fades out.]


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