"It’s magnificent, incredible, and amazing!"
— The Professor loves the Sun, he does. Looooves it.

When it comes to educating the people of Thunderworld about the mysteries out there in the universe, arguably no-one does it better than the Professor. With an enthusiasm belying his age, this mental marvel of a man knows all there is to know about space, and more. While he could probably rattle off fascinating space-related details for hours, there is but one subject of affection he hold above all for, and that's the Sun.


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Powers and abilitiesEdit

Little is known of The Professor's physical strength, but he makes up for this with an incredible memory paired with equally vigorous enthusiasm. He can address a live broadcast without breaking a sweat.


The only appearance The Professor made was on Sun Probe, the seventh episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds.


  • The Professor was voiced by David Naughton, who portrayed the character with a high pitch tone. This resulted in him sounding frighteningly similar (though without the lisp) to Naughton's other character, Dr. Hornyak. Coincidentally, both characters furthermore work in the field of science and share a number of visual similarities.
  • On the original Thunderbirds episode, The Professor actually had a full name. For he went by the title 'Professor Heinz Bodman', and was voiced by Peter Dyneley.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Japanese: Professor (教授)