The mountain range is crumbling into the pathway cleared by Eddie and will never survive the monsoon. When Eddie Houseman hears the news, he immediately returns to the site. Realizing that the company is finished if the deadline is not met, Eddie recklessly sets off in the explosives truck to plant charges on the unstable peak about to collapse. Eddie fires the charges while still too close and the blast leaves his truck teetering on the edge of the mountain trail. But there's worse to come: he still has a case of unstable Nutomic Charges on board and if he goes over the edge he'll be blown sky high!

The Rescue?Edit

Bob Gray calls International Rescue, but the organization is faced with a dilemma: Eddie Houseman knows them, so by rescuing him security will be breached. Scott setts off in Thunderbird 1, followed by Virgil and Alan in Thunderbird 2.

A Balancing ActEdit

Falling rocks threaten to overbalance the tractor, but Scott fires long High-Velocity Steel Spears into the cliff face to protect Eddie from the boulders. As Virgil brings in Thunderbird 2 to pick up the truck with the Electromagnetic Pod Grabs, the craft's vertical jets start to tip the Explosives Truck over the edge and Virgil is forced to back off. Scott carefully maneuvers Thunderbird 1 to prop up the truck with the vehicle's nose cone, enabling Thunderbird 2 to descend and pick up the vehicle.

Eddie Gets a Lift From Thunderbird 2Edit

Thunderbird 2 lifts the truck away from the cliff, however the vehicle proves too heavy for the grabs, which fail one by one as Thunderbird 2 moves away from the danger zone. Virgil manoeuvres the truck near to the mountainside and Eddie leaps clear just before the vehicle slips free of the grabs and the Nutomic charges cause a massive explosion as the truck crashes to the ground.

Security IntactEdit

With Eddie safely on the ground, Thunderbirds 1 and 2 immediately head for home. Eddie never saw the faces of the men piloting the craft so International Rescue's security remains intact.

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